The many ways in which colostrum helps control pathogens:

colostrum factors 

1. Bovine colostrum survives transit through the gut and may replace the need for secretory IgA. 

2. Bovine colostrum is widely considered safe and efficacious in treating diarrheal infection in humans, e.g., rotavirus, ETEC and enterohemorrhagic E. coli, including children. Antibodies in colostrum remain active in the intestinal tract. 

3. Oral bovine colostrum decreases the severity of viral upper respiratory tract infections in humans. 4. Bovine colostrum contains immunomodulatory capabilities independent of antibody response. 

5. Bovine colostrum promotes normal cell growth and DNA synthesis. 

6. Researchers reported that colostrum stimulates maturation of B Lymphocytes (type of white blood cell) and primes them for production of antibodies, enhances growth and differentiation of white blood cells. Similar activity in both cow and human colostrum can also activate macrophages. 

7. Bovine colostrum contains Immunoglobulins (A, D, E, G and M) IgG neutralizes toxins and microbes in the lymph and circulatory system IgM destroys bacteria IgE and IgD are highly antiviral. 

8. Colostrum contains living white blood cells [Leukocytes] Bovine colostrum contains viable cells, such as neutrophils and macrophages, that secrete special proteins to support the immune system including cytokines, lactoferrin, and proline-rich polypeptides (PRP).

Bovine colostrum results in increased phagocytosis and reduced bacterial and viral load in 24 hours independent of immune factors

 Researchers evaluated the effects on the innate immune system after exposure to a consumable low-molecular weight fraction colostrum of immunoglobulin depleted bovine colostrum whey. Colostrum treatment resulted in a rapid increase in phagocytosis. Reduced bacterial and viral loads were observed in lungs within 24 h. Viral load was also reduced when colostrum was introduced intranasally. The data suggest that the support of antimicrobial immune defense mechanisms and maturation of antigen-presenting cells in vitro translates to protection in vivo when the colostrum product is introduced across mucosal membranes. 

Conclusion Specific probiotics when used in conjunction with bovine colostrum as a prebiotic supports the science 109 their use in diarrheal and resulting conditions such as endotoxemia and hemolytic uremic syndrome.

Mammal milk is required for enhanced phagocytosis as shown by research, especially in the elderly. Whole fat mammal milk can actually restore phagocytosis in senescent cells in the elderly. Phagocytosis, by which immune cells ‘eat’ bacteria or infected cells, is one of the mechanisms that help to resist infections. Lactic acid bacteria strains like acidophilus also increases phagocytosis.

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