The greatest kindness you can render any man is leading him to truth.

St. Augustine

After losing my health and career I began an intense journey back to my own beginnings seeking resolution and understanding of the missing factors that resulted in my own health conditions, the most notable MS (multiple sclerosis). I eventually recovered thanks to natural oral immune therapeutics and the pioneering work of Dr. Nobuto Yamamoto, Dr. Marco Ruggiero, the work of Cedars Sinai, Dr. Mark Pimentel, Dr. Henry Lin and many others.

Since my recovery I have sought to make their research known to the general public. I have reported the history of this subject leading to one of the most ambitious goals ever set by WHO in 2017 in a historic development plan of prevention that will eradicate up to 90% of conditions in children that progress to chronic gut/immune and impaired development conditions that follow them throughout life. These conditions result in draining healthcare dollars that most countries including the richest, eventually will not be able to afford. WHO defines this condition as SAM (severe acute malnutrition) but readers will soon discover this is an umbrella term closely related to thousands of cross conditions, including the most deadly. It will also not be eradicated by most diets, even the most nutrient dense.

This ambitous goal will also depend on utilizing many of these same oral immune therapeutics in infant formula and many, many other products and medicines. This plan has led not only to the development of treatment guidelines in clinical settings, it is also shaping the market place as producers rush to develop and mass produce these safe and effective health products and functional foods and introduce them to investors and large corporations for further development with much profit potential. This goal would not be possible without the producers in the field who make these natural products available.

Over this decade and a half, while embarking on this advocacy effort I have met thousands of patients, many health professionals and professors throughout the world, many of whom follow my writing. I have written several books and have published many websites.

I am currently retired from my patient advocacy efforts. I am healthy and enjoy my life, family and have re-entered my former profession, forever grateful to these pioneers in gut and immune research and the advocates who have helped release this knowledge and potential to the public as societal developmental goals worthy of a worldwide mission.

I am 57.

mission Statement

80% Rule

80% safety, GRAS (Generally
Regarded As Safe) and well
tolerated in the majority when
used as directed

80% efficacy (the medical
threshold for certainty and gold
standard of care)

80% ease of use and
compliance (can the majority
reasonably achieve this)

80% accessibility/cost (can the
majority reasonably access this)

And finally, highly effective, cross condition and proponent of the scientific method, and open source science as both were the method and the mission employed which achieved the greatest advances to mankind throughout history.


SIBO Recipe – two weeks – 4 months (do not take longer than 4 months, continuously)

Natural Oral Immune Therapy w/Bovine Colostrum GcMaf and Others – IBS/IBD – 4-6 months daily use avg. 

Natural Oral Immune Therapy GcMaf w/Bovine Colostrum and Others – (Various Conditions) 12 months to 48 months daily use avg. dependent upon severity of condition and other factors (drug use, diet, poor sanitation, chronic malnutrition or malabsorption (poor imbalanced diet). 

Fatty Acid Profile – In the immune system, almost immediately. Changes will first take place in cells of the immune system that have a lifetime of 2 – 9 days before they are renewed, then in skin cells that have a lifetime of 14 – 20 days, and eventually in red blood cells that have a lifetime of 120 days. Stability in Omega-3 level in blood is achieved after 14 – 16 weeks. 

(For more on preferred oil combinations see Immune For Life).

Kefir – hypertension – minimum 30 days daily use

Maintenance Schedule (weekly or bi-weekly at minimum) for all above minus SIBO recipe – for life.

Other natural oral immune therapy products utilizing hyperimmune bovine colostrum like Travelan® or other bovine colostrum products should seek product info from the manufacturer. 

my recovery with natural oral immune therapy

My history and recovery with natural oral immune therapy bovine colostrum based products that modulate the gut and systemic immune system.

I was born two months premature, very low birthweight and was not breastfed. This increased my risk of SAM (severe acute malnutrition), (immature microbiota not rescued by diet), and gut/immune deficiency significantly, problems that plagued me throughout childhood and the majority of my life.

From day one I wasn’t expected to survive, there were not nearly the advances for preemies that are available today but I did thanks to many.

There is not enough space to list the ‘conditions‘ that I endured throughout my life due to early onset gut/immune deficiency but my immune system began to collapse in early childhood, I lost both my tonsils and appendix at an early age, and by age 17 I was on my first ‘gut’ drug. I had minor food intolerances since early childhood and eating never made me feel better, I coped with recurrent gut pain by not eating which only worsened my malnutrition problems. These problems became much worse by repeatedly being placed on antibiotics.

What followed was a plethora of diagnoses and failed treatments in an attempt to regain my health. After medical treatments failed to address my gut health I began a lengthy attempt with failed diets.

Later, the absence of the Healthy Mature Anaerobic Gut Microbiota (HMAGM) leads to deficient energy harvest, vitamin biosynthesis and immune protection, and is associated with diarrhea, malabsorption and systemic invasion by microbial pathogens. A therapeutic diet and infection treatment may be unable to restore bifidobacteria and HMAGM.”

“…foods that increase calories and nutrient density reduces deaths from malnutrition, but it does not fix persistent microbiota immaturity.”

The Father of The Microbiome

Dr. Jeffrey Gordon

Descending in to autoimmune

Among the most severe of my conditions was blindness (caused by optic neuritis – since fully recovered, no noticeable differential from healthy eyes), and a serious autoimmune syndrome (Multiple Sclerosis) that left me unable to function most of the time. The dangerous injection drugs, steroids and high dose synthetic vitamins that I was placed on did nothing to alleviate my condition and I eventually developed a large lesion on my brainstem that left me perilously close to death. A decade ago I was told that within two years I would be pee’ing myself in a wheelchair, thankfully a prognosis that never happened.

I only hope to serve as an intelligent inspiration regarding today’s current medical breakthroughs in natural oral immune thearpy and serve as a guide to understanding the utmost importance of the microbiota for life long health. Every eventual failure that happened to me is now a predictable outcome known in the scientific community and medical community and is clearly outlined by WHO directives.

“Breastfeeding, food and water security are major protective factors against malnutrition and critical factors in the maturation of healthy gut microbiota, characterized by a transient bifidobacterial bloom before a global rise in anaerobes. Early depletion in gut Bifidobacterium longum, a typical maternal probiotic, known to inhibit pathogens, represents the first step in gut microbiota alteration associated with severe acute malnutrition (SAM). Later, the absence of the Healthy Mature Anaerobic Gut Microbiota (HMAGM) leads to deficient energy harvest, vitamin biosynthesis and immune protection, and is associated with diarrhea, malabsorption and systemic invasion by microbial pathogens. A therapeutic diet and infection treatment may be unable to restore bifidobacteria and HMAGM.”

WHO 2017

I have sufficiently demonstrated that this outcome has at the very least been suspect for over a century and has led to the eventual umbrella label in over 7000 known conditions that have their root in the gut/immune axis. As with GcMaf pronouncements when it was introduced by the pioneers in natural oral immune therapy, a prediction now demonstrated by WHO and accepted clinical outcomes, addressing these root causes will alleviate up to 90% of chronic conditions.

I applaud Cedars Sinai for helping to dispel medical mythology in the public, that is the ‘questionable’ practice of myriad label syndrome in which a few genetic variations might help to differentiate but are clearly not ‘separate’ diseases deserving of their own label and specialty.

WHO is clearly working to establish clinical practice guidelines to help combat SAM at the general practioner level as there are not enough gut/immune specialists to go around. An effective H2S SIBO test will help in this regard to identify at risk infants.

My total recovery time on various bovine colostrum based, natural oral immune therapy products took 18-24 months of daily use, IBD/IBS/SIBO 4-6 months. I began to reverse SIBO in two weeks by reducing H2S and activating intestinal macrophages and today H2S SIBO may be considered among the most harmful forms of SIBO.

Today, I practice maintenance schedule natural oral immune therapy by using colostrum and beneficial probiotics in some form at least once per week. I consume mammal milk daily. This will ensure my continued health. I also use beneficial oils. I follow no particular diet and I can happily consume any food with no food sensitivities today. Gut problems that plagued me and were severe for nearly 30 years while producing intolerable daily pain are now gone.

Within the confines of their own health issues people should understand these time frames are average, especially for gut healing and they can expect to spend a minimum of 4-6 months. In GcMaf oral immune therapy it is common to expect treatment timeframes of one year or more for the most serious conditions.

2-4 years is not uncommon and mimics normal breastfeeding duration in infants to achieve proper re-building of the entire immune system for life. A fact that shouldn’t be overlooked in non breastfed or suboptimal breastfed patients who later encountered health problems like mine.

15 years of patient guidance and advocacy toward the most effective treatments on earth

I was among the first to create a home based maf recipe after my beneficial experiences with popular maf products. I eventually moved on to preferring unadulterated bovine colostrum as the better choice for over inflammatory conditions like mine, although maf products were not the cause of this response.

Many probiotics are capable of converting Gc to GcMaf via available lactose.

GC protein deficiency is common in acute liver failure and other serious conditions (GC protein deficiency testing is available). PEM (Protein Energy Malnutrition) and SAM (Severe Acute Malnutrition) are among the common acronyms describing many malnutrition syndromes that are prevalent today and go hand in hand with poor gut health.

Today there are many affordable maf products on the market. I would encourage anyone with SAM (severe actue malnutrition) to try them and to take advantage of the clinical help that is now available. I would also encourage use of other oral immune therapy products like Rerum® or GcMaf capsules.

My first website, Fibrosmart was published almost 15 years ago where I helped expose the truth behind modern medical plagues that began to proliferate in the last 50 years or so and affected women especially, namely fibromyalgia and CFS. I was diagnosed with both along with EBV and Lyme (Lyme overwhelmingly strikes the elderly and immune deficient).

In the Lyme, CFS and EBV community I helped expose the validity of testing with (ELISA, western blot and PCR) and the validity of treating with such with extremely toxic drugs over long periods of time. It is necessary to remember that the reactivity on ” the tests” – ELISA, Western blot, P 24 antigen, PCR or viral load – is caused by intoxication/oxidation. I also helped expose expensive home based ‘urine testing’ for some of these conditions.

As GcMaf or Bravo Yogurt™ didn’t even exist at that time as a product I didn’t even realize what I had stumbled upon by recommending bovine colostrum for ‘fibro’ and I didn’t use it to the extent I clearly should have. Thankfully I revisited the subject.

These failed testing and treatments also affected SIBO outcomes when chasing ‘microbes’ was the primary focus. Perpetual ‘infection’ control is dangerous, no matter the anti microbial.

I have also helped expose the genetic for profit industry among the mold community by disseminating today’s research regarding healthy microbiota and fatty acids. As a toxic ‘mold survivor’ as well there is no need to assume mold conditions can’t be overcome. I have over come them all including severe immune tolerance and today I practice no extreme avoidance.

I have written extensively about synthetic pharmaceutical drug dangers and synthetic vitamin dangers over the course of my patient advocacy career. I then went on to expose other forms of invalid and wasteful testing procedures that offer little benefit to patients.

Eventually I moved on to exposing the truth about harmful and extremist ‘diets’ that lead to malnutrition, more immune tolerance and more patients with SIBO, not fewer.

Through my learned understanding of these various conditions and eventually natural oral immune therapy, and other common gut conditions that can arise from primary risk factors like mine, I have helped guide thousands of patients through the natural oral immune therapy treatment process. I also found many ways achieve faster results at home with minimal effort.

Thanks to bovine colostrum based, natural (non denatured), oral immune therapeutic treatments my immune system can ‘see’ again and no longer over reacts leading to inflammation, pain and nerve damage.

Since my recovery I have sought to make the benefits or natural oral immune therapy and the importance of the microbiota known to both patients and parents.

The terrain is everything.

These disorders have their root cause in poor gut health, malnutrition and underlying immune deficiency as clearly stated by WHO in 2017 risk factor hierarchal values, which are:

• not breast feeding (chronic immature micro biome not rescued by diet)

• food

• water quality

Natural oral immune therapy is both old and new (Sabin, who used bovine colostrum in his Polio vaccine and Metchnikoff among many others), and today newly produced natural oral immune therapeutics have produced a gold rush in the bio tech industry. I wrote about just a few of these new products to show how they differ from minimally processed and unadulterated bovine colostrum products so consumers can make an educated choice but there are many, many more oral immune therapy products that use bovine colostrum or its components on the horizon.

I would invite readers to start below with some basic informational guidance regarding these natural oral immune products to address SAM and the umbrella condition now known as SIBO

Immune For Life

Reintroduce yourself to nature’s prescription for health and natural oral immune therapeutics that modulate the gut and systemic biology by using products that are the bio active backbone of immunity. Release the power of activating factors that have transformed the health outcomes of thousands. These and other natural oral immune therapeutics that are beginning to flood the marketplace are promising to shape the future of medicine as safe bio actives for future health products and minimally refined functional foods, including infant formula.

Learn how you can quickly begin to transform your gut and immune health today without complicated diets or expensive plans, no matter your age!

Aternavita Daily Program - Incredible Milk

The pro immune products made by nature that science can’t beat!

The natural gut/immune health approach with the easiest maf formula on the internet. And today’s preferred, gentle natural oral immune therapy approach for over inflammatory immune conditions.

It can’t possibly be that simple.

Yes, it can!

SIBO - GcMaf - Bravo Yogurt™ - Rerum®

 – Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

SIBO-caused conditions include:

irritable bowel syndrome


chronic pelvic pain syndrome

chronic fatigue syndrome


impaired mentation

impaired memory



sugar craving


attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

drug sensitivity

an autoimmune disease, for example MS or SLE Lupus

and Crohn’s disease

Risk factors

There are several intrinsic and extrinsic factors that prevent overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine.

Intrinsic factors include:

1. Secretion of gastric juice and bile, which have antibacterial effect.

2. Peristaltic movement preventing adherence of bacteria into the intestinal mucosa.

3. Normal gut defense including humoral and cellular mechanisms.

4. Mucin production by intestinal mucosal epithelial cell inhibiting pathogenic bacteria.

5. Gut antibacterial peptides such as defensins

6. Ileocecal valve preventing retrograde translocation of bacteria from colon to the small intestine.

Extrinsic factors include:

1. Diet and drugs modulating gut flora pre and probiotics (lactose as a substrate for probiotics prevents H2S formation)

2. Infants who are not breastfed are at an early stage with SRB (and with methane-forming bacteria).

3. Gastric acid suppressants such as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), H 2 blockers, and antibiotics and drugs altering motility (anticholinergics, and opioids).

When it is not SIBO dysbiosis 

Dysbiosis may contribute to development of symptoms in a subset of IBS patients. Though SIBO is a form of quantitative alteration of small bowel microbes, altered microbiota (dysbiosis) does not necessarily mean SIBO only.

These gases may also be produced in the colon among patients without SIBO in presence of carbohydrate malabsorption.

Other Risk Factors

• Normal gut flora may provide several beneficial effects to the host. These include fermentation of un-digested dietary residue and endogenous mucus producing short chain fatty acids, which are nutrients to the colonic epithelial cells and conservation of energy, absorption of NaCl and water, particularly from the right colon, synthesis of vitamin K, control of epithelial cell proliferation, protection against pathogens by a barrier effect and training of the immune system.

• Secondary deficiency of disaccharidases (e.g., lactase) is well known in patients with SIBO. Lactase deficiency is an immune deficiency. This results in maldigestion of carbohydrates such as lactulose, sucrose and sorbitol. Fermentation of carbohydrates leads to formation of short chain fatty acids like acetic acid, propionic acid and butyric acid.

• Other causes include immunodeficiency conditions, such as common variable immunodeficiency, IgA deficiency, and hypogammaglobulinemia.

• E. coli, is commonly isolated in patients with bacterial overgrowth. Certain species of bacteria are more commonly found in aspirates of the jejunum taken from patients with bacterial overgrowth.


(2018) New SIBO Test

Cedars-Sinai investigators have for the first time identified a gas produced in gut that could improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with two common intestinal illnesses—small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Patients complaining of pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and other gastrointestinal distress are routinely given a breath test to determine if they have small intestine bacterial overgrowth, an excess of certain bacteria in the small intestine. The presence of methane gas often explains the symptoms but has not been linked to diarrhea in many patients.

Now a large-scale clinical trial has identified the presence of another gut gas—hydrogen sulfide—among these patients who experience diarrhea.

“This is a game-changer because we now see the full picture of fermentation gases, and it is hydrogen sulfide that appears to be linked to diarrhea,” said Mark Pimentel, MD, executive director of the Medically Associated Science and Technology (MAST) Program at Cedars-Sinai. “We knew something was missing from the conventional test.”

Pimentel’s team unveiled the new study results at the Digestive Disease Week conference in Washington D.C., where Cedars-Sinai investigators shared other research findings as well. Pimentel, the study’s senior author, said the new research by his team has led to the development of a new four-gas breath test device that should be available to patients by the end of the year.

SIBO Related Immunodeficiency Syndromes – IgA 

Various immunodeficiency syndromes, such as IgA deficiency, common variable immunodeficiency, AIDS and others, are complicated by miscellaneous infection complications, including SIBO.

SIBO is often misdiagnosed and generally underdiagnosed. Clinical symptoms might be non-specific (dyspepsia, bloating, abdominal discomfort). 

The protective role of IgA in breast milk is well-documented. IgA protects infants against infection, shapes the microbiota and creates a non-inflammatory response against the microbiota, thus preventing intestinal inflammation.

 As bovine IgG are not identical to breast milk IgA, one question that remains to be answered in clinical studies is if inclusion of functionally active bovine immunoglobulins in infant nutrition can fully restore the lack of maternal IgA in bottle fed children.

Immune support by bovine immunoglobulins as an alternative for breast milk-derived IgA is especially relevant in the period just after birth in case the mother cannot breastfeed her child and is dependent on bottle feeding, but also in the weaning period at around 4–6 months when respiratory and gastrointestinal infections are known to increase as the passively acquired maternal IgG in serum, as well as the maternal breast milk-derived IgA in the gastrointestinal tract of the infant, have decreased to very low levels.

The increased prevalence of infections after weaning is not completely related to deprivation of IgA but is also linked to the introduction of new foods, an increased exposure to the outside world and in part by the absence of additional protective factors in breast milk.

SIBO And Severe Malnutrition 

SIBO can cause severe malabsorption, serious malnutrition and deficiency syndromes. 

Prognosis is usually serious, determined mostly by the underlying disease that led to SIBO.

Therapy for SIBO must be complex, addressing all causes, symptoms and complications.

Diet is NOT the cause of SIBO

Before SIBO was termed SIBO and other forms of testing became available the most common diagnostic tool in pediatric settings was to determine the ratio of two vitamins.

Serum levels of folate and vitamin B12 may be used to support evidence of bacterial overgrowth in pediatric settings.

The rationale for this test is that exogenous sources such as diet are relied on for maintaining adequate folate levels; however, synthesis of folate by intestinal microflora also contributes to the host’s folate level. Therefore, serum folate levels may increase while vitamin B12 levels decrease as a result of SIBO; however, measuring vitamin B12 and folate levels were found to have a poor diagnostic yield.

Due to the difficulty in diagnosing SIBO, emerging molecular techniques in bacterial ‘fingerprinting’ such as the use of polymerase chain reaction denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (PCR-DGGE) and bacterial 16S-ribosomal DNA sequencing may offer a more reliable way to define microbial populations in intestinal samples.

An overview of treating SRB’s with probiotics genus Bifidobacterium species B. Adolescentis, B. bifidum, B. breve, B. catenulatum, B. dentium, B. infantis, B. longum or B. Pseudocatenulatum. • a bifidobacterium which can form methionine.

First of all infants who are not breastfed are at an early stage with SRB (and with methane-forming bacteria) settled (Baquero et al, 1988;. Hudson, Roberts, 1993).

‘Once established the microbiome should never be destroyed’.

Dr. Mark Pimentel

Video regarding B12 folate ratios: Do not use synthetic forms of vitamin B12, including shots. Cyanocobalamin is a synthetic form of vitamin B12 that is not found in nature. Obtain natural B12 though  meat, fish, yogurt, dairy, cheese and egg yolk. Milk contains the easiest to absorb bio available source of B12 – 2-8 oz. glasses per day RDA.

Dessicated liver may benefit some.

Some current antimicrobial drugs in use for SIBO, environmental illness, safe anti parasitics as well as H2S poisoning antidotes have a core B12 ring or are analogues of B12.

You should clearly understand the implications and SIBO connections related to this common vitamin malnutrition deficiency and its far reaching implications for health, including destroying myelin.

Natural Oral Immune therapy - Gcmaf

Stepwise treatment of purified serum Gc protein with immobilized β-galactosidase and sialidase generates probably the most potent MAF (macrophage activating factor) (termed GcMAF) ever discoverd that produces no side effect in humans.

Nobuto Yamamoto

Activation of macrophages, which is characterized by their consequent enhanced phagocytic activity, is the first major step in a host’s immune defense mechanism against cancer and bacterial and viral pathogens. Macrophage activation requires B and T lymphocyte functions, which modify DBP/Gc Protein in a step-wise fashion, to yield GcMAF. Reaction shows how Gc protein reacts with beta-galactosidase expressed by B-cells to form an intermediary Gc protein product which then reacts with sialidase expressed by T-cells resulting in the formation of GcMAF

Why galactose?

Without galactose (a simple milk sugar disaccharide, glucose and lactose) the immune system can not ‘see’. B-galactosidase, also called lactase is important for organisms as a key provider in the production of energy and a source of carbons through the break down of lactose to galactose and glucose.

The lactase enzyme, which has the same function of beta-gal helps digest dairy. Galactosidase treatment is a common first stage modification of the three major subtypes of Gc protein to GcMAF (a popular and effective immune therapy treatment).

The benefits of lactose (for arthritic conditions among many other conditions) were written about 400 years ago by an Italian pharmacist.


Vitamin D Binding Protein is otherwise known as: VDBP Gc-Protein Glycoprotein Transport protein Gc-Globulin GcMAF Sources of Vitamin D Binding Protein 

VDBP is a protein that occurs naturally in all higher order animals and is often produced by the first milk of mothers (colostrum) that helps boost the immunity of their newborns. Vitamin D binding protein (DBP), a member of the albuminoid superfamily. The presence of DBP has been demonstrated in different body fluids (serum, urine, breast milk, ascitic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, saliva and seminal fluid) and organs (brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, placenta, spleen, testes and uterus). Although the major function of this abundant plasma protein is binding, solubilization and transport of vitamin D and its metabolites, the name of this glycoprotein hides numerous other important biological functions and multifunctional capacity including; [actin scavenging, binding of fatty acids, chemotaxis, binding of endotoxins, influence on T cell response and influence of vitamin D binding protein-macrophage activating factor (DBP-MAF), bone metabolism and cancer. Gc-globulin is a multifunctional glycoprotein with a molecular mass of 51-58 kDa and the main function of Gc-globulin is to bind vitamin D and actin, which is released into the extracellular environment upon cell and tissue lysis. Gc-globulin appears to have important clinical significance. *Gc globulin or gc protein can not be patented.

For ANY infectious or parasitic disease to start, it is ALWAYS a requisite that the host suffer IMMUNODEFICIENCY. At the same time, infectious and parasitic diseases themselves cause additional IMMUNE SUPPRESSION and more MALNUTRITION. This immune suppression is SECONDARY to the accumulation of free radicals, especially oxidizing species, that occurs during and after infectious and parasitic diseases.

Clinical Aspects of Immunology and Biochem J.

GcMAF should be distinguished from T-cell lymphokine macrophage activating factor, also known as γ-interferon, which is generated by lymphokine-producing T-cells in small amounts, or is obtained by genetic engineering at pharmaceutical grade levels. IVIG is considered a systemic immune suppressing therapy.

The following drugs are known to be contra-indicated in gcmaf or natural immunotherapy.

All kinds of Corticosteroids (Prednisolon, Prednisone, Betapred, Solu-Cortef, Solu-Medrol etc). So avoid Cortisone and steroids if possible.

Anti – inflammatory drugs should be avoided. (NSAIDs like Ibuprofen, Diklofenalk. Celebrex Aspirin etc should be taken in moderation.)

Morphine (Morfine) analogs, (Morfin, Tramadole, codeine, Fentanylplasters, Oxynorm, Oxycodon etc).

LDN blocks gcmaf

Birth Control

Diseases to which the immune system responds can be treated:

Tolerance is the ability of the immune system to ‘see’

What does immune ‘tolerance’ mean in simple language?

Immune tolerance, or immunological tolerance, or immunotolerance, is a state of unresponsiveness of the immune system to substances or tissue that have the capacity to elicit an immune response in a given organism. It is induced by prior exposure to that specific antigen.

Among most mammals, the placenta is not effective at transferring antibodies to the fetus: antibodies are transferred immediately after birth via the colostrum.

The entire immunological memory of the mother is passed to her infant via colostrum and breast milk contains a variety of immune-modulating compounds causing immunological imprinting and programming.

Without galactose (a simple sugar) the immune system can not ‘see’.

More on tolerance:

Relationship to Vitamin D Vitamin 1,25-D3 inhibits proliferation of T helper 1(Th1) cells [consequently impairing production of IL-2, tumor necrosis factor Å} and interferon (IFN)], as well as T helper 17 (Th17) cells, skewing cytokine production toward a T helper2 (Th2) phenotype…..Vitamin D-induced down regulation of the cytokine response may not always be associated with optimal host defense. The Th1 cytokine profile is vital for clearance of certain organisms and ancillary immune activity, and a limiting effect on this cytokine profile may result in reduced chances for overcoming infections especially intra-cellular organisms residing within macrophages.

Effective clearance will depend on appropriate macrophage activation (which occurs through IFN≥ release by Th1 and NK cells) and production of nitric oxide. The presence of 1,25- D3 disrupts this pathway, as IFN≥ secretion is blocked, impairing macrophage activation.

Persistent blockade of these inhibitory receptors has lead to the breakdown in immune self tolerance, thereby increasing susceptibility to autoimmune or auto-inflammatory side effects, including rash, colitis, hepatitis and endocrinopathies.

Many drugs may cause checkpoint blockade toxicity including pharmaceutical drugs termed ‘immuno therapy’ by pharmaceutical companies, these include Mab drugs and cancer treatments.

Checkpoint Inhibitor–Induced Colitis: A New Type of Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
Madeline Bertha, MD MS, corresponding author1 Emanuelle Bellaguara, MD, Timothy Kuzel, MD, and Stephen Hanauer, MD
ACG Case Rep J. 2017; 4: e112.
Published online 2017 Oct 11. doi: 10.14309/crj.2017.112
PMCID: PMC5636906
PMID: 29043290

No drug is safe

There is no such thing as a safe, synthetic pharmaceutical, ALL chronic drug use contributes to liver failure, endocrine disorders, arthritis, inflammatory, autoimmune conditions, mental deterioration, AIDS, allergic conditions, rash, chronic malnutrition syndromes, IBD, checkpoint blockade toxicity, Cushing Syndrome, many other syndromes, endotoxemia, oxidative stress, cancer, overwhelming infection syndromes, chromosome damage, genetic damage, and early death. This includes most synthetic vitamins and many synthetic supplements. This also includes many herbal and so called ‘natural’ products that may still result in endotoxemia (this includes natural FtsZ inhibitors, turmeric, cinnamon, berberine which do not prevent endotoxins. Benzimidazoles (Rifaxamin also does not prevent endotoxins) . Bovine colostrum and a few other ‘functional’ food based medicaments are among the few exceptions that can be taken long term with no safety issues.

Endotoxemia is a critical component in the development of hemolytic uremic syndrome in a mouse model that closely mimics the condition in humans. Since this condition is caused by the ingestion of E. coli strains that express both a toxin (Shiga-like toxin 2) and LPS, oral administration of  colostrum will treat and ameliorate the disease. Bovine colostrum ameliorates diarrhea in infection with diarrheogenic E. coli, Shiga toxin-producing E. coli and E. coli expressing intimin and hemolysin it supports wound healing and also the regeneration of damaged intestinal mucosa. 
*Traveler’s diarrhea usually caused by Escherichia coli.
Mucosa-associated adherent, invasive Escherichia coli (E. coli), which are pro-inflammatory and resistant to killing by mucosal macrophages, may be associated with the pathogenesis of CD (Crohn’s Disease). 
During malnutrition, endotoxemia impairs immune cell function leading to recurrent infections and accelerates the development of AIDS.

Diseases that benefit from gcmaf immunotherapy:

Just a short list of chronic conditions that have their root in the gut/immune axis.


Hepatitis B virus (HBV)

Hepatitis C virus (HCV)

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)


Lupus (Systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE)

Pneumonia infection


Q fever (Coxiella burnetii)


Type 1 diabetes (T1DM), insulin-dependent diabetes (IDDM)

Autoimmune diseases

Herpes Simplex virus (HSV)

Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

Lyme disease (Lyme borreliosis)

Mycobacteria infections



Warts caused by viral infection

Influenza virus (flu)

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Respiratory tract infections

Type 1.5 diabetes, Latent autoimmune diabetes of adults (LADA)


Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)


Urinary tract infection (UTI)


IgA deficiency disorder

Parkinson’s disease

Human papillomavirus (HPV)

Dengue fever


Herpes simplex virus (HSV)

Chicken pox (varicella zoster virus)

Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease

More diseases that benefit from gcmaf immunotherapy:


according to the methods of the invention. Infections, as used herein, are broadly defined to mean situations when the invasion of a host by an agent is associated with the clinical manifestations of infection including, but not limited to, at least one of the following: abnormal temperature, increased heart rate, abnormal respiratory rate, abnormal white blood cell count, fatigue, chills, muscle ache, pain, dizziness, dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, organ dysfunction, and sepsis. Such infections may be bacterial, viral, parasitic, or fungal in nature. The method may further comprise combinatorial treatment with other anti-infective agents, such as antibiotics. Viruses susceptible to treatment according to the methods of the invention include, but are not limited to adenoviruses, rhinoviruses, rabies, murine leukemia virus, poxviruses, lentiviruses, retroviruses; including disease- causing viruses such as human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis A and B viruses, herpes simplex virus, cytomegalovirus, human papilloma virus, coxsackie virus, smallpox, hemorrhagic virus, ebola, and human T-cell-leukemia virus. Bacteria susceptible to treatment include, but are not limited to gram negative bacteria and gram-positive bacteria, including but not limited to Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Neisseria meningitis, Bordetalla pertussis, Salmonella thyhimurium, Salmonella choleraesuis, and Enterobacter cloacae, as well as bacterium in the genus Acinetobacter, Actinomyes, Bacilus, Bordetella, Borrelia, Brucella, Clostridium, Corynebacterium, Campylobacter, Deincoccus, Escherichia, Enterobacter, Enterr ococcus, Eubacterium, Flavobacterium, Francisella Glueonobacter, Heliobacter, Intrasporangium, Janthinobacterium, Klebsiella, Kingella, Legionella, Leptospira, Mycobacterium, Moraxella, Neisseria, Oscillospira, Proteus, Psendomonas, Providencia, Rickettsia, Salomonella, Staphylococcus, Shigella, Spirilum, Streptococcus, Treponema, Ureplasma, Vibrio, Wolinella, Wolbachia, Xanthomonas, Yersinis, and Zoogloea Parasitic agents that can be treated by the methods of this aspect of the invention include, but are not limited to Plasmodium, Leishmania, Trypanosomes, Trichomona, and including but not limited to parasitic agents in the phylums Acanthocephela, Nematoda, Nemtomorpha, Platyhelminthes, Digena, Eucestoda, Turbellaria, Sarcomastigophora and Protozoa including but not limited to species Giardia duodenalis, Cryptosporidium parvum, Cyclospora cayetanenis, Toxoplasma gondii, Trichinella spiralis, Tanenia saginata, Taenia solium, Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malay, Brugia timori, Onchocerca vovulus, Loa loa, Dracunculus medinensis, Mansonella streptocera, Mansonella perstans, Mansonella ozzardi, Schistosoma hematobium, Schistosoma mansoni, Schistosoma japonicum, Ascaris lumbricoides, Entrobius vermicularis, Trichuris trichiura, Ancylostoma brasiliense, Ancylostoma duodenale, Necator ameicanus, Strongyloides stercoralis, Capillaria hepatica, Angiostrongylus cantonensis, Fasciola hepatica, Fasciola gigantica, Fasciolopsis buski, Chlonrchis sinensis, Heterophyes heterophyes, Paragonimus westermani, Diphyllobothrium latum, Hymenolepis nana, Hymenolepis dimunuta, Echinococcus granulosus, Dipylidium caninum, Entamoeba histolytica, Entamoeba coli, Entamoeba hartmanni, Dientamoeba fragilis, Endolimax nana,

Lodomoeba butschilii, Blastocystis hominis, Giardia intetinalis, Chilomastix menili, Blantidium coli, Trichomonas vaginalis, Leishmania donovani, Trypanosoma cruzi, Sarcocystis lindemanni, and Babesis argentina. Fungal infections that can be treated by the methods of this aspect of the invention include, but are not limited to fungal meningitis, histoplasmosis, Candida albicans infection, as well as Blastomyces dermatitidis Histotplasma capsulatum, Cryptococcus neoformans, Sporothrix schenckii, Aspergillus fumigatus and Pneumocystis carinii infections. Angiogenesis-mediated disorders susceptible of treatment by the methods of the invention include solid and blood-borne tumors including but not limited to melanomas, carcinomas, sarcomas, rhabdomyosarcoma, retinoblastoma, Ewing sarcoma, neuroblastoma, osteosarcoma, and leukemia; diabetic retinopathy, rheumatoid arthritis, retinal neovascularization, choroidal neovascularization, macular degeneration, corneal neovascularization, retinopathy of prematurity, corneal graft rejection, neovascular glaucoma, retrolental fibroplasia, epidemic keratoconjunctivitis, Vitamin A deficiency, contact lens overwear, atopic keratitis, superior limbic keratitis, pterygium keratitis sicca, sjogrens, acne rosacea, phylectenulosis, syphilis, Mycobacteria infections, lipid degeneration, chemical burns, bacterial ulcers, fungal ulcers, Herpes simplex infections, Herpes zoster infections, protozoan infections, Kaposi’s sarcoma, Mooren ulcer, Terrien’s marginal degeneration, marginal keratolysis, traum, systemic lupus, polyarteritis, Wegeners sarcoidosis, scleritis, Steven’s Johnson disease, radial keratotomy, sickle cell anemia, sarcoidosis, pseudoxanthoma elasticum, Pagets disease, vein occlusion, artery occulsion, carotid obstructive disease, chronic uveitis, chronic vitritis, Lyme’s disease, Eales disease, Bechets disease, myopia, optic pits, Stargarts disease, pars planitis, chronic retinal detachment, hyperviscosity syndromes, toxoplasmosis, post-laser complications, abnormal proliferation of fibrovascular tissue, hemangiomas, Osier- Weber-Rendu, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, ocular neovascular disease, osteoarthritis, chronic inflammation, Crohn’s disease, ulceritive colitis, psoriasis, atherosclerosis, and pemphigoid. (See U.S. Patent No. 5,712,291)

Bone disorders susceptible of treatment by the methods of the invention include but are not limited to bone fractures, defects, and disorders resulting in weakened bones such as ostepetrosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Paget’s disease, osteohalisteresis, osteomalacia, periodontal disease, bone loss resulting from multiple myeloma and other forms of cancer, bone loss resulting from side effects of other medical treatment (such as steroids), age-related loss of bone mass and genetic diseases such as osteopetrosis. The polypeptides of the invention can be used alone or together with other compounds to treat bone disorders. Immune suppressed illnesses or conditions susceptible of treatment by the methods of the invention include but are not limited to severe combined immune deficiency syndrome, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, and at risk populations including but not limited to malnourished individuals and senior citizens. Also susceptible of treatment are diseases such as cancer and viral infections. An effect of this enzymatic activity is an immuno-suppressed state that can be overcome by treatment with the polypeptides of the invention.

Important Info

In 2005, only 10% of children in the US were breastfed. Only 40% of the world’s children were breastfed in 2005.

Infant Formula Statistics

This greatly increases the risk of SAM (severe acute malnutrition).

SAM Prevention

Breastfeeding, food and water security are major protective factors against severe acute malnutrition (SAM) and critical factors in the maturation of healthy gut microbiota. A therapeutic diet and infection treatment may be unable to restore bifidobacteria and HMAGM (Healthy Mature Anaerobic Gut Microbiota. Non-toxic missing microbes and nutrients necessary to restore bifidobacteria and HMAGM, including prebiotics (colostrum and HMO’s are the premiere pre-biotics) and antioxidants, are warranted in children with severe or refractory disease.

“…foods that increase calories and nutrient density reduces deaths from malnutrition, but it does not fix persistent microbiota immaturity.

The Father of The Microbiome

Dr. Jeffrey Gordon

Researchers found that malnourished children’s microbiota failed to follow the healthy pattern they identified in healthy children. Gordon’s work suggests the microbiota of malnourished children is immature, lagging in development behind that of their healthy peers. Supplementing these children’s meals with widely used therapeutic foods that increase calories and nutrient density reduces deaths from malnutrition, but it does not fix their persistent microbiota immaturity.

Perhaps more insidious than slowing growth is malnutrition’s effect on less visible aspects of health, including impaired brain development and dysfunctional immunity, which follow these children throughout their lives.

Renowned researcher Jeffrey I. Gordon, MD, of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Gordon has been called the father of the microbiome, arguably, the most influential human microbiome scientist working today.

2017 WHO Gold Standard Of Care

2017 WHO Gold Standard Of Care – SAM (severe acute malnutrition) Malnutrition is the leading cause of death worldwide in children under the age of five, and is the focus of the first World Health Organization (WHO) Millennium Development Goal. Breastfeeding, food and water security are major protective factors against malnutrition and critical factors in the maturation of healthy gut microbiota, characterized by a transient bifidobacterial bloom before a global rise in anaerobes. Early depletion in gut Bifidobacterium longum, a typical maternal probiotic, known to inhibit pathogens, represents the first step in gut microbiota alteration associated with severe acute malnutrition (SAM). Later, the absence of the Healthy Mature Anaerobic Gut Microbiota (HMAGM) leads to deficient energy harvest, vitamin biosynthesis and immune protection, and is associated with diarrhea, malabsorption and systemic invasion by microbial pathogens. A therapeutic diet and infection treatment may be unable to restore bifidobacteria and HMAGM. Besides re-feeding and antibiotics, future trials including non-toxic missing microbes and nutrients necessary to restore bifidobacteria and HMAGM, including prebiotics and antioxidants, are warranted in children with severe or refractory disease.


The WHO recommends that immunization or treatment be orally administered due to economic, logistical and security reasons. Furthermore, this route offers important advantages over systemic administration, such as reducing side effects, as the molecules are administered locally and have the ability to stimulate the GALT immune responses  (Levine and Dougan, 1998Neutra and Kozlowski, 2006Bermúdez-Humarán et al., 2011).

Terrible Triad

(Commensal is a term that comes from the idea of bacteria “sharing a table” with us.) These bacteria are important in our development, especially the development and balance of our immune and nervous systems.I present here, as I do in my neuroimmunology class, the factors leading to optimum neuroimmune development.

Antibiotics are one of many sources of interference to the microbiome and immune balance. Let’s look at some of the others. Most teenage girls and boys of today and of the past 10–20 years probably did not get breastfed, since the percentage of breastfed children dropped significantly after the baby-boomer generation. Add to this the ever increasing rate of c-sections that bypass the birth canal flora, and you have a good recipe for the development of a dysbiotic bowel (one that is populated by inappropriate bacteria). Since the immune system is intricately linked to the nature and balance of the bowel flora, these newborns are challenged immunologically.

A Terrible Triad

So there is, at the least, a terrible triad pattern we see now in young women.

The indiscriminant use of antibiotics has had a drastic effect on their immune systems and microbiomes.

Many of them were not breastfed, and neither were their mothers.
Research has tracked inherited defects in the microbiome from generations not being breastfed.
This has a very drastic effect on the healthy probiotics.

And completing the terrible triad are the birth-control pills they’ve taken before they decide to have a family.

All three of these have a terrible, dramatic pattern of interference on their normal microbiome, leading to bowel dysbiosis and vaginosis—a.k.a. bad bacteria in the birth canal.

Stephen Marini, D.C., Ph.D.

Changes In NICU Healthcare

Creation of a Regional Human Milk Assembly: A Model to Influence Practice and Policy Change in the NICU. BACKGROUND: The 2011 Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding highlights a need for optimizing lactation-based education for all health professionals; however, few schools of nursing and medicine offer lactation-based curriculum. In an effort to address these gaps in education and care, the director of the lactation program at a large urban children’s hospital developed and instituted the annual regional Human Milk Assembly (HMA), a half-day collaborative meeting of the hospital’s regional and referral hospitals’ neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nursing staff, to address lactation-based educational and training needs of all participating institutions. RESULTS: Thirty-one of the 50 hospitals surveyed responded to the electronic survey for a total of 34 individual participants. Seventeen of the 22 (77%) of best practices were implemented at rates of over 50%. In 1997, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published the policy statement Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk. Since then significant advances in science and clinical medicine have occurred. This revision cites substantial new research on the importance of breastfeeding and sets forth principles to guide pediatricians and other health care professionals in assisting women and children in the initiation and maintenance of breastfeeding. The ways pediatricians can protect, promote, and support breastfeeding in their individual practices, hospitals, medical schools, and communities are delineated, and the central role of the pediatrician in coordinating breastfeeding management and providing a medical home for the child is emphasized. These recommendations are consistent with the goals and objectives of Healthy People 2010, the Department of Health and Human Services’ HHS Blueprint for Action on Breastfeeding, and the United States Breastfeeding Committee’s Breastfeeding in the United States: A National Agenda.
This statement provides the foundation for issues related to breastfeeding and lactation management for other AAP publications including the New Mother’s Guide to Breastfeeding and chapters dealing with breastfeeding in the AAP/American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Guidelines for Perinatal Care, the Pediatric Nutrition Handbook, the Red Book, and the Handbook of Pediatric Environmental Health.
Human milk is species-specific, and all substitute feeding preparations differ markedly from it, making human milk uniquely superior for infant feeding. Exclusive breastfeeding is the reference or normative model against which all alternative feeding methods must be measured with regard to growth, health, development, and all other short- and long-term outcomes.

Breast milk is difficult to duplicate, and the optimum composition of infant formula remains unknown. A more realistic goal is to benchmark the growth and development of formula-fed infants against that of breastfed infants. (Nutrition Review June 2018)

Bovine milk contains many oligosaccharides that are identical to those found in human milk. Oligosaccharides recovered from whey could serve as ingredients for infant formula, as their composition is similar to that of HMOs and such an ensemble cannot currently be produced synthetically. Annu Rev Food Sci Technol. 2018

Current IBD Research 2016

Currently available treatments for IBD, which target the systemic immune system, induce immunosuppression, thereby exposing the patient to the risk of infections and malignancy. The interplay between the gut and the systemic immune system determines the final effect on target organs, including the bowel mucosa. Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are associated with an altered systemic immune response leading to inflammation-mediated damage to the gut and other organs.

Clinical & Translational Immunology (2016)
Gastroenterology and Liver Units, Department of Medicine, Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel

Most importantly, the immune modulatory agents used today for IBD do not achieve remission in many patients.

Not all IBD patients benefit from currently available drugs. Young people with IBD do not want to be on long-term drug therapy. Oral immune therapy, while not yet studied in large cohorts of patients, may provide an answer to this unmet need.

Clinical & Translational Immunology (2016)
Gastroenterology and Liver Units, Department of Medicine, Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel

Natural Oral Immune Therapy In 2019

The greatest scientific breakthrough of the modern era (GcMaf, Bravo Yogurt™ and Rerum®) has led to the release of several bovine colostrum natural oral immune therapy products being introduced in to the mainstream pharmaceutical market today by bio tech companies like Immuron®, PanTheryx and others with an expected profit of over 45 billion dollars by 2025.

Immuron Ltd is a publicly listed Australian biopharmaceutical company focused on oral immunotherapy utilizing polyclonal antibody products (bovine colostrum) that target the human gut immune system and gut microbiome. Immuron’s technology platform is capable of developing and producing an orally stable therapeutic as a potential ‘oral targeted therapy’ for various immune mediated and inflammatory disorders, among them: non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) diabetes, colitis, inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), liver fibrosis and other chronic disorders in which the immune system plays a key role in pathogenesis. These disorders represent areas of growing and unmet medical need, where oral targeted therapy drugs could offer significant advantages due to the lack of absorption and the high safety profile.

PanTheryx is a biotechnology company committed to realizing the potential of novel interventions to address a wide range of serious GI microbiome related health conditions.
*Bovine colostrum is naturally a polyclonal antibody product. Antibodies against endotoxins are also contained in the natural spectrum of antibodies from bovine colostrum.

Ensuring A Merit Based Healthcare System

What you can do

Scientific Apostasy

Most people are not aware the scientific method has long ago been eclipsed in use in favor of science by opinion and dictated by profit in the last century in school, university, Govt. institutions and the media creating a systemic imbalance of information and resulting in over 99% of current research papers being invalid (Harvard Study).

It will take a huge amount of effort to return to previous validation methods which have been used throughout history to ensure scientific data is based on objective measures and through which the greatest, fastest and safest benefits were obtained.

Disregard popular opinion science, publications or groups for your own health safety and best health outcomes.




Merit Based Action Plan


Separate from all violations of the natural law, in this case the scientific method and medical certainty as it applies to the human outcome. Don’t give credence to publications, institutions or persons that violate these principles of science, medicine and bioethics. Guard your means of peaceful separation.


Strengthen the law regarding effectiveness and safety and ensure systems are in place to quickly eliminate unfavorable outcomes, violations and violators.


Punish by strengthening and supporting the alternative avenues and/or not rewarding failure or negligent damage regarding scientific and health outcomes in humans. Do your part to ensure a merit based system.

This includes the majority of popular ‘health’ or benefit charities which are in practice slush funds with little to no regulatory oversight.



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