Chapter 4 – Beyond Nutrition" >

Chapter 4 – Beyond Nutrition

The Metabolic Miracles Of Kefir In this video I read Chapter 4. I also have a rant you might find amusing that all began when I stumbled across a 400 year old Italian book exclaiming the benefits of milk sugars that precisely mirrors todays findings without the largesse of billions in grant money. I also […]

Power Of One: Losing Single Night’s Sleep May Raise Levels Of Alzheimer’s Biomarker

The “all-nighter,” in which students stay up all night studying or completing school work, has become synonymous with the modern college experience. While it’s obviously unhealthy to stay up all night frequently, the occasional all-nighter isn’t typically considered detrimental to one’s well being. Now, quite surprisingly, a new study conducted at Uppsala University in Sweden […]

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Tips Observations suggest that bovine-derived colostrum preparations deliver biologically active concentrations of specific antibodies to the intestinal lumen when taken orally, and might be capable of blocking various forms of bacterial toxins in the gut by that mechanism. Since microbial translocation is driving immune activation and progression of liver disease, strategies that reduce or prevent […]