“The time and dedication that you have put into the topic of natural immune therapy is mind blowing. Tens of thousands of people now know what they would never have known without your help and dedication.”



“Alternavita provides real answers for some of the most complex health challenges facing so many people today. Health challenges that unfortunately, are becoming an all too common sign of the modern times we are living in. Alternavita extensively explores cutting edge research uncovering the origins of human immunity and ultimately, true health. Evidence-based, scientific studies are thoroughly researched, broken down and presented in an easy to understand, cohesive way. The healing that I have experienced since starting the easy to follow protocol of colostrum, probiotics and yogurt recommended on Alternavita has been completely life-changing. Within a span of five months, I went from being in a state of autoimmunity, wasting away, reacting to most of the foods I was eating, leaky gut, and diagnosed with Lyme disease to being restored to a state of radiant health. I finally realized that it was not the killing of microbes that was going to restore my immune system, but the replenishment of microbes that was going to restore my immunity. It is a no-brainer once you remember that 80% of immunity resides within the gut. Alternavita takes you back to the origins of immunity, back to the beginnings of the human race. Colostrum and probiotics provide the antidote to chronic illnesses afflicting so many people today. Diseases brought about by the chemicals, antibiotics and Franken-foods of our modern times. This is going to be the salvation of the human race itself.” from K. K.
A masterful condensed treasure of information. Truly back to basics, and how to get there for any budget!!! Excellent research and a wealth of common sense detail how to get back to health or stay there using inexpensive, safe , natural and functional foods, limited supplements and avoiding pharmaceuticals. Finally! Love this book! From, J.R.
“I will tell you what’s been happening for me. I opted to stay on Reishi instead of the Champex because it’s what I have on hand in abundance. I modified SIBO recipe so I wouldn’t gag – the bicarb and mom mixed with a little water in a shot glass, followed by filling the shot glass with more water to get it all and then a glass of water. I was unplugged within a week this way. I don’t have the zinc powder so I will add that later. Started the peppermint last week, Heather’s brand that has also ginger and fennel. I am having bowel movements two to three times a day now. No more IBS cycle! OMG (Alternavita), I do not ever remember a time in my life when I had regular bm’s! Soft, brown, not mucousy, no more “pellets” and no more feeling like I’m dying (literally it was that bad) every time I have a bowel movement! Nausea is also FINALLY gone after 4 years of the worst morning nausea and stomach pains. I can THINK and I mean really think. Everyone is telling me I look and sound better than ever. Your protocol WORKS. Bottom line. I cannot thank you enough for your work, a true humanitarian. All MS symptoms are gone, zero pain level, just a tad bit of fatigue, but I expect that will get better also. You are a Godsend and don’t you ever feel otherwise and never give up!!!” From M.B.
5.0 out of 5 starsGreat resource. Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase “An easy-to-understand step-by-step book to build your immune function. Love how the writer tells exactly what is needed and how to go about it. I’m so glad to see this book in print. Finally, a great resource at your fingertips to help all disease. Five stars from me”.
“I was mightily blessed with your findings in research broken down to plain, understandable language (Alternavita); enabling me to deal with my own body. Thanks!” from, N.S.
“I want to go on record to say that you have helped me in my healing journey by clarifying healing protocols for me, and by continuing to inform me about the latest and most pertinent information on chronic disease. Your clear dedication to serving others through your impassioned continuing research benefits many and is deeply appreciated.” From B.G.
“You are amazing. Your research is insightful and you know how to dig and connect . You sharing your own journey has been encouraging to me …not to be afraid of new information but also not to follow blindly if it doesn’t make sense. If there is anything I can do or someone you need as a reference I would gladly let them contact me . If you need my number I will PM as character reference . Anyone who is willing to stand in their truth is winning the battle as far as Im concerned but you are on another level on information. You have been through so much ..and yet you take the time to share with others while helping yourself and family . Spiritual Warrior !” From A.F.
5.0 out of 5 starsSerious About Improving Your Health? GET THIS BOOK!!! PaperbackVerified Purchase “I was going to wait until I finished this book before posting a review. However, the information it contains is so valuable that I am posting it now with the goal of encouraging others to get their copy now! Ferrari’s book outlines a step-by-step process to regain and maintain one’s health. There are many, many ‘nuggets’ of precious information! I intended to read all the way through the book right away but I soon realized that I needed time to ‘digest’ and assimilate what I was reading. It is simple yet profound! She gives many scientific references. So a person can personally verify the information. We are daily facing countless assaults on our health. One’s body can definitely improve and heal itself but it needs the right nutrients, understanding and care to do so. Ferrari’s book gives a person what is necessary to accomplish this worthwhile task! It is a beautiful, ‘coffee table’ type book. It has beautiful pictures throughout. It has an easy on the eyes font size and is printed on high quality, durable paper. I love this book!!!”
Thanks for your concern about my fractured pelvis. With the help of the yogurt and farm fresh raw milk I have been drinking my pelvis has completely healed! I am completely back to normal. From K.K.
“A masterful condensed treasure of information. Truly back to basics, and how to get there for any budget!!! Excellent research and a wealth of common sense detail how to get back to health or stay there using inexpensive, safe , natural and functional foods, limited supplements and avoiding pharmaceuticals. Finally! Love this book”!
“You have been a friend and mentor. Through some very bad and hard health issues. You have been very generous with sharing your research. You research to no end. Across the board you research and dig so deep find these links. To help us. Your kindness to help people is endless. You deal with only facts. Your passion is so touching. You have such a rare kind soul. And honestly that is so rare. You are Dear to my heart. And I thank you!” From Annette V.
“You were always very honest and recommended only the things you tested yourself or you had documented info about :); your info is always reliable and with a good research in the background; I liked a lot your way of presenting the things… neutral…and the advice to listen to our own bodies :); I love you (Alternavita) for that” from A.H.
“You have helped me to understand why I am chronically sick. You have always been available and more than willing to help me in any way, even calming my fears at times. Would also like to add that I shared your research with my MD and he thought it was amazing and told me to follow what you said. I so appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and research. Thank you.” from M.G.
I know you are off the grid, but I wanted to give you an update. I’ve been very sick for five years. I’ve been doing exactly what you told me to do for about six or eight weeks now. I’m beginning to have improvements that are noticeable. I am so excited I almost don’t want to comment on it for fear it will be fleeting. Today, I grocery shopped, went to Walmart, cared for my kids, and am still up and about. I’m tired and exhausted but I DID these things. It’s a flipping miracle. I’ve been in bed for so long. I just wanted to thank you. I’m hoping this progress continues. Thanks again!!!!!! From H.C.
“I can honestly say, there is NO ONE whose opinion and research I trust more than yours, and my own. lol You have such articulation, not only in the physical mechanics of the anatomy, but of the many symptoms, and physiology of the hunt!! You know what many of us endure with lack of doctor participation, more so, doctors portraying the antagonist! Your spiritual ethics and dedicated research lend to you trustworthiness, and you don’t EVER pretend to know all and have a CURE for all……….You gently lead us to facts and effects enabling us to utilize our own minds to heal our own bodies…and you seem to do so in a literate way of hardcore common sense and humor:) We love you (Alternavita)!” from J.R.
“I have never met anyone who works harder than you to understand the underlying cause of chronic illness. You are a relentless researcher, fearless in speaking the truth and always willing to spend a few minutes of your valuable time answering my questions. Thank you so much for all the help you have given me.” From D.L.D.

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Labor Day Update

My family reunion and ensuing downtime together was short lived. Another sudden funeral in the family and some news I

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Quick video on recent site changes. I decided to focus on some limited commentary categories that offer more benefit than

How To Chapter 8

How to detox the liver. Mostly using healthy oils, bifido and other substances that reduce H2S and sulfate reducing bacteria.

Chapter 1

The Living Immune System In this video I re-state immune tolerance, checkpoint blockade toxicity and how this can happen post

Autism Rates Continue To

SAM (Severe Acute Malnutrition) Prevention Breastfeeding, food and water security are major protective factors against severe acute malnutrition (SAM) and

Colostrum For Life

https://youtu.be/EIw08wy4e30https://youtu.be/RC6x1k-NarETwo more happy customers. Yes, they should stop wasting time and money on other supplements aside from a good fish

Only Breast Fed Are

Controversial fecal transplants brought relief for 50% IBS sufferers - but only if their donors were extra-healthy 'super donors', study

Daily MRNA Injection Death Videos

Nothing will protect you from RNA/DNA damages or:

  • blood cell changes (clotting or bleeding)
  • multiplication of expressed inflammatory foreign proteins (multiple organ damage)
  • malignancy/aneuploidy/prion formation
  • immune system exhaustion
  • auto immune reactions
  • toxicity
  • neurodegeneration

And inability to self regulate due to inherent mechanism of action of the injections which is to effect RNA/DNA function via rapid transport nano lipids and the synthetic chimeric construction of the drug. According to bio researchers the primary damage is genetic in nature if you are still wondering what the definition of an MRNA injection drug is.


Can a ‘vaccine‘ be considered the software of life?


Over 4000 times more likely to die from injection

The vaccine death data will shock and horrify you

41 year old dies after five heart attacks, massive blood clots and uncontrolled bleeding from eyes and mouth

Good for thee but not for me

Of all the videos of injection deaths and injuries (including official country by country data) I have yet to see ONE report from China. Meanwhile the dropping dead on the street (God only knows when that was taken, that could happen on a normal day as they wear masks from October to April), over flowing hospitals and lockdowns/forced quarantines from the ‘pandemic’ videos and published research were widely distributed, (including the so called genetic sequence use to model the death injection).  More than a little strange. There is no such thing as coincidence. CCP has to go, they are collaborators in mass genocide.

I support October 1 shutdown

Last day, 10-15-21.... happy to say no shopping for the last two weeks.... if you didn't support Australia and other countries shame on you

It’s the only civil power you have left.

  • Unity
  • Labor
  • Consumption

October 1 - two weeks - shut them down

If you want life and the system fails you, you have no other choice but to get out or fight back.


Hello and welcome to Alternavita, where advice meets or exceeds the gold standard of medical certainty and far exceeds medical safety standards.

“Thanks to Natural Oral Immune Therapy as my only treatment plan since 2016 I have been symptom free for years. 

Everyone thinks it is about diet or drugs while forgetting the first and most important factor that shaped your entire immune system for life (breastfeeding) and proper infant microbiome formation leading to healthy mature microbiota development. Thankfully, the WHO has  brought worldwide attention to this in 2017″. 



80% Rule

80% safety, GRAS (Generally
Regarded As Safe) and well
tolerated in the majority when
used as directed

80% efficacy (the medical
threshold for certainty and gold
standard of care)

80% ease of use and
compliance (can the majority
reasonably achieve this)

80% accessibility/cost (can the
majority reasonably access this)

And finally, highly effective, cross condition and proponent of the scientific method, and open source science as both were the method and the mission employed which achieved the greatest advances to mankind throughout history.

You will find nothing on this site that does not adhere to these rules.

Immune For Life - My Daily Plan Video

Play Video
Immune For Life Video
The exact process I used for natural oral immune therapy using bovine colostrum, whole fat yogurt, kefir and regular whole fat milk (Organic Milk is high heat process and don’t recommend). I used no diets, no drugs or supplements except colostrum and probiotics nor did I use the included supplements I now recommend to further help fight malnutrition syndromes like SAM (severe acute malnutrition)….. such as  beneficial oils like salmon oil or cod liver oil. For a couple of months in the beginning I did make a popular maf/product but found it too time consuming, and too strong for my system even at 1 tbsp. per day. The new gentle formula as shown in video produced no such reactions and will provide the the same macrophage activation as maf products.

Alternavita: All you need to know..... by focusing exclusively on these foundational health and immune development issues up to 90% of chronic conditions can be eliminated.

WHO STATEMENTS: 2017 Millennium Goal

  1. Breastfeeding,
  2. food (security)
  3. and water security (sanitation)

are major protective factors against malnutrition and critical factors in the maturation of healthy gut microbiota, characterized by a transient bifidobacterial bloom before a global rise in anaerobes. Early depletion in gut Bifidobacterium longum, a typical maternal probiotic, known to inhibit pathogens, represents the first step in gut microbiota alteration associated with severe acute malnutrition (SAM). Later, the absence of the Healthy Mature Anaerobic Gut Microbiota (HMAGM) leads to deficient energy harvest, vitamin biosynthesis and immune protection, and is associated with diarrhea, malabsorption and systemic invasion by microbial pathogens. A therapeutic diet and infection treatment may be unable to restore bifidobacteria and HMAGM.

HMAGM, including prebiotics and antioxidants, are warranted in children with severe or refractory disease.

*(Colostrum and HMO’s (Human Milk Oligosaccharides) THE the premiere pre-biotics). (Undenatured whey protein is the only known substance that increases human gluthathione (master anti oxidant) in various tissues). Following colostrum, regular, pasteurized whole fat mammal milk is the least denatured milk product.

Researchers found that malnourished children’s microbiota failed to follow the healthy pattern they identified in healthy children. The microbiota of malnourished children is immature, lagging in development behind that of their healthy peers. Supplementing these children’s meals with widely used therapeutic foods that increase calories and nutrient density reduces deaths from malnutrition, but it does not fix their persistent microbiota immaturity.

“Perhaps more insidious than slowing growth is malnutrition’s effect on less visible aspects of health, including impaired brain development and dysfunctional immunity, which follow these children throughout their lives“.

The Father of The Microbiome

Dr. Jeffrey Gordon


SIBO can cause severe malabsorption, serious malnutrition and immune deficiency syndromes in children (non breastfed) and adults. 

Prognosis is usually serious, determined mostly by the underlying disease that led to SIBO.



The WHO recommends that immunization or treatment be orally administered due to economic, logistical and security reasons. Furthermore, this route offers important advantages over systemic administration, such as reducing side effects, as the molecules are administered locally and have the ability to stimulate the GALT immune responses  (Levine and Dougan, 1998Neutra and Kozlowski, 2006Bermúdez-Humarán et al., 2011).



For ANY infectious or parasitic disease to start, it is ALWAYS a requisite that the host suffer IMMUNODEFICIENCY. At the same time, infectious and parasitic diseases themselves cause additional IMMUNE SUPPRESSION and more MALNUTRITION. This immune suppression is SECONDARY to the accumulation of free radicals, especially oxidizing species, that occurs during and after infectious and parasitic diseases.

Clinical Aspects of Immunology and Biochem J.

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club – hangout page that won’t be for everyone. Current event news updates, personal news updates and FB like chat feature. Your daily source for truth bombs.

Immune For Life

representation only, not hardcover

Reintroduce yourself to nature’s prescription for health and natural oral immune therapeutics that modulate the gut and systemic biology by using products that are the bio active backbone of immunity. Release the power of activating factors that have transformed the health outcomes of thousands. These and other natural oral immune therapeutics that are beginning to flood the marketplace are promising to shape the future of medicine as safe bio actives for future health products and minimally refined functional foods, including infant formula.

Learn how you can quickly begin to transform your gut and immune health today without complicated diets or expensive plans, no matter your age!

“Everyone thinks it is about diet or medicine while forgetting the diet that shaped your entire immune system for life (breastfeeding). Learn the factors that re-train the body for lifelong health by reintroducing yourself to the first diet with truly unique, bio-active living components that restore homeostasis as nature planned.”


“A therapeutic diet and infection treatment may be unable to restore bifidobacteria and HMAGM (Healthy Mature Anaerobic Gut Microbiota)”.

WHO 2017 Millennium Development Goal

“…foods that increase calories and nutrient density reduces deaths from malnutrition, but it does not fix persistent microbiota immaturity.”

The Father of The Microbiome

Dr. Jeffrey Gordon

SAM (severe acute malnutrition) Malnutrition is the leading cause of death worldwide in children under the age of five, and is the focus of the first World Health Organization (WHO) Millennium Development Goal.



Water security

are major protective factors against malnutrition and critical factors in the maturation of healthy gut microbiota, characterized by a transient bifidobacterial bloom before a global rise in anaerobes. Early depletion in gut Bifidobacterium longum, a typical maternal probiotic, known to inhibit pathogens, represents the first step in gut microbiota alteration associated with severe acute malnutrition (SAM). Later, the absence of the Healthy Mature Anaerobic Gut Microbiota (HMAGM) leads to deficient energy harvest, vitamin biosynthesis and immune protection, and is associated with diarrhea, malabsorption and systemic invasion by microbial pathogens.

2017 WHO Gold Standard Of Care 

Breast milk is difficult to duplicate, and the optimum composition of infant formula remains unknown. A more realistic goal is to benchmark the growth and development of formula-fed infants against that of breastfed infants.

(Nutrition Review June 2018)

The document is rather strident and uncompromising with regard to the necessity of breastfeeding and its contribution to infant health….

Declarations about the importance of nursing aren’t enough, the association says; there must be active encouragement, and difficulties with nursing must be addressed immediately. 

“Breastfeeding is a major public health issue, and must be defined as one of the objectives of the medical staff treating the child,” the paper says.

Regarding baby formula, the doctors write that formulas “do not contain the antibodies and other active immune components that are present in breast milk,” and that “the fats from which brain cells are built are different in formula than in breast milk, and there is reduced cognitive development in formula-fed babies.” Giving formula periodically even while nursing “reduces the amount of milk produced by the mother and harms the baby’s microbiome and his immune defenses,” the paper states.

Guidelines issued in recent years by the Health Ministry restrict the distribution of formula samples to new mothers in hospitals.


Breastfeeding a ‘Major Public Health Issue….


Alternavita Daily Program Incredible Milk

A basic get started guide, lists of top benefits for a just do it daily approach to natural oral immune therapy. 

I highly recommend Immune For Life for a comprehensive guide to natural oral immune therapy utilizing all known macrophage activating factors for optimal health and nutrition throughout life.

The pro immune products made by nature that science CAN’T BEAT!

Features no toxic synthetic imitations, drugs or supplements. Only natural, minimally processed, non denatured, oral immune therapeutics with the only clinically proven method to restore glutathione in human cells. Glutathione supplements do NOT work!

The natural gut/immune health approach with the easiest maf formula/s on the internet, including how to switch pro-inflammatory gut macrophages to anti inflammatory in as little as two weeks!  

Plus, today’s preferred, safer, and more gentle natural oral immune therapy approach for over inflammatory immune conditions.

It can’t possibly be that simple.

By learning how to harness the power of nature with this simple guide, yes, it can!

Probiotics without mammal milk (or colostrum) or HMO’s (human milk oligosaccharides) are worthless.

Free Probiotic Chart

Probiotics as found in popular yogurts, best selling probiotic brands and for treating specific conditions as shown by research. Learn how to use specific probiotics for your benefit. 

Updated 2019!

Probiotic capsules without mammal milk (or colostrum) or HMO’s (human milk oligosaccharides) are worthless.

Famous SIBO Recipe

SIBO Recipe works in part by reversing inflammatory macrophages in the gut to anti inflammatory macrophages. Learn about this and other macrophage activating factors in Immune For Life.

SIBO Recipe

SIBO Recipe works by creating a slow dissolve oxygen capable of neutralizing gas like H2S, toxins and endotoxins and by reversing inflammatory macrophages in the gut to anti inflammatory macrophages in as little as two weeks (my exact experience).


2-4 drops zinc or 1/16 tsp.

1/2 teaspoon of milk of magnesia plus

1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in

8 oz. glass of pure water 


Some immediate relief should be experienced. Morning and evening, empty stomach. 4 days on, 3 days off to avoid metabolic and ph imbalance but dose is so low not likely in majority. Recipe 4 months only and then only as necessary. If nausea cut back doses in half or stop.

Zinc is toxic in high doses and should not be taken for long periods of time at high doses. Do not give zinc to pets or children unless under the supervision of a vet or doctor. The body needs very little zinc. Zinc toxicity is not reversed (Wiki).  


Baking Soda May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered for Rheumatoid Arthritis

“After two weeks of drinking the baking soda and water mixture, scientists found that their immune cells (macrophages) appeared to change jobs.

Researchers said that the macrophages began to focus on reducing inflammation instead of promoting it”.

Researchers noted a shift in healthy human subjects from autoimmune and inflammatory actions to anti-inflammatory ones in the stomach, spleen, kidney, and peripheral blood.

The shifting landscape is likely due to an increased conversion of proinflammatory cells to anti-inflammatory, plus the production of more anti-inflammatory macrophages and a shift in regulatory T cells.

This combination of processes drives down the immune response and could potentially help to keep the immune system from attacking its own tissues, which occurs in autoimmune diseases”.


SIBO Recipe – two weeks – 4 months (do not take longer than 4 months, continuously)

Natural Oral Immune Therapy w/Bovine Colostrum or original GcMaf or Bravo™ and Others – IBS/IBD – 4-6 months daily use avg. 

Natural Oral Immune Therapy or original GcMaf or Bravo™ w/Bovine Colostrum and Others – (Various Conditions) 12 months to 48 months daily use avg. dependent upon severity of condition and other factors (drug use, diet, poor sanitation, chronic malnutrition (poor imbalanced diet) or malabsorption. See GcMaf Japan Sasei Mirai Clinics for current published research papers, timelines and outcomes.

Beneficial Oils (Fish, Salmon) Fatty Acid Profile – In the immune system, almost immediately. Changes will first take place in cells of the immune system that have a lifetime of 2 – 9 days before they are renewed, then in skin cells that have a lifetime of 14 – 20 days, and eventually in red blood cells that have a lifetime of 120 days. Stability in Omega-3 level in blood is achieved after 14 – 16 weeks. 

(For more on preferred oil combinations see Immune For Life).

Kefir – hypertension – minimum 30 days daily use.

Maintenance Schedule (weekly or bi-weekly at minimum) for all above minus SIBO recipe – for life. 

It only takes 4-6 months average of continuous poor lifestyle/dietary choices that will result in noticeable malnutrition issues regardless of synthetic vitamin supplementation as shown repeatedly beginning with the earliest published malnutrition research available.

Other natural oral immune therapy products/pharmaceuticals utilizing hyperimmune bovine colostrum like GCMAF, Travelan®, Immuron® Pantheryx® or other bovine colostrum products should seek product info from the manufacturer. 

Rerum® or Imuno seek product info from manufacturer.

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Ensuring A Merit Based Healthcare System

What you can do

Scientific Apostasy

Most people are not aware the scientific method has long ago been eclipsed in use in favor of science by opinion and dictated by profit in the last century in school, university, Govt. institutions and the media creating a systemic imbalance of information and resulting in over 99% of current research papers being invalid (Harvard Study).

It will take a huge amount of effort to return to previous validation methods which have been used throughout history to ensure scientific data is based on objective measures and through which the greatest, fastest and safest benefits were obtained.

Disregard popular opinion science, publications or groups for your own health safety and best health outcomes.


Merit Based Action Plan


Separate from all violations of the natural law, in this case the scientific method and medical certainty as it applies to the human outcome. Don’t give credence to publications, institutions or persons that violate these principles of science, medicine and bioethics. Guard your means of peaceful separation.


Strengthen the law regarding effectiveness and safety and ensure systems are in place to quickly eliminate unfavorable outcomes, violations and violators.


Punish by strengthening and supporting the alternative avenues and/or not rewarding failure or negligent damage regarding scientific and health outcomes in humans. Do your part to ensure a merit based system.

This includes the majority of popular ‘health’ or benefit charities which are in practice slush funds with little to no regulatory oversight.