Chapter 7 – The Gut Liver Axis" >

Chapter 7 – The Gut Liver Axis

Chapter 7 – The Gut Liver Axis. Brief overview of the gut liver axis as it relates to SIBO, H2S, IBD, detoxification, gc protein and endotoxemia. Also covered, e coli and macrophage activation, endotoxins and bio sludge hazards (poor sanitation dangers introduction). New premium video content. New informative and excellent vaccine videos also covering CV19 […]

Clinically Recommended Probiotics At A Glance

Free List Of Clinically Recommended Probiotics Probiotics are bacterial preparations that alter the bacterial flora in the bowel to cause a beneficial effect. Animal research has demonstrated that probiotics have barrier enhancing, antibacterial, immune modulating and anti-inflammatory effects which may have a positive effect in the management of SIBO in humans. Lactobacillus casei has been found to be […]