Chapter 3

In this video I read Chapter 3 and offer some anecdotes about the importance of the microbiome and dairy products in alleviating malnutrition. Probiotics, dairy and friendly yeasts are also important for toxin neutralization, healthy metabolic functions and pathogen control.

All vitamins are produced either in the gut or synthesized via the gut liver axis and are increased via the fermentation of dairy products, especially B vitamins. A popular and safe anti parasitic drug, a benzimidazole which has a core ring B12; is produced from the gut bacteria of snails, highlighting that all gut bacteria produce B vitamins regardless of species. Another common anti parasitic is also produced from soil based organisms. I have a good video in the about section about the severe effects of being B12 deficient and do not recommend OTC B vitamins or injections of B12.

In relation to natural oral immune therapy and overcoming tolerance is the significant production of beta gal.  

Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Another great interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman regarding CV19, viruses in general, plus a lot of great insight in to the state of today’s research and health systems.


Fauci Mutant Ninja

You be the judge….. strange video. Floating around on the internet as well as his head, probably has ten million views by now. Mask or no mask ‘fake‘ Fauci on Meet The Press. Here’s a tip, zoom and watch his neck, not to mention make note of the more pronounced accent. He seems a tad bloated although maybe his head is more swelled now that he pulled of another trillion dollar hoax. Now I may often seem like I lose my head but never literally….. as Fauci says ‘the only way you know is if you compare them head to head…..

*As painful as it is I’ve watched several videos with Dear Leader Fauci, including the Mexican comedian interview. About his turkey neck I don’t know but amazing how he can turn his accent on and off.