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Body Boost Powdered Bovine Colostrum

Product Review

In 1988 it was shown that levels in patients with multiple sclerosis, an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system that a daily administration of 2 times 500 ml human colostrum over 6 weeks the plasma of liver enzyme alanine amino transferase, aspartate amino transferase and sorbitol dehydrogenase can be easily reduced. In these patients, there was no evidence of liver disease, but these membrane associated liver enzymes were elevated due to the increased membrane permeability, which are found in multiple sclerosis generally in the plasma. Colostrum is suitable then for supportive therapy measures for inhibition of membrane defects in multiple sclerosis.

By oral or enteral administration of colostrum the reduction of the toxic protein metabolites such as ammonia is possible and the detoxification function of the liver can be improved by these substances. This allows providing patients with large amounts of protein and essential amino acids, without the harmful effects of proteins.

Only the intact and native proteins in colostrum can exert effect on the liver’s protection.

The treatment of the patient is preferably carried out several times a day, wherein the colostrum preparations is drunk as a solution having a protein content of 2 g.

Colostrum Treatment

A 45-year old man who suffered from cirrhosis of the liver with portal hypertension was admitted to hospital because of severe bleeding from esophageal varices. As a result of bleeding associated with the circulation liver failure developed in the patient.The blood ammonia rose and the patient showed symptoms of portal encephalopathy.

The patient received by gavage daily 4 times 15 g of a freeze-dried bovine colostrum. The preparation was obtained from bovine colostrum from the first milking. Within 24 hours of blood ammonia levels fell and remained in the course of five days of treatment in the normal range.

The patient’s condition rapidly improved under the colostrum milk protein administration.The patient already showed no neurological deficits after a day.The blood ammonia remained low during treatment with colostrum preparation.

Side effects did not occur.This was especially surprising considering the clinical experience that this patient had normally reduced protein tolerance with an increase in ammonia level.


Founder – John Epert

John Epert turns 78 September 2018 and has been active in business and the outdoors thru out his life.
He programmed computers for General Electric from 1965-1970. From 1971 to 1990 John bought a small fresh juice business doing $65,000 per year and grew it into a major distributor of Health Foods carrying
10,000 items while growing the business to $45,000,000 a year before selling the business.
John and Lynne ( his wife), walk 6 miles a day as well as work out at the gym three days a week for 75 minutes.
They have been using BodyBoost Colostrum since 1996 and have never gotten sick, sometimes a sore muscle or two but that is it.

• Collected and processed in the USA.

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