Incredible Milk

My story. It would take hours to describe all of the lifetime conditions that I have overcome but in this video I have highlighted some of the most common. I’m not one for talking about ‘syndromes’, mostly because people fall in to the trap of thinking that they have to personally identify with a specific condition before they can be helped. Not true at all as most syndromes are downstream events far removed from primary factors. I do however realize that personalizing an event helps create common bonds.

A new video demonstrating the amazing oral natural immune therapeutic that I used for 4-6 months to heal my gut issues and then continued for 18-24 months to alleviate all of my ‘syndromes’.

This guide is available free just for watching and sharing my YouTube channel.

yogurt cream cheese cheesecake bites

1/3 c yogurt cheese 

2-3 graham crackers (snapped to smallest size) 1 tbsp. confectioner’s sugar 

1/8 tsp. vanilla extract 

fresh strawberries or any desired fruit

Do not forget to consume your drained acid whey. It can be remixed in yogurt, milk or even water for an energy, immune and repair boost!

I hope you enjoy this week’s video about my story and the Alternavita story.

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