I love it that when they hope to prove something wrong they actually show the opposite in the process.

I was so excited to talk about the latest microbiome health developments that I completely forgot to mention the site makeover…. a semi necessity due to my old theme being retired and a plug in conflict that I finally fixed after all of that work. Oh well this is much easier for me to maintain and keep positive topics front and center while not neglecting my civilian duty. It has limited color choice so I have to make a new video screen eventually.

As always first the clarifications, why is video so difficult for me?

Regarding the lactose, I can’t judge due to the gut destruction caused by cephalexin, the source of lactose in the product even if lactose is lactose is lactose I would prefer acid whey as a source rather than sweet whey and the product is combined source and I think as with most products the suggested dose is too high for me in this state until my microbiome is restored once again from the recent antibiotic. My reactions are skewed right now, that became evident with the return of allergies and with too much it was making feel like I did on the initial Bravo yogurt (too powerful at the time), not the fault of the yogurt, the fault of my state (damaged). Maybe if I took it with more fat (oleic acid or sulfate) it would’ve been easier to tolerate a daily dose. For now I am limiting it to once per week.

Regarding uncontrolled autophagy as mentioned in the one paper, I don’t know if this can be equated with or is being equated with checkpoint blockade toxicity but if they are the primary cause is toxicity. An uncontrolled autophagy response is abnormal in a healthy person. 

….induced down regulation of the cytokine response may not always be associated with optimal host defense. The Th1 cytokine profile is vital for clearance of certain organisms and ancillary immune activity, and a limiting effect on this cytokine profile may result in reduced chances for overcoming infections…. intra-cellular organisms residing within macrophages. Effective clearance will depend on appropriate macrophage activation (which occurs through IFN≥ release by Th1 and NK cells) and production of nitric oxide. The presence of (certain drugs) disrupts this pathway, as IFN≥ secretion is blocked, impairing macrophage activation. Persistent blockade of these inhibitory receptors has lead to the breakdown in immune self tolerance, thereby increasing susceptibility to autoimmune or auto-inflammatory side effects.

Many drugs may cause checkpoint blockade toxicity including pharmaceutical drugs termed ‘immuno therapy’ by pharmaceutical companies, these include Mab drugs and cancer treatments.

See book for more info.

A dysfunctional autophagic mechanism leads to chronic intestinal inflammation in IBD 

The maintenance of gut mucosal equilibrium requires a balance between enterocyte loss by apoptosis and the generation of new cells by proliferation from stem cell precursors at the base of the intestinal crypts. Macrophages functions change during infection and inflammation. The intestinal macrophage pool requires continual renewal from circulating blood monocytes, unlike most other tissue macrophages, which derive from primitive precursors that subsequently self-renew.


The fact that you have undigested intracellular debris showing up as nucleic acids in feces does in no way prove cause is an intracellular inhabitant that we call a virus. If a threat to a healthy immune system it would be digested via intracellular macrophage activation. The fact that you induce a ‘condition’ via cell starvation, disruption of cell signaling and cellular destruction is the first cause, not the particular intracellular inhabitant. 

Again hierarchy of risk:

  • Not breastfeeding (poor microbiome)
  • (water) sanitation
  • food security


For any infectious or parasitic disease to start, it is always a requisite that the host suffer IMMUNODEFICIENCY. At the same time, infectious and parasitic diseases themselves cause additional IMMUNE SUPPRESSION and more MALNUTRITION. This immune suppression is SECONDARY to the accumulation of free radicals, especially oxidizing species, that occurs during and after infectious and parasitic diseases. Clinical Aspects of Immunology and Biochem J.

And the saying regarding ‘trusted’ friends is (namely D vs. R in this country):

Sleep with your pants on backwards and your butt against the wall because they are most likely to……

both sides on the wrong team are happy to advance the ball of the enlightenment crowd thinking it is a patriotic and religious duty (modernists) despite a wink and a nod to natural law.

No one is the chosen race based on DNA and who that may matter to as to superiority, inferiority, inherent dignity of a person or even health outcome is seeing things that are simply not there. The golden goose called genetic research is an over abundance of fraudulent boasts waiting to be retracted.

The papers


Probiotic bacteria have a number of unique properties and provide invaluable benefits to human health. Lacto- and bifidobacteria in the body carry out important functions. They participate in metabolism, produce biologically active compounds (vitamins, neuropeptides, bacteriocins, etc.), play a role in immunogenesis, and provide colonization resistance, and in addition, they exhibit antiviral activity against some viral pathogens in vitro and in vivo. The main mechanisms of the inhibitory action of probiotic bacteria on viruses are a general immunostimulating effect of probiotic strains, physical adsorption of viral particles on the surface of bacteria where exopolysaccharides play an important role, specific interaction of probiotic bacteria with viral particles, and production of active metabolites.

It is known that human respiratory viruses replicate mainly in the respiratory tract, and therefore, it is believed that probiotics cannot influence the dynamics of the disease. However, it has been described that during an influenza pandemic and sometimes during seasonal epidemics, gastrointestinal diseases caused by the influenza virus are observed, especially in children. In addition, when humans are infected with highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses [9] or the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus [10], the pathogen also infects the intestines of the host. In this regard, the relevance of studying the antiviral activity of probiotic strains of lacto- and bifidobacteria against respiratory viruses is beyond doubt.

Genome Features and In Vitro Activity against Influenza A and SARS-CoV-2 Viruses of Six Probiotic Strains


Mammal milk is required for enhanced phagocytosis as shown by research, especially in the elderly. Whole fat mammal milk can actually restore phagocytosis in senescent cells in the elderly. Phagocytosis, by which immune cells ‘eat’ bacteria or infected cells, is one of the mechanisms that help to resist infections. Lactic acid bacteria strains like acidophilus also increases phagocytosis.

New Zealand?

COVID-19 is a viral pandemic that primarily manifests with respiratory distress but may also lead to symptoms and signs associated with the gastrointestinal tract. It is characteristically associated with a hyper-immune response, also referred to as a ‘cytokine storm’.

The probiotic Bifidobacterium in the management of Coronavirus: A theoretical basis

South Korea

“Several studies used computational approaches to search for novel COVID-19 treatments,” Ali said. “In our work, we tried to use such a method to find disease inhibitors from microbial resources. However, like most of the studies in artificial intelligence, we faced a challenge to find clean training data for our model, something that we are working on right now to get a better model prediction…. 

Researchers identify gut bacterium that inhibits SARS-CoV-2

He should question the validity of fecal tests aside from their value in collecting genetic data (for perpetual ‘lottery viruses’ cha ching).

A nucleotide that you pull out of feces (is undigested waste byproduct) obviously didn’t kill you so again, mere presence indicates nothing and certainly not cause. So you will laugh as I did in thinking this is some technological advance in testing procedure as used by the Chinese (butt swabs) when I along with ten million others could ‘discover’ thousands of new sequences of RNA/DNA (lottery) any day of the week in any lab by doing so upon examination of any fecal matter and a pre determined computer model.

The number of ‘viruses’ or ‘viral particles’ or cellular debris that you normally shed from gastro intestinal tract during normal cell turnover is astronomical (at least 10K in half gram of feces) so it is no feat to find whatever you may be looking for, stool testing is a rare tool for a reliable diagnostic.

They could not culture ‘virus’ from blood or nasal secretions in patient #4 and to my knowledge no postulate was ever fulfilled.

Not to mention, what he really said regarding US… 85% have an unhealthy microbiome. 


The fast moving developments have been so astounding to me that it offers a few slight glimmers of hope.

One that is out there regarding the stunning revelations by Dr. Peter McCullough regarding the microbiome may have come about due to his recent treatment from the ‘journals’. It appears that Elsevier removed one of his published papers and so far is refusing to re-publish it, something I doubt he has ever had happen to him in his entire career. Apparently this paper included VAERS data and it appears he is getting the Communist Chinese treatment.

Welcome to the club.

I would suggest hoping to maintain your professional status and inclusion in a wolf pack is not feasible and perhaps he may have finally realized they are indeed rabid. I can only speculate as to why the words microbiome health for the prevention of flu and SARS ever came out of his mouth when a few short weeks ago all he ever uttered was MAB drug and a few other interventions, mostly pharmaceutical. That treatment in and of itself is not the current evidence (reduction of ‘viral load’ with colostrum is antibody independent).

Again I do not have anything against Dr. Peter McCullough or Dr. Fleming or others (Mikovits) aside from their insistence on equating apples with meat and their relativism based disordered moral compass. That is their insistence that the circulating sickness is caused by a ‘virus’ called SARSCov2 that produces entirely different outcomes based on location and location alone. I repeat, they hope to maintain the ‘infectious’ model that is their lifeblood while statistics (and research) are showing the exact opposite. It (the condition called CV19) doesn’t exist without the prerequisite of cell starvation, induced toxicity or in simple terms a non organic cause. I will just add in the elderly or immune tolerant (blind) cell senescence doesn’t help but that too is preventable to a point (the end of your natural life).

They both maintain the injection is a different animal entirely when in fact targeting systemic immune treatment may produce the exact same results via route. Meaning the entire model is seriously flawed and a lie.

Are you going to let them get away with that for another 100 years when it is well established?

This is the equivalent of saying we want to keep the foundation no matter how shoddy the evidence which can only result in more ‘vaccines’ and continuation of a flawed and unsafe model. Dr. Fleming goes further and equates mere presence of nucleotides with crimes as a technological advancement, something Kary Mullis (and others) absolutely denied. Perhaps that is why he is dead and not too many in the establishment seem to be mourning as misappropriated use of PCR to this day is a golden goose producing lottery ‘condition’ combos by the minute (especially in the costly; those malnourished, convalescents, sick and elderly). A communist/eugenicist/modernist/relativist wet dream. 

 I’ll remind you that after a certain point your lifestyle (not breastfeeding), pharma or otherwise drug/toxic induced state offers no return on investment and cradle to grave care is not what they had in mind. Forget they helped produce most of it in one way or another because the solution is always ‘out there in the cosmos, at the end of the gravy train or hidden by the sun god’ forbidden to ever see the light or application? Another corruption. 

How would they maintain their ‘status’ if you could maintain your own health?

This acceptance of the status quo in fact has led to the changing of the definition of the word ‘vaccine’ itself among other definition outrages (asymptomatic carrier) allowing their alphabet soup science model to continue. This is the hallmark of a modernist (all heresy rolled in to one). Dr. Fleming also hopes to dissect/parse CRISPR technology in to the moral equivalent of a ‘good’ despite its very definition as gene editing which to date has never produced a ‘good’ but only the destruction of a ‘good’. There is no intention other than they want to gene ‘edit’ via the ‘software of life’. This is akin to calling a GMO a good or some other similar asinine statement (science with integrity) when the destruction (the purpose/the intent) to inherent capability of some ‘natural’ substances is so complete the inherent capability and function is lost (wheat & corn but two examples, forever dependent on human intervention). I don’t give a f what their intent was, there was NO MORAL GOOD to be found from step one and that is how the majority of them think, that they can parse  under the god of science (make it up as they go along) and when the evil result is at their door it was just a mistake, an evolution in thought, progress.

Wish I could get moral pass like that, where do I sign up? 

Have you ever bothered to look at some of these tortuous animal experiments they have conducted in the name of ‘science’. Subhuman. It brought us euthanasia and all of their other isms, not to mention injecting a stated gene editing bio weapon is a personal choice about freedom. How f-ing stupid is that?  That’s like saying your neighborhood meth dealer is just a closet chemist with good intent.

Same goes for the re-combiners at Cold Springs Harbor and elsewhere who have wrought havoc with their modified e coli. Same goes for the frankenfood creators who have destroyed with their un-natural amino acid strings and countless GMO’s. Error has no right and you don’t get a pass for destroying nature by calling it ‘science’. 

I would suggest to Dr. McCullough and others a fast exit from the corrupt system they thought they could rope or keep explaining away with double speak. SARSCOV2 producing a disease called CV19 is a lie and they absolutely have to stop legitimizing more Fauci lie/s that this time (as opposed to his usual deadly drugs) leads to a bio weapon with extinction consequence… unless they want to hang too. The sacred halls are evil as shown by their poison fruits.


Dr. Tom Cowan

Let’s go Brandon.

I honestly can’t remember the evidence he produced with Dr. Andrew Kaufman, if it was what we term a ‘virus’ or a SARS virus but they funded an actual challenge to the dogma via a culture method.

I don’t have any bones to pick with the challengers as celebrity doctor spokesmen, just the inability to deliver the knock out punch. Yes, they do KNOW why people get sick (risk factors in hierarchal order) so SAY IT because if you don’t they end up being chronically sick and 90% of THAT is preventable. And sorry you’re not going to achieve that with turpentine, a daily detox routine or a permanent anti microbial campaign.

He’s right about one thing, they don’t know until they look and so far there hasn’t been much looking via the ‘establishments’. Willful ignorance.


….but they always did know. When it comes to survival people are hardwired to be keen.

In every plague in every time those who lived in dry lands fared better than those who lived in wet or damp conditions. Those who had access to cream, butter or cheese fared better than those who didn’t. Not rocket science, that’s very few factors to have to wrap your head around. Add poisons (as medicine) or toxins beyond bodily system capability to excrete, you’re done.


Amazing Polly on the cognitive dissonance of the medical establishment.

She’s right unless you face the truth about evil, we’re doomed.


He, the Dr. mentioned also gave the required disclaimer for being allowed in polite company: (apparently it has to be on their license) I’M NOT AN ANTI VAXER, he also recommends high dose synthetic D (Cholecalciferol) known to cause toxicity, self tolerance and reduced ability to fight infections.

Current knowledge:

The WHO recommends that immunization or treatment be orally administered due to economic, logistical and security reasons. Furthermore, this route offers important advantages over systemic administration, such as reducing side effects, as the molecules are administered locally and have the ability to stimulate the GALT immune responses  (Levine and Dougan, 1998Neutra and Kozlowski, 2006Bermúdez-Humarán et al., 2011).

Currently available treatments for IBD, which target the systemic immune system, induce immunosuppression, thereby exposing the patient to the risk of infections and malignancy. The interplay between the gut and the systemic immune system determines the final effect on target organs, including the bowel mucosa. Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are associated with an altered systemic immune response leading to inflammation-mediated damage to the gut and other organs.

Clinical & Translational Immunology (2016)
Gastroenterology and Liver Units, Department of Medicine, Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel


He does offer plenty of evidence of the patent trail, the money trail and the RICO/terrorist clause that they are not immune from.

He needs a timeline of origin and a better way to distinguish from SARSCOV1, SARSCOV2 and synthetic chimeric injection bio weapon model (or the terrorist bioweapon code) because it is confusing as with everything a fine tooth comb is necessary. Ever since I have heard that they can determine that there is a biological difference I have wondered about it and I have since seen evidence regarding the spike protein that it is true. 

I have not researched his claims of origin regarding Chinese miners and atypical pneumonia aside from I believe the story has been published and I can’t remember if he was referring to SARS1 or SARS2, (Fauci has been a busy genocide planner for 40+ years). Chinese have way more than one high risk factor on their plate to worry about. The origins led to the creation of the bioweapon and I personally am much more concerned with the bio weapon injection which is producing predictable  and replicable results regardless of inherent risk factors.

I personally won’t tolerate anyone, I don’t care who they think they are, who claims/advocates injection of a bio weapon as a choice for liberty or bodily autonomy. It along with gene editing in general is an intrinsic evil as you’ll soon find out.
Another version:

The best version, highlight in red is testimony of Fauci. I highly doubt Trump could be tricked in to signing the executive order as stated.


Executive Order September 19, 2019

Executive Order

Executive Order

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS–CoV–2) has led to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID–19). 

HIV leads to AIDs except it doesn’t until toxicity and cell starvation is induced. SARS–CoV–2) has led to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID–19) except it doesn’t until toxicity and cell starvation is induced.

In 2021 research showed that SARSCov2 could be prevented with a healthy microbiome (reducing oxidative stress and increasing natural macrophage activation including intracellular). CV19 mortality could be prevented with outpatient treatment and certain death can be avoided by refusing the foreign spike protein multiplying gene editing bioweapon injection which damages DNA beyond all bodily repair mechanisms.

In 1991 Anthony Fauci proved that the “HIV” phenomena could be inhibited by antioxidants.
(Kalebic T, Kinter A, Poli G, Anderson ME, Meister A, Fauci AS. Suppression of human immunodeficieny virus expression in chronically infected monocytic cells by glutathione,
glutathione ester, and N-acetylcysteine. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A 1991;88:986-990).
-“Trends in hospital deaths among human immunodeficiency virus
patients during the antiretroviral therapy era, 1995 to 2011” -Journal of Hospital Medicine Volume 10, Issue 9, pages 608–614, September 2015-
(“CONCLUSIONS: Non-AIDS deaths increased significantly during the ART era and are now the most common cause of in-hospital deaths”)

Fauci Letters 
Anthony Fauci has been a liar and murderer from the beginning of his career from Lyme to AIDS (misappropriation of funds) and like Rand Paul entire legislatures worldwide have been given evidence of his murderous career since the days of HIV and are therefore complicit in felonies and genocide.

About MRNA Injections (all)

Known adverse events and damage which can not be reversed due to genetic editing mechanisms of action:

  • blood cell changes – clotting or bleeding
  • immune system exhaustion (AIDS)
  • production foreign proteins
  • neurological damage
  • multiplication of cells beyond the ability to self regulate or repair – chromosome damage/aneuploidy/cancer
  • uncontrolled inflammatory response syndromes
  • genetic damage
  • infertility
  • heart damage
  • multiple organ damage


According to experts most damage is genetic in nature.



Full video of Dr. David Martin’s riveting Red Pill Expo speech reveals the “they” — the names and faces of the people who created this covid “theatre of terror” and who are murdering adults and children with their bio-weapon. Not only does he call out the culprits and put their names on screen, but he divulges how the “mandatory injection” was planned in 2015, and discloses the hidden sponsoring corporations that are behind it all.

If you want to learn more I would invite you to The Breakfast Club (A Million Dead Kids By Christmas). Now confirmed, the chimeric chromosome damage I added to the list of MRNA bio weapon effects months ago, meaning un-natural and unrepairable DNA damage leading to cancer (namely colon). 

Don’t dare say it was unknown if I (a layperson) could predict it with accuracy. This time I’m not laughing.