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Probiotics can offer efficacy when used properly. Reasonably priced, highly effective.

Doctor and nutritionist formulated.

Nexabiotic is one of the first probiotics to offer a multi live probiotic with diverse strains and high CFU, in two capsules though. 23 stains of diverse organisms. Very potent, requires olive oil addition. Effective but there have since been newer formulations that have replaced Nexabiotic as a diverse multi blend live probiotic. Still an effective good choice.

*May not be well tolerated for some as it contains soil based organisms.


INNOVIX LABS has the distinction of 31 all patented strains which can be of value if you are looking to ensure clinical evaluation. It also contains multiple strain same species live organisms and high CFU. A great choice of well tolerated organisms.




New Rhythm offers 20 clinically supported organisms high CFU and it also contains only live organisms. Another great choice, very effective and very popular.

While refrigeration is not required for these products, refrigerate to ensure potency is maintained.

When shopping for probiotics look for these benefits:

  • Live organisms
  • Guaranteed potency
  • Clinically supported organisms

“I personally have tried all of these brands in the last three years and when properly used, that is combined with milk and colostrum they are as effective as claimed. I have used probiotic capsule drinks many times in place of maf products and have seen no difference as to effectiveness. Some probiotics are capable of macrophage activation. Other substances can also activate macrophages. Milk fats , sugars and colostrum are the most important ingredients ensuring a superior result over probiotic capsules alone”.




All products are made in the USA at GMP or FDA inspected facilities.

All products are doctor or certified nutritionist formulated.

All products contain live organisms.

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