Active Guard Review – Raw Probiotic Review – Extra Care Probiotic Complex Review

Giving my review of Active Guard Probiotic Complex. About $26. One of the most unique strains I have seen in this probiotic is that it includes, Lactobacillus kefiranofaciens. My order was placed 8-18-22.

Lactobacillus kefiranofaciens is a species of slime-forming, homofermentative, rod-shaped lactic acid bacteria first isolated from kefir grains.

I am always looking for probiotics with the addition of kefir and so far I have found two in addition to my favorite brand, Raw Probiotics Ultimate Care – 100 billion with Eastern European Kefir Grains by Garden of Life.

And Raw Probiotic 100 Billion by Wholesome Wellness.

So this is a brief overview of how I found these additions as compared to the gold standard in my book.

You can download my free probiotic chart here.

Some disconcerting news about Extra Care Probiotic Complex by American Health. Love it. You can’t go wrong with 80 billion bifido. Unfortunately there has also been a major price hike from $4.99 – $12 for a two week supply. I’ve recently tried to order this twice and both times the order got cancelled even though it was supposed to be in stock. I’ll try again even if I have to order the $28 4 week supply.


Regarding my comment last week is gcmaf/maf/Bravo™ for life? 

I wanted to add that the only nod we have empirically regarding restoration of the microbiome (gcmaf) is the study that showed autistic kids remain neuro typical two years after a fecal transplant from a ‘healthy’ donor. How they define ‘healthy’ donor isn’t elucidated but we know that the WHO and other top microbiota researchers define ‘healthy’ microbiota formation as being from a breastfed individual (the gold standard). 

I just want to clarify that my personal benchmark is early malnutrition studies that show that within 3-4 months the effects of malnutrition begin to be seen regarding carbohydrate metabolism even in ideal conditions so the effects of malnutrition alone in the absence of SAM are substantial. Pre 1950 and post 1950 is a hallmark period in terms of biological development for most of the world. Industrialized health declined, poor countries advanced in terms of risk factors. In 1850 many modern ‘diseases’ didn’t exist. 


food (security)

and water security (sanitation)

are major protective factors against malnutrition and critical factors in the maturation of healthy gut microbiota; this condition is known as (SAM).

In other words you are going to shell out another few trillion until the 80-95% of ‘conditions’ are empirically shown to be reversed by the same ‘method’ and reducing the other risk factors because skulls are that thick.

There are four in total caused and reversed the other ones I remember are, obesity, RA? and c.diff, which can be classified as a ‘diarrheal disease’. That’s three pillars of ‘science’. Down they go. Cha ching, I hope you are aware that ‘chronic label syndrome’ is 7000 and counting but you would be aware if you read my book. That’s a lot of ‘specialists’. Only 6996 to go. 😉

About this item
22 YEARS MARKET IN ASIA SINCE YEAR 1999 – 30 YEARS RESEARCH Digestive Health & Immunity Universities perfected a FERMENTED formulation that succeeds where PURE PROBIOTICS & HIGH CFU’S FAIL. By feeding the 400 CRITICAL COLON biomes pure biotics cannot, this prebiotic, probiotic, postbiotic formulation promotes RAPID MICOBIOME REPAIR, digestive relief, increased nutrient absorption, enhanced bioavailability and the VITAMIN B COMPLEX people with poor gut health otherwise can’t absorb.
SUPPORTS 100% GUT COLON CLEANSE & RESTORATION – 17 SUPERIOR HEAT & STOMACH ACID RESILIENT strains feed YOUR UNIQUE GUT & COLON BACTERIA, nourish healthy biome production and support optimal Base to Acid PH Levels, reducing inflammation & accelerating healthy GI Tract Cells to support ONGOING BIOME HEALTH, reduced serum cholesterol, plus RELIEF FROM PAINFUL gas, bloating, LEAKY GUT, lactose intolerance, putrefaction, BOWEL CARCINOGENS, ANTIBIOTIC overload & CANDIDA overgrowth.
PROVEN FERMENTATION & FEEDING PROCESS – EVERY STRAIN is NATURALLY FERMENTED (without artificial heat) in barrels for 3 years (THE GOLDEN TIMELINE FOR ULTRA-STRONG & EFFECTIVE STRAIN DEVELOPMENT), strengthening with each PROVEN SEASONAL FEEDING with WHOLE FOODS (skin, seeds and all) picked at the peak of perfection from Japan’s “King of Fruits & Vegetables” region, a nutrient-rich locale 300m above sea level. OPTIMIZED FOR RELIEF so they WON’T CAUSE GAS, BLOATING or DIARRHEA.
MONGOLIA & JAPAN – SUPERIOR GUT SURVIVING STRAIN: WE SELECT THE MOST ACID RESISTANT, HEAT RESISTANT, CHANGE RESISTANT strains from the heart Mongolia, where the significant humidity and temperature difference provides the initial foundation for STRAIN GUT DEFENSE, then ferment each strain in Japans Okayama Prefecture, where the LARGE SEASONAL CLIMATE VARIANCE builds the BIOTIC RESILLIANCE REQUIRED to withstand the most troublesome, acidic gut environments.
CERTIFIED BY THE BEST – RESULTS GUARANTEED: We focus on RESULTS (not IRRELEVANT CFU’s), attaining the STRICTEST FPE QUALITY certifications via MICROBIAL & PHYSICOCHEMICAL TESTING to ensure these supplements deliver unrivaled POWER, POTENCY, SAFETY & EFFECT. It’s ULTRA-CLEAN with ZERO artificial additives, preservatives, chemicals, coloring, flavoring, animal byproducts, herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides or SBO’S, plus dairy/gluten-free, vegetarian and MONEY BACK GUARANTEED..

Why Your Guts Not Responding to Traditional Probiotics

Every year millions of American’s fall prey to the probiotics promise, swallowing down pill after pill in the hopes of finally rectifying that achy, gassy, bloated feeling, and the digestive troubles that follow.

OSN ActiveGuard Succeeds Where High CFU Probiotics Fail

Formulated in collaboration with 6 of the most renowned Digestive and Immunity Health Universities in the world, It does more than simply restore balance to your stomach and intestines. These strain survive the hot, acidic digestive environment science show lie at the root of most health issues, successfully supporting your colon – where 400 of the most critical biomes exist – for total biome transformation where even the purest probiotics fail.

30 Year Perfected | 3 Year Fermented: The Golden Timeline

Barrel fermented without additional heat and fed from 75 types of plant based whole foods picked at the peak of perfection from some of the most nutrient-rich soil in the world – Japan’s Okayama Prefecture – a meditative, pure aired location 300m above sea level. Seasonally fed, they grow stronger and stronger thru every extreme temperature variation, building the biotic resilience required to withstand hot, acidic guts over their 3 year fermentation process.

17 Superior Pro + 75s of Pre & Postbiotics Support Accelerated Relief From:

  • Gastrointestinal disturbances
  • Lactose intolerance symptoms
  • Carcinogenic bowel buildup
  • Candidate / Yeast infection
  • Embarrassing bloating
  • Diarrhea and Nausea
  • Leaky gut symptoms
  • Antibiotic overload
  • Embarrassing gas
  • Painful bloating

FPE Certified – Microbial and physicochemical testing ensure optimal effectiveness and safety, so you can feel 100% secure that you’re guts in the best hands.

5 star


4 star 0% (0%)


3 star


2 star 0% (0%)


1 star



Alternavita: All you need to know (critical info in a nutshell)..... by focusing exclusively on these foundational health and immune development issues up to 90% of chronic conditions can be eliminated.

WHO STATEMENTS: 2017 Millennium Goal

  1. Breastfeeding,
  2. food (security)
  3. and water security (sanitation)

are major protective factors against malnutrition and critical factors in the maturation of healthy gut microbiota, characterized by a transient bifidobacterial bloom before a global rise in anaerobes. Early depletion in gut Bifidobacterium longum, a typical maternal probiotic, known to inhibit pathogens, represents the first step in gut microbiota alteration associated with severe acute malnutrition (SAM). Later, the absence of the Healthy Mature Anaerobic Gut Microbiota (HMAGM) leads to deficient energy harvest, vitamin biosynthesis and immune protection, and is associated with diarrhea, malabsorption and systemic invasion by microbial pathogens. A therapeutic diet and infection treatment may be unable to restore bifidobacteria and HMAGM.


Researchers found that malnourished children’s microbiota failed to follow the healthy pattern they identified in healthy children. The microbiota of malnourished children is immature, lagging in development behind that of their healthy peers. Supplementing these children’s meals with widely used therapeutic foods that increase calories and nutrient density reduces deaths from malnutrition, but it does not fix their persistent microbiota immaturity.

“Perhaps more insidious than slowing growth is malnutrition’s effect on less visible aspects of health, including impaired brain development and dysfunctional immunity, which follow these children throughout their lives”.

The Father of The Microbiome

Dr. Jeffrey Gordon


SIBO can cause severe malabsorption, serious malnutrition and immune deficiency syndromes in children (non breastfed) and adults. 

Prognosis is usually serious, determined mostly by the underlying disease that led to SIBO.



The WHO recommends that immunization or treatment be orally administered due to economic, logistical and security reasons. Furthermore, this route offers important advantages over systemic administration, such as reducing side effects, as the molecules are administered locally and have the ability to stimulate the GALT immune responses  (Levine and Dougan, 1998Neutra and Kozlowski, 2006Bermúdez-Humarán et al., 2011).



For ANY infectious or parasitic disease to start, it is ALWAYS a requisite that the host suffer IMMUNODEFICIENCY. At the same time, infectious and parasitic diseases themselves cause additional IMMUNE SUPPRESSION and more MALNUTRITION. This immune suppression is SECONDARY to the accumulation of free radicals, especially oxidizing species, that occurs during and after infectious and parasitic diseases.

Clinical Aspects of Immunology and Biochem J.


Current IBD Research 2016

Currently available treatments for IBD, which target the systemic immune system, induce immunosuppression, thereby exposing the patient to the risk of infections and malignancy. The interplay between the gut and the systemic immune system determines the final effect on target organs, including the bowel mucosa. Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are associated with an altered systemic immune response leading to inflammation-mediated damage to the gut and other organs.

Clinical & Translational Immunology (2016)
Gastroenterology and Liver Units, Department of Medicine, Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel

Most importantly, the immune modulatory agents used today for IBD do not achieve remission in many patients.

Not all IBD patients benefit from currently available drugs. Young people with IBD do not want to be on long-term drug therapy. Oral immune therapy, while not yet studied in large cohorts of patients, may provide an answer to this unmet need.

Clinical & Translational Immunology (2016)
Gastroenterology and Liver Units, Department of Medicine, Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel


Tolerance is the ability of the immune system to ‘see’ and respond appropriately. Without galactose (a necessary sugar) the immune system can not 'see'. Your immune system would not be able to function without galactose Your body wouldn’t know which cells are “good” and what cells are “bad.” Your body wouldn’t know who the invaders were and which ones should be attacked by antibodies. As you will learn the importance of these ‘sugars’ in gut microbiota health is a rapidly expanding field of research, only recently discovered, including HMO's (human milk oligosaccharides).

Why galactose? Milk sugar aka lactose has been shown to be very beneficial for the human body though unlike sucrose, lactose is made up of glucose and galactose. There is no fructose in lactose. It is a healthy disaccharide sugar. Galactose is known as the “brain sugar” and supports brain development of babies and children. Galactose helps triggers long-term memory formation. Galactose has been shown to inhibit tumor growth and stop its spread, particularly to the liver. This beneficial sugar can also enhance wound healing, decrease inflammation, enhances cellular communication, and increases calcium absorption.
What does immune ‘tolerance’ mean in simple language?
Immune tolerance, or immunological tolerance, or immunotolerance, is a state of unresponsiveness of the immune system to substances or tissue that have the capacity to elicit an immune response in a given organism. The Th1 cytokine profile is vital for clearance of certain organisms and ancillary immune activity, and a limiting effect on this cytokine profile may result in reduced chances for overcoming infections especially intra-cellular organisms residing within macrophages. Effective clearance will depend on appropriate macrophage activation (which occurs through IFN≥ release by Th1 and NK cells) and production of nitric oxide. If this pathway is disrupted IFN≥ secretion is blocked, impairing macrophage activation. Persistent blockade of these inhibitory receptors has lead to the breakdown in immune self tolerance, thereby increasing susceptibility to autoimmune or auto-inflammatory side effects, including rash, colitis, hepatitis and endocrinopathies. Many drugs may cause checkpoint blockade toxicity including pharmaceutical drugs termed ‘immuno therapy’ by pharmaceutical companies, these include Mab drugs and cancer treatments. Checkpoint Inhibitor–Induced Colitis: A New Type of Inflammatory Bowel Disease? Madeline Bertha, MD MS, corresponding author1 Emanuelle Bellaguara, MD, Timothy Kuzel, MD, and Stephen Hanauer, MD ACG Case Rep J. 2017; 4: e112. Published online 2017 Oct 11. doi: 10.14309/crj.2017.112 PMCID: PMC5636906 PMID: 29043290

The Elderly

Mammal milk is required for enhanced phagocytosis as shown by research, especially in the elderly. Whole fat mammal milk can actually restore phagocytosis in senescent cells in the elderly. Phagocytosis, by which immune cells ‘eat’ bacteria or infected cells, is one of the mechanisms that help to resist infections. Lactic acid bacteria strains like acidophilus also increases phagocytosis.