Alternavita Daily – Is Boswellia As Effective As CBD Oil For Various Brain And Immune Disorders?

February 12, 2018© Daily Reflection: This is the perfection of a man, to find out his own imperfections. St. Augustine Is Boswellia As Effective As CBD Oil For Various Brain And Immune Disorders? The present study was aimed to investigate the effect of Boswellia on cognitive impairment associated with Type II Diabetes induced in rats by high fat/high fructose (HF/HFr) diet. Significant decrease Aβ deposits and p-tau positive cells after just three doses That is Alzheimer’s, PTSD and traumatic brain injury (sports injury) which are associated with both Aβ and tau deposits. Reverses high fructose and antibiotic induced injury The effect of 3 doses of BS extract and the reference drug on the behavioral, biochemical, histopathological and […]

Alternavita Daily- Lower Ammonia Levels

Alternavita Daily  January 29, 2019© Truth is not private property. St. Augustine Lower ammonia levels Hepatic encephalopathy Hepatic encephalopathy (HE), a disorder caused by a buildup of toxins in the brain that can happen with advanced liver disease. Hepatic encephalopathy starts when your liver gets damaged from conditions like chronic hepatitis, Reye’s syndrome, or cirrhosis. It doesn’t work right anymore, and toxins get into your bloodstream and travel to your brain, toxins build up there and cause the mental and physical symptoms of HE. There’s a lot of variety in the way HE affects people. Not everyone has the same symptoms. In some cases, the effects of hepatic encephalopathy start slowly and then get worse bit by bit, but […]

Alternavita Daily – Rid The Weight: What Works

Alternavita Daily January 26, 2019© It is no advantage to be near the light if the eyes are closed. St. Augustine Rid the weight  January is a time to rid the weight. What works Reverse Fatty Liver Lower inflammation with healthy fat Reverse insulin resistance Phagocytosis and Autophagy Improve Gut Health Eat = Repair, Rest = Digest A daily FAST diet will help reverse insulin resistance. Mct oil and vinegar will quickly begin eliminating belly fat associated with liver failure in a short time.  Changing your fatty acid composition in the blood will take about 120 days, about as much time as it takes to reverse insulin resistance PCOS. Mct oil which is a new product […]