Recipe/How To: How To Strain And Use Liquid Whey


Alternavita Magazine© Recipe/How To How To How To Strain And Use Liquid Whey Plus A Favorite Recipe To Optimize Nutritional Benefit With Vitamin C Liquid whey can be made by clabbering raw milk but the easiest way to collect whey is by straining any whole fat, all natural, no fillers yogurt through a strainer and filter to collect the liquid whey at the bottom of a bowl. Be sure to use a bowl that allows space below the strainer for the liquid whey to collect without reaching the bottom of the strainer. Kefir can also be used to make whey if it has been prepared first by culturing as a yogurt starter to achieve the thickness of a yogurt as kefir is too thin to strain. Place yogurt in a strainer with a filter; cheese cloth, doubled or a coffee filter and place on the counter for a few hours or cover with a plate and refrigerate overnight. If room temp. is over 70º it […]