The Fauci & Co. Files

Begin Here...... a few highlights of Fauci's long career in fraud beginning in the AIDS era.... includes confidential document with evidence as presented to legislatures worldwide including the US as late as 2016.

Highlights include proof that Fauci knew HIV was non identified ‘phenomena,’ was harmless and preventable and the hundreds of thousands of in hospital deaths after AZT as published in major medical publications so you can understand that EVERYONE knows not only the initial fraud but the fallout and still chooses to participate in mass murder. This includes officials, hospital administrators and medical personnel.

The Lottery Condition – When PCR Tests Harm

Alternavita: All you need to know….. by focusing exclusively on these foundational health and immune development issues up to 90% of chronic conditions can be eliminated. WHO STATEMENTS: 2017 Millennium Goal Breastfeeding, food (security) and water security (sanitation) are major protective factors against malnutrition and critical factors in the maturation of healthy gut microbiota, characterized […]

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Fauci's Fraud Post AIDS HIV Era

Post AZT and other antiretroviral drugs Fauci began pushing Remdesivir early in the CV19 scamdemic despite failed trials in numerous conditions. These notable failures producing serious adverse events and death have since been removed from Wiki.

You might also note in this video other iatrogenic causes of death for flu.

To date the greatest indicator of death during CV19 scamdemic remains to be in an institution.

The initial 80% death rate was due to treatment with anti depressants + fentanyl cocktail pre-op  ventilator which was a clinical directive and would precede treatment with Remdesivir.

There are virtually zero deaths associated with out patient treatment even in high risk and elderly.

Treatment modality is essentially with rapid detox components and not necessarily due to being an anti-viral.

  • HCQ Sulfate = sulfate is a rapid detox molecule producing accelerated clearance.
  • Quinine Sulfate (most efficacious) = sulfate is a rapid detox molecule producing accelerated clearance.
  • Vitamin C = rapid detoxifier, especially when combined with milk.
  • Zinc = in some instances rapid detox molecule
  • Ivermectin = produced from soil based bacteria = waste digester and possibly rapid antidote mode of action (B12).

All antiviral drugs produce the same dangerous results and should not be used in children, this includes Tamiflu and others.


Fauci's Fraud Post AIDS HIV Era

Fauci’s long career of death peddling post AIDS and HIV and beginning the SARS era which began over two decades ago as shown by thousands of patent applications. SARS is ‘owned’ by CDC.

It repeats what I have stated in previous posts, there is nothing ‘novel’ about SARS or CV19 and there never was. 

Every method of identification of any ‘viral’ outbreak was initiated to produce ‘death injections’ or as they used to be called ‘vaccines’. 

Systemic administration of any treatment is always a health security risk.

Patented Genocide.

Until you understand the injection was the cause for the virus you’ll never understand the motivations of big pharma, Fauci and the allopathic system.

Fauci’s Genocide

He continues backing the horse that is a guaranteed kill shot (Remdesivir).

A good overview video if you want to learn all of the databases that are collecting this info to explain all of the numbers you might see floating around, this particular one in the video is the collection of Medicare and Medicaid. DOD has the goods though (more deaths from injection in military as opposed to CV19). Other countries do too – a direct comparison pre and post death injection – death rate pre injection is 14%, death post injection rollout is 86% and this is in countries that don’t have US killer in hospital protocol (that helped inflate the numbers).

Urgent news we all must know. Dr. David Martin interview Vaccine Choice Canada

More if you want to follow the precise patent trail.

A few interesting items, one the origins of how he became involved in patent audits (yes patent info unveils a lot, especially about the patent holders) and two the actual amount of time this ‘drama’ has been in the making. Vaccine patents precede organism origin, how does that happen?