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My life isn’t an all consuming subject about health so I created The Breakfast Club.

This week, I’d highly recommend Dr. Peter McCullough, a well spoken insider from whom you can glean a lot of information.

I do not agree with the protocol (mab drugs are the new vaccine/money train), some are ok, some are extremely dangerous (there are about a gazillion of them so no I am not going there) but I guess if I was the average dumb American I’d go for it – it would not be long term and it definitely does not reach the unsafe levels of vaccines (or the majority of drugs being proposed). All he has in his arsenal is drugs so….

I believe some practice a certain amount of willful ignorance and are very careful about what they say publicly so he is never going to question foundational science regarding viruses, that is ‘do they even exist’….. now is probably not the time but two weeks after some hang for their crimes…. it is the TIME because this paradigm, they (majority of microbes) are not infectious but….. JUST ISN’T WORKING.

He basically admits vaccines/drugs activate latent (meaning not dangerous) passenger viruses (HIV). No shit Sherlock. Duesberg said that 30 years ago, hence the herpes outbreaks as well in people that never had them.

I guess sometimes you just have to say would you rather some were in or all were out and I’d rather have some like him who are willing to inch their way toward the front line from the inside rather than be out where they can do virtually nothing but write books…. and then get polarized and banned to outer Siberia.

Sometimes you have to take what you can get.

Unabated stress since Jan. is really, really getting to me, along with the long work hours. It’s taking its toll so I’m going to be heading out for some sun and a get away pretty soon.

How Long Have You Been A Witch?

Would it be possible to send something your way for comment? Thanks, and all the best, ‘Dolores’.” All it was missing was the giggle. Newsguard had found us. Some part of my mind knew something like this was coming, publishing was never going to be well received by the pharmaceutical industry (and its enablers). Still, I thought, I am a nobody… the site is small and just publishes the data that is already available to anyone who has a mind to look at it. Why would they bother? As our stats and twitter followers increased though it was bound to happen.

3 questions on who we are and who pays (no one, it’s volunteer), 2 to tell us they are displeased we don’t include a disclaimer and a full lie about what we claim about the reported injuries and deaths, 3 suggesting we doctor the data (we don’t) and one suggesting that an opinion from experience is untrue because there is no study to back it up…

Why are so many CDC/Wonder reports deleted without explanation? Why are they throttling their data weekly? Why would a report be in the data one week and then suddenly disappear the next? Why do they have no objective means for deciding what a signal actually is? Why does there appear to be only one scientist looking at the data at the CDC, Dr. Shimabukuro, and why is he deliberately obscuring it? (Subject of the next blog post we write).

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It’s getting harder for me to watch even the crafting videos I normally watch. Filled with those promoting the vaccines, incessantly…. after complaining how they make them feel like they are 150 years old (and then virtue signaling for being a genocide promoter….good grief Karen)…. after watching this video it got me to thinking… what is the fallout going to be when people start dropping dead like flies come next fall just like nearly every animal that was post immune challenged, post vaccine. And believe you me, animals have a much stronger gut/immune system than you do, considering they graze or come in contact with dead carcasses and dirty water. This horror show never ends. So anyway, that horrible thought was covered in this video…..

I think it is time to remember according to every WWII analysis ever done, Hitler’s biggest problem, where to hide all the bodies….


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