Summer Update – Healing Carpal Tunnel

Still recovering from carpal tunnel but slowly improving. I suspect I will be done with Chiro treatments by the end of this month. Have finally moved my office to a much improved ergonomic system and I am looking forward to being at a much more comfortable desk. A long delayed project as my dog really did require nearly all of my attention.

My job is going nicely although I am trying not to overwork my poor hand, arm, neck etc. by not typing and using the mouse so much. I did get a new ergonomic mouse which I must say is much more comfortable than the “Magic Mouse”. I am so grateful to be spending more time thinking creatively again!



I have removed the pain tonic recipe from the front page as I do not want to confuse people about my stance on the majority of herbal remedies which I do not use on a daily basis but for relatively safer pain relief I did need something to ensure a good nights sleep as this heals. I am no longer on it as I am improving at a much faster pace now, thankfully, as I hadn’t experienced that much pain in years and the nerve compression was quite severe.

For a no drug approach to carpal tunnel that also works;

It will still be available for a while as I truly don’t like disclaimer supplements, yeah it works but….. why bother with all of that hassle when you already have an arsenal that does it all and one that never harmed anyone and never would. So again, yes it works but short term use only please as it is still based on the old ways of thinking, no, one does not try to balance the immune system like a teeter totter by suppressing one arm while hoping the other is not affected (it does not work that way in the optimally balanced system). Again for a severe injury such as mine, it worked but no I will not be using an immune suppressor for long term.

Summer is winding down and while it has been hard to even hold my camera I have been out to enjoy nature again as well now that my dog no longer requires constant care. Next trip I will have to remember forget the heavy lens!

I still miss him terribly on my treks through the woods but his sister can still walk pretty well as my other beloved companion and she often tags along to keep me company.

Enjoy each day as fall is fast approaching! And happy healing!