Personal Friends Of Alternavita

Important message to personal friends of Alternavita:

Since I am no longer on social media, I am using this blog to send an important message to personal friends. In trying to auto delete my junk email folder on a regular basis I did not realize the setting was for junk/inbox. When I was searching for a message, learned that all messages sent more than 30 days ago were deleted. This means I may no longer have your personal email address. So if you happen to see this I hope you will shoot me a new email. I got a new more secure email client and hope that training and managing my various accounts will become much easier.

If you recently purchased any product via PayPal I also may no longer have the notification from PayPal so if there are any problems with your digital order please contact me here.

Secondly, before I left FB I forgot to collect a VIP address to send a gift. M.G. you know who you are, you can either send it here or find me on Gab, I hope to reconnect soon.

Lastly I am still number one on Google for FDA warning for recommending an ozonator to clean both indoor air and water. A badge I will wear with distinction as I have yet to be refuted via any published research on NIH or Pubmed regarding the natural science published about ozone or UV in eliminating 99% of pathogens and/or contaminants.