News Update VI

This interview contains info on how to present a liability form to protect yourself against forced injections.

Otherwise I’ll let him speak for himself but discrepancies are still discrepancies and there are still major discrepancies in both stories regarding the original outbreak and the injections. They are not one and the same. The pathology itself isn’t even close. You don’t go from only little old ladies in Milan being affected by origin number one and dying mostly by drugs and ventilator combos to  children and young people getting strokes with number two and try to claim they are essentially the same.

The original papers are still out there and I guess people can just go read them for themselves to see how hard they had to work with to date no original sample from patient zero lab leak or not and a two country so called culture and isolation in which they had to work very hard to achieve infecting anything. You can see how many amplifications they used with PCR and it is still a genetic snippet sequence.

He’s entitled to his voice but there are more holes in even this viral story than there are in others. Even the original SARS has major flaws. There hasn’t been one hospital case where the outcome isn’t entirely different from non hospitalized so for him to say go to the hospital to get a real test….. come on.

He’s holding on to a reputable reputation and theory that isn’t there, not today, not yesterday. If so, find and send me the paper where the patient/cells weren’t poisoned with something before the ‘viral infection’ appeared whether it be arsenic, e coli, DDT,  kerosene, gasoline, opium, peyote, agent orange, H2S, an anti microbial, radiation, alcohol, steroid or some other toxin that causes uncontrolled cell death. It isn’t there.

I also think lab leak being so called verified now is conjecture because again if bio weapon it wasn’t a very good one if it skipped whole populations in heavily polluted areas to land in a group of old people in Milan who even then didn’t suffer death unless hospitalized or institutionalized. New York same story, I remind you, 80% death rate, even though the so called ‘virus’ landed in Washington state. Now considered malpractice in class action lawsuits.

The injection is an entirely different bio weapon because people are going to the hospital near death with strokes or dying an unexpected death at home.

I mean you can turn on the scanner or read the obits yourself. You can read the EMT accounts worldwide. The correlation between hospital and death and ‘cases’ is only there post testing.

The correlation between injection and death or serious adverse event is pre hospital.

You’re also going to statistically find the steep incline in deaths or serious disability post injection REGARDLESS of age. That’s a bona fide result for correlation and cause.

And yet they claim it is the same ‘genetic snippet sequence.’

Still two completely different stories and outcomes with people making a hell of a lot of jumps to reach plausible.

Reconcile. You can’t.

This time (2021) dead men speak and death will tell the tale.

Get your liability for personal injury form and give it to whoever is coercing or threatening you. That is pretty much the only thing of value in that almost entire non sequitur interview. We already know masks don’t work, we already know what happens in the flu, the majority die of pneumonia not the flu strain itself. You could reduce that to near zero as well if someone really wanted to.

Something the Catholic church is also pulling off quite well regarding culpability to excuse ramifications and personal liability regarding the injections. The mechanism of action hasn’t changed in MRNA injections just by calling it new technology. If your mother or anyone else says you should get it, or face any type of punishment;  hand them the form. Some should just be put on notice that they hold a special place in society as defacto defenders of justice. I would present the liability form to the pharmacy or anywhere else promoting them if I see any subtle threat or coercion, including a sign which is essentially a commercial promoting something that isn’t true.

I personally constructed my own religious exemption using paragraphs from catechism, what they were I don’t actually remember but they were irrefutable. One might have had to do with experiments and parental authority. There was more than one. I got no argument at that time but I really think they would be more likely to demand your head on a platter in this climate. I don’t think they would honor it because they are lost, stupid and will only obey force or a threat to their own livelihood. Unfortunately, just the way it is today.

Just commentary urging you to check in to personal liability form for your own protection. Sharing personal stories about my own experiences behind enemy lines in two very touch and go situations that I was drawn in to unexpectedly. One had a very bad outcome eventually for which I can’t help but feel responsible in some ways. The other is still in progress and unless things change at the corporation I’m not expecting a better outcome but I am hoping for one.

Sorry I’m quiet. Very rainy and cool here today. Pressure must be low I had a headache.


2/3 of abortions are performed in hospitals. They’re ok with it. They don’t quit. If they’re ok with that in the building, it’s only prudent to presume they are ok or at least blinded to whatever other atrocities might go on. If you really hate something, you oppose it or you quit. Otherwise, you’re for it.

There is no other way to see it. It’s their culture and when you enter that culture; you’re confined. They can’t have it both ways and neither can you.

May 28th 2021.

Cause still means cause. Probable still means probable. Something from nothing still doesn’t exist. A still comes before B. Unique still means unique. Non living things still don’t have potential, they have properties. Profound, unique universal events in human kind are still unique and rare. Actually there are about 3 maybe 4 if you count mass apostasy from truth or objectivity.

Some things however never change (numbers)(math) and are still highly probable. 80/20. One out of twelve. Golden ratio. Weights and measures. Base pairs. If you can’t count you’re screwed; probably even more so than if you can’t communicate but if you can’t draw conclusions/patterns from numbers; you are lost and you will always be taken advantage of.

There are still a few in the world who don’t want to see that. 80% though, I wouldn’t trust because of what they profess so language does have meaning, it does translate in to action but it still doesn’t hold a candle to math. Where your treasure is; your heart will be also. Treasure has value, value is math or measure. 

If I show someone who is not colorblind a red ball and they say it is blue, they will still act upon what they just professed because there is always an output (fruit). At that point I exit, as would any six year old because universally minus a defect/delusion a red ball is universally understood. It doesn’t matter what group; I exit when I see a direct contradiction to sensible truth. I don’t sit around and debate or hope, I assume that eventually they are going to act upon that nonsense because that is where the probability lies.

In this particular mess, I don’t see them (meaning the power centers) minding that lab created bio weapon? info/story getting out whether true or not regarding the original event (and I still just call it an event because there is virtually nothing to claim it is something else) because that lab leak info will simply cause more fear and panic when they are now losing that particular control in getting people to line up for bio weapon number two which is a real something with real physical outcomes in an exponential incline trajectory: the murder by suicide injection. 

Face it, most people would never consider Anthony Fauci to be anything other than America’s Doctor so they would never even look at his past. Never. They forgot HIV testing was mandatory in the entire population using illegitimate tests until liability somehow, somewhere popped up.

I don’t see them minding promoting another bullshit story at all when all roads lead to the same end (in both events). So far those are the only numbers that are still  predictable outcomes. Injection with a deadly drug, hospital or institutionalized.

Just like AIDS. It might as well be the 1980’s. Actually I’m surprised it isn’t because boomers and post boomers are in a perpetual state of arrested development. They love their re-treads. Same story, part one through four. Same clothes, same art. Same crappy music. Same malls, same stores, same food, same coffee. Same ineffectual results. Actually that is courtesy of the freemasons and modernists (whatever adjective you care to toss in there, all the same under comm/ heading) all leading to one religion singing John Lennon Imagine but I digress because obviously it worked and you can’t shake them out of their hypnotic stupor. The thought that it actually could go on for another 6000 years kind of boggles the mind but it has. I guess that is what happens when you empty your head in  a permanent state of unconsciousness.

I’m projecting 70-80% will be heading down the yellow brick road whether by hook or crook without some miraculous intervention.

Tread carefully, you’re among snakes in the swamp. They’ve all been let loose on you.

Dr. Peter McCullough – The Entire Pandemic Was About the Injection

Stakeholders want compulsory vaccines because they are losing their shirts over failed pharmaceuticals, including vaccines. You probably shouldn’t kill your patients with the average on 5-9 drugs in US and Europe. That’s the average, I’ve seen it as high as 68 prescriptions for one patient and nobody stepped in.


Natural News Caves To An Indirect Threat – And He Has Guns – But Does He Have  Weapons?

Claiming it is better to keep HIS voice than be shut down. It wasn’t an actual authority just a group of thugs with a telephone. He was calling for court ordered executions (you can convene a citizen jury tomorrow and do that) and claims that when the American people are decimated enough they’ll wake up. It’s the same spiel that is passed along by others (they count on it)…. when the great awakening comes (you have the power to wake up your own f-ing mind to truth, THAT’S a comfortable excuse)…. 
They have eyes, they can see.

At some point you have to quit giving some cultures a pass and quit making excuses for them
That’s not charity and the enemy depends on your misguided charity to drag them to hell. And they’ll gladly take you with them.
They have eyes, they can see.
No one is really blind to natural law.
You would think Natural News could figure that one out.
Wake up Mike, (your liberal/libertarian pants are down), it’s population murder/suicide to inject anyone or any living thing with RNA/DNA altering chimeric cannibalistic substances or take any substance in direct opposition to natural law and until you get that through your head, you’re not only blind as a fucking bat yourself, you’re toast. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a cannibalistic culture but their brains are pretty much not there and whatever is left is leaking out their spine. That’s 101, you can’t condone that, even by choice. Any population that does, you should be highly suspect of whatever they are doing, selling, putting in their food, their pet food, their drinks, whatever, you can’t even trust what they grow. That’s why it is called hazardous waste. That’s why they can’t donate their plasma now, it’s not safe. That’s why Luc Montaigner is calling for their incineration after they die, like the cows in UK. If you think Belgium, Israel, Italy, France, the US, China, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, Mexico, India, Brazil, Russia, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Japan or any DOD or medical association including the Red Cross in the world didn’t know any of this…..if you think the Catholic Church didn’t know this….if you think the Muslims, the Jews or the Protestants or the Buddhists, or the Hindus or even the freaking pagans or some Amazonian forest dweller or even my freaking dog didn’t know this…..well….. yes…. they do.…..

Enjoy your roasted marshmallows, they’re about as soft as your brain and your balls.

There aren’t that many cultures who condone/foster/sell/evangelize/coerce/promote/deceive/force to put in your body what you wouldn’t give to a pig. 


I wish these so called digital soldiers would quit drawing their imaginary lines in the sand. It’s getting old. That’s a demon move that you have to be so politely legalistic when you know you’re physical body is being threatened (you have a right to self defense no matter where you are standing). When you can’t even protect your children, from a wolf. Wait for the court, that’s a Pharisee move if ever there was one and the doctors themselves are sorry they fell for it because people died when they know they had autonomy to act. “I can’t treat anybody for the phantasm flu with a safe (soil based probiotic anti parasitic) drug without permission but I can use fentanyl, an anti depressant and a ventilator. Bend over, please, I have to swab your butt now”. They knew from the start they could use Ivermectin off label or HCQ.

They are liars from the beginning, then as now and they lie to themselves most of all. And if you keep pretending we have 7 billion to spare and you can afford to be knee deep in bodies while they arouse themselves from slumber, to figure out what my dog knows, you like them, keep comforting yourself with lies. They have eyes, they’re awake, they can see fine. They can even see in the dark like any wolf. They just don’t want to. If you weren’t so pathetically feminine weak you would’ve already sharpened your sword, Mike. You wouldn’t even be in this position. It’s all you people that say, we have to debate this, there is NO debate. They take your hesitancy because you don’t know right from wrong truthfully and they weaponize it against you.  George Washington didn’t have that problem, he also didn’t have a lot of bullets, men or time to waste. He knew what he was fighting for and it was a real fight. Not this digital soldier crap. The battle of the minds, good luck with that, the minds don’t know which way is up. Otherwise they wouldn’t be lining up to kill themselves in droves. And when you point their eyes glaze over. I’ve listened to all of you in cacophony choir since 2009, I really have, you haven’t left your chair and neither has anyone glued to your voice. You haven’t moved the ball one inch. Maybe that was by design. It worked for FB, YouTube, tv, radio, why not (programming), the illusion of more choices and voices. Doesn’t that end up being like 81 million gods and you never know which lucky charm to choose? It worked so well, the church took it up, you can worship on tv from the comfort of your arm chair. It emptied the pews. And the only thing left for them to wonder is how to break the spell. I guess some can afford to wander around for another 6000 years wondering, pondering life’s eternal Questions.  Quit worrying about your voice Mike, so far it’s keeping them in their seats. Probably as planned.

Digital soldiers shoot blanks. Nothing works until you take that ball and kick it.

Follow the ideas. One world religion is no religion (that is a freemason concept and yeah, some Catholics are all on board with that). Under God minus Christ and the Holy Spirit is anti Christ. No Creator is communism (you created/conceived yourself from a monkey or other identity of your choice). Not that hard.

90% of the world is ruled by morally bankrupt terrorists. Just like Our Lady Of Fatima predicted.

Proceed accordingly.

Live not the lie. 

FDA and CDC Knew

Big surprise there. 

I don’t know that it is comforting, it is worldwide.

They’re morally bankrupt, not blind, they can’t care for themselves in any true sense of the word.

I’ll tell you where the balls are. At the gym wearing pink underwear getting buff to preen, hoping for the bend over swab date with their master because real love comes with responsibility.

Or sitting home watching porn, in between video games like playing digital soldier. Even the real ones (and by real I include the church militant) are effeminate and brain dead. They both signed up and lined up to obey an illegal order, leaving you almost completely defenseless. Historically only some armies have suicide bombers in their military code. I’ll leave it up to you to study history (including the inter agencies that employ that method). That’s stupid twice over. It’s not a cultural thing, it’s stupid and stupid is as stupid does. 

The so called front line doctors, they walk out the door; it ends tomorrow, leaving the emperor with no clothes. This is medical and scientific tyranny in a poison apple after all and Sleeping Beauty doesn’t look like she’s going to wake up anytime soon. I suspect they’d pull a Natural News when presented with that possibility more than they’d live up to their oath. They could be real heroes for a change. All of a sudden we’d all be on the same side. I don’t have that power, you don’t have that power, but right now they do. I suspect they’ll wait for the lawyers to give them permission the way this story is playing out (I believe you have the right to self defense) but I hope not. I hope they’ve seen enough (I know I sure have) and realize they can’t participate in this mass genocide murder/suicide drink the Kool Aid one more day. If you look at the war like ideology behind this so called trap/choice, you’ll commit suicide and mass murder for us at the same time by trickery. Now that is an ancient serpent. A three headed snake; all rooted in apostasy. I’m sure that is not by accident either, it’s an unholy trinity if you know the way the big guy thinks. Truly evil.

Then as now, Eve is on her own. I’ll remind you, Adam committed 8 sins, Eve committed 5.

And they both had higher intellect (IQ) than you’ll ever see.

They walk out the door; it ends tomorrow, leaving the emperor with no clothes.

In the meantime I’d be protecting myself with the only known antidote on earth to protect RNA/DNA before they take that away too. Baby formula with HMO’s might regulate the hyper inflammation but I can’t guarantee that. If I got the shot (any of them), I wouldn’t be breastfeeding because these people are just lowest of the low; dirty evil snakes.

For once, I’ve never asked you people for anything (every word I’ve ever passed on from the good ones worldwide, and that is always what it comes down to (integrity), who definitely saw this day coming, is free for the taking if you care to look) but find a pair, and share and care. They have been granted the power, will they use it for good?

Judging by statistics, which I do because numbers don’t lie you may think most probably certain things are fairy tales. There is no such thing as a fairy tale. You personally (meaning as a person) have never had an original thought/story. Two paths, one way. Nothing new about it, what you believe is irrelevant. You weren’t given a choice, you were made an offer unless the natural law suddenly is a fairy tale too and you can’t deny that or you would be denying the nature of your own existence. This is a natural science site after all. I don’t think you’re that intellectually bankrupt, there is no other way to see it.

80/20. 80% will take or be led down the wrong path unless the ones granted the most power right now will ACT and take down the two thrones of medical and scientific tyranny that they themselves are quickly becoming (strangled by) enslaved by. 

Unless they want tests that are designed to wipe out populations via genetic snippets. Some of them are fine with that, truth be told.

But the origin of that ideology/idea only comes from one place. The SEAT of the anti Christ and no it is not the Pope (bordering on heretical statements and actions notwithstanding). (He knows full well the line). Catholics don’t claim they have special genes, only human ones.

Graphs don’t lie. Inclines are not curves. 

1-13% actual reported totals, mortality.

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