Finishing Touches

Now that Immune For Life is live, a few changes to the blog. Amazon requires exclusive content, most magazine sales have been discontinued. If you purchased them and can’t find download, contact.

An ebook will probably be coming in the future. Print on demand makes paperbacks expensive (Amazon set the minimum price at $47 for full color glossy paperback) and while my goal was always to reach the most people it wasn’t to take this knowledge out of anyone’s reach so I reserved the most beneficial info in one publication that the average person can understand and follow (Daily Program – Incredible Milk).

A few final thoughts;

I am not a writer. I did take journalism classes many, many years ago but it wasn’t long before I knew, this is not for me. I did eventually end up in a newspapers and publishing in my pre-design-career but not as a writer. I felt an obligation to share knowledge that helped me and many others, not to win a Pulitzer. I am very happy to return to my creative life and I look forward to having more time to focus on that.

*Bovine colostrum is naturally a polyclonal antibody product. Antibodies against endotoxins are also contained in the natural spectrum of antibodies from bovine colostrum.

I could probably go on for another 5 years saying ‘I told you so’… or relaying the latest research hoping to convince the stragglers that were likely never going to be convinced regardless. I could have went on for a thousand more pages regarding this research on the gut and natural oral immune therapy but the most pertinent info that will likely never become outdated (hasn’t yet for over one hundred years) is included in the book and in the library.

Why I began with WHO statement?

Like all behemoth bureaucratic agencies WHO doesn’t move often or without cause and they have now switched to a NEW paradigm with their Millennium Development Goal (actually it is a pretty old paradigm, they knew this 6000 years ago on every intellectual level, but new age to some who will surely claim it as new discovery faster than Marco Polo in a speed boat). Ok, you have your gig I have mine, got it, yes I suppose it is important to keep studying (especially regarding antiquated testing) but only when you  understand the right purpose for that knowledge is to apply it to help people (natural oral immune therapy was always more along the lines of functional foods (including colostrum and breastmilk) than drugs, luckily the Japanese got it right and skipped the regulatory circus regarding GcMaf, making them light years ahead on this subject. These conditions do affect them greatly as they were among the first countries to engage in widespread use and mass marketing of formula feeding around 1910). I  focused on the last two centuries regarding the greatest societal impact affecting most mammals.

It is too hard.

No, it is not. Actually the problem is that it is too simple (it takes time yes but no more time than the average optimal feeding and weaning time for any infant dependent upon their inherent state to prepare them for life), and people prefer complicated for reasons I won’t go in to. Just think of it this way, getting daily exercise is as hard as you make it but after a while it becomes a habit and you begin to actually feel worse without your habit. Learn to prefer a good habit that will spill over in to all areas of your life, including your mental state (learn the signs of malnutrition from poor or immature microbiota not rescued by diet first and don’t put the chicken before the egg).

I was jaded by a lifetime of failed treatments so convincing myself became paramount. You shouldn’t be too impressed by that, most discovery ends up being more a process of elimination. After you’ve removed all the hay needles, it is only then the silver needle becomes painfully obvious. My only talent if you can call it that is that I am a melancholic temperament, in which a beneficial trait is the ability to see the big picture and I could quickly eliminate that which no longer applied as any issue of importance to the big picture. Once I could reasonably ignore something as a factor of importance, I did and most of the time I only got more confirmation that I was right to do so.

Do I care to go on investigating how much e coli is winding up in our food and water as secondary risk factors, no, I already know the impact is great enough across large swaths of the population to mention and so does WHO which is why they stress food and water security. (Ozonator is a must to insure clean, drug free, drinking water). Water is most likely contaminant, even in hospitals (catheters, syringes etc). Only you know how sanitary your living environment is. I also already know the extent that chronic antibiotic and drug use is exacerbating the effects of poor sanitation in some areas.

In addition there were and still ARE various and numerous dangerous medical mythologies on the internet that required challenge to ensure public safety (a task that could continue to infinity due to diet extremists pushing more ‘infection control’ more malnutrition and future gut/immune problems, not less). They breed like flies, impossible to keep up with. I guess people have to figure some things out themselves but in the presence of poor microbiota diet will only offer minimal benefit, usually resulting in more elimination, more gut/immune issues and will not cure SAM (severe acute malnutrition) or SIBO. Diet benefits are an extension of a healthy immune system.

My goal was to save people from having to repeat my many mis-steps and undertake this form of natural oral immune therapy, macrophage activation, restoring tolerance, gut and immune health and alleviating SAM (severe acute malnutrition) and oxidative stress in the easiest way possible throughout their lifetime, even if like me, they didn’t get it from the start. And so I hope I did at least achieve that. I know that most of the time people do the best they can, and so did I.

Don’t sweat the details and do it until you get there.

The majority of you will.