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Colostrum Goes Bio Tech

Why are drug makers turning toward bovine colostrum?

Diarrheal diseases are a leading cause of death and resulting malnutrition globally. Hospital associated diarrheal conditions also contribute to poor health outcomes.

Rotavirus is a leading cause of diarrhea deaths, followed by Shigella and Salmonella. Among children under 5 years old, the three aetiologies responsible for the most deaths were rotavirus, Cryptosporidium, and Shigella. Diarrheal disease aetiology separate from overall diarrheal mortality includes enteric adenovirus, Aeromaons, Entamoeba histolytica (amoebiasis), Campylobacter enteritis (Campylobacter), cryptosporidiosis (Cryptosporidium), typical enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (tEPEC), enterotoxigenic E coli (ETEC; both ST and LT), norovirus, non-typhoidal Salmonella, rotaviral enteritis (rotavirus), shigellosis (Shigella) and Vibrio cholerae.

The leading risk factors for diarrhea include: unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene which in turn may result in serious malnutrition syndromes.

Diarrheal resultant conditions may include endotoxemia and hemolytic uremic syndrome

Endotoxemia is a critical component in the development of hemolytic uremic syndrome in a mouse model that closely mimics the condition in humans. Since this condition is caused by the ingestion of E. coli strains that express both a toxin (Shiga-like toxin 2) and LPS, oral administration of colostrum will treat and ameliorate the disease. Bovine colostrum ameliorates diarrhea in infection with diarrheogenic E. coli, Shiga toxin-producing E. coli and E. coli expressing intimin and hemolysin, it supports wound healing and also the regeneration of damaged intestinal mucosa.

*Traveler’s diarrhea is usually caused by Escherichia coli.

Mucosa-associated adherent, invasive Escherichia coli (E. coli), which are pro-inflammatory and resistant to killing by mucosal macrophages, may be associated with the pathogenesis of CD (Crohn’s Disease).

During malnutrition, endotoxemia impairs immune cell function leading to recurrent infections and accelerates the development of AIDS.

Probiotics and pre-biotics prevent diarrheal disease

Probiotics in combination with pre-biotics have become an important means of preventing and treating disease. Several types of diarrhea have been successfully treated with probiotics. This practice, however, may represent only the “tip of the iceberg” because the potential benefits of probiotic therapy promise to be almost limitless. Research to fully realize this potential must focus on the following areas:

• the identification of strains of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus that can withstand passage through the gastrointestinal tract

• the identification of probiotic species and strains that are effective against specific disease processes or for the prevention of disease

• the investigation of mechanisms of probiotic action

• the identification of additional compounds that will enhance the growth of probiotic organisms (eg, the development of more effective and safer pre-biotics and selection or development of strains that will adhere to the intestinal mucosal cells in the population at large to allow for true colonization and growth

Antibiotic use is detrimental for long term outcomes

Exposure to antibiotics early in life, maternally or via the food chain, can have a large effect on gut microbiota, disturbing its composition and functionality, which in turn can disrupt gut barrier function and lead to influx bacterial fragments into blood. As a result, low-grade chronic inflammation and metabolic endotoxemia are produced, affecting host metabolism and insulin resistance. This microbiota alteration in early life has long-lasting effects on bodyweight in adulthood; epidemiological studies have shown that early exposure to antibiotics is associated with an increased risk of obesity and metabolic disorders later in life. Those microbiota bacteria are important for body homeostasis, by participating in the digestive process, energy regulation, SCFA production, vitamin synthesis, protection against pathogenic microorganisms, and modulation of the immunologic system.

Bovine Colostrum Increases Colonization Of Probiotics 52 Fold 

An ideal probiotic would be one that can survive passage through the gastrointestinal tract, establish itself permanently in the small intestine and colon, and provide a specific health benefit for the host by eliciting an immune response. Bovine colostrum is a rich source of bioactive components which are important in the development of the intestine, in stimulating gut structure and function and in preparing the gut surface for subsequent colonization of microbes. Nutritional intake may influence the intestinal epithelial glycome and in turn the available attachment sites for bacteria. In a study released in 2019, researchers tested the hypothesis that bovine colostrum may influence the intestinal cell surface and in turn the attachment of commensal organisms. Human HT-29 intestinal cells were exposed to a bovine colostrum fraction (BCF) rich in free oligosaccharides. The adherence of several commensal bacteria, comprising mainly bifido bacteria, to the intestinal cells was significantly enhanced (up to 52-fold) for all strains tested which spanned species that are found across the human lifespan.

Adhesion of pathogens reduced

Importantly, the changes to the HT-29 cell surface did not support enhanced adhesion of the enteric pathogens tested.

Bovine colostrum results in increased phagocytosis and reduced bacterial and viral load in 24 hours independent of immune factors

Researchers evaluated the effects on the innate immune system after exposure to a consumable low-molecular weight fraction colostrum of immunoglobulin depleted bovine colostrum whey. Colostrum treatment resulted in a rapid increase in phagocytosis. Reduced bacterial and viral loads were observed in lungs within 24 h. Viral load was also reduced when colostrum was introduced intranasally. The data suggest that the support of antimicrobial immune defense mechanisms and maturation of antigen-presenting cells in vitro translates to protection in vivo when the colostrum product is introduced across mucosal membranes.

In conclusion

Specific probiotics when used in conjunction with bovine colostrum as a prebiotic supports their use in diarrheal and resulting conditions such as endotoxemia and hemolytic uremic syndrome.

A Healthy Microbiome Is Necessary To Prevent SIBO

Secondary Risk Factors (see primary risk factors)

• Normal gut flora may provide several beneficial effects to the host. These include fermentation of un-digested dietary residue and endogenous mucus producing short chain fatty acids, which are nutrients to the colonic epithelial cells and conservation of energy, absorption of NaCl and water, particularly from the right colon, synthesis of vitamin K, control of epithelial cell proliferation, protection against pathogens by a barrier effect and training of the immune system.

• Secondary deficiency of disaccharidases (e.g., lactase) is well known in patients with SIBO. Lactase deficiency is an immune deficiency. This results in maldigestion of carbohydrates such as lactulose, sucrose and sorbitol. Fermentation of carbohydrates leads to formation of short chain fatty acids like acetic acid, propionic acid and butyric acid.

• Other causes include immunodeficiency conditions, such as common variable immunodeficiency, IgA deficiency, and hypogammaglobulinemia.

• E. coli is commonly isolated in patients with bacterial overgrowth. Certain species of bacteria are more commonly found in aspirates of the jejunum taken from patients with bacterial overgrowth.

Non diarrheal factors, food poisoning and other prebiotics

Some related, though nondiarrheal, situations involving the effects of probiotics on bacterial overgrowth. In patients with chronic kidney failure, there is often a bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine, resulting in toxins. These toxic compounds were significantly lower in patients treated with 2 strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus, resulting in a significantly better quality of life. Of public health importance, Campylobacter jejuni shedding in broiler chicks was all but eliminated by the administration of L. acidophilus. C. jejuni is often the cause of food poisoning in humans.

Other pre-biotics

Lactulose has been used clinically to provide symptomatic relief in severe liver disease. Specifically, it lowers blood ammonia concentrations and prevents the development of hepatic encephalopathy. Because bifidobacteria and other colonic organisms metabolize lactulose, colonic contents become acidic, converting NH3 to NH4+, which serves to draw the NH3 from the blood to the colon. NH4+ is then excreted in the feces.

Subjects receiving fructooligosaccharides or inulin per day had higher hydrogen and methane outputs in their breath than did subjects fed sucrose. Fecal short-chain fatty acid concentrations (eg, acetic, propionic, and butyric acids) did not change significantly. Raffinose ingestion, a naturally occurring sugar consisting of one molecule each of glucose, galactose, and fructose, resulted in a decrease in fecal pH, an increase in the short-chain fatty acid content, and an increase in Lactobacillus ssp. counts in rats.

Why galactose?

Without galactose (a simple milk sugar disaccharide, glucose and lactose) the immune system can not ‘see’. B-galactosidase, also called lactase is important for organisms as a key provider in the production of energy and a source of carbons through the break down of lactose to galactose and glucose.

The lactase enzyme, which has the same function of beta-gal helps digest dairy. Galactosidase treatment is a common first stage modification of the three major subtypes of Gc protein to GcMAF (a popular and effective immune therapy treatment).


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“I will tell you what’s been happening for me. I opted to stay on Reishi instead of the Champex because it’s what I have on hand in abundance. I modified SIBO recipe so I wouldn’t gag – the bicarb and mom mixed with a little water in a shot glass, followed by filling the shot glass with more water to get it all and then a glass of water. I was unplugged within a week this way. I don’t have the zinc powder so I will add that later. Started the peppermint last week, Heather’s brand that has also ginger and fennel. I am having bowel movements two to three times a day now. No more IBS cycle! OMG (Alternavita), I do not ever remember a time in my life when I had regular bm’s! Soft, brown, not mucousy, no more “pellets” and no more feeling like I’m dying (literally it was that bad) every time I have a bowel movement! Nausea is also FINALLY gone after 4 years of the worst morning nausea and stomach pains. I can THINK and I mean really think. Everyone is telling me I look and sound better than ever. Your protocol WORKS. Bottom line. I cannot thank you enough for your work, a true humanitarian. All MS symptoms are gone, zero pain level, just a tad bit of fatigue, but I expect that will get better also. You are a Godsend and don’t you ever feel otherwise and never give up!!!” From M.B.
I know you are off the grid, but I wanted to give you an update. I’ve been very sick for five years. I’ve been doing exactly what you told me to do for about six or eight weeks now. I’m beginning to have improvements that are noticeable. I am so excited I almost don’t want to comment on it for fear it will be fleeting. Today, I grocery shopped, went to Walmart, cared for my kids, and am still up and about. I’m tired and exhausted but I DID these things. It’s a flipping miracle. I’ve been in bed for so long. I just wanted to thank you. I’m hoping this progress continues. Thanks again!!!!!! From H.C.
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“I want to go on record to say that you have helped me in my healing journey by clarifying healing protocols for me, and by continuing to inform me about the latest and most pertinent information on chronic disease. Your clear dedication to serving others through your impassioned continuing research benefits many and is deeply appreciated.” From B.G.
“You were always very honest and recommended only the things you tested yourself or you had documented info about :); your info is always reliable and with a good research in the background; I liked a lot your way of presenting the things… neutral…and the advice to listen to our own bodies :); I love you (Alternavita) for that” from A.H.
“You have been a friend and mentor. Through some very bad and hard health issues. You have been very generous with sharing your research. You research to no end. Across the board you research and dig so deep find these links. To help us. Your kindness to help people is endless. You deal with only facts. Your passion is so touching. You have such a rare kind soul. And honestly that is so rare. You are Dear to my heart. And I thank you!” From Annette V.

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