Dr. Peter Duesberg’s Vindication During Covid 19

Dr. Peter Duesberg

Dr. Peter Duesberg’s Vindication During Covid 19

Are you being treated to the same plot line that developed during the last century where you had to fear a virus more than you had to fear what was going on right under your nose as a critical infrastructure crisis?

Now that CV19 has been found in waste water and is being considered a possible diagnostic tool, it might serve you well to remember recent history.

They did the same thing in Polio epidemic which made everyone afraid of swimming pools when Polio virus wild type is actually quite common in water as are about a trillion gazillion others. People don’t know history. What you should be afraid of is a poor infrastructure and the chemicals/drugs that end up in water along with e coli because that is what produced the highest deaths – pneumonia and diarrhea – in the pre cancer era. People constantly breathed kerosene and gasoline was a waste product that went right down the sewer. Food markets were a disaster – poor sanitation. Water treatment barely existed and today’s are antiquated to deal with drugs and chemicals/plastics. So this whole charade may only be bringing to light the malfeasance and neglect that has been going on. What is CV19, diarrhea, pneumonia and then they make up a disease so they can vaccinate you and distract from their malfeasance because infrastructure is costly and the radar tells me they know it. The organisms are NOTHING compared to the chromosome damage. And what did you do, you chose Fauci & Co. Crime Syndicates (because he looks like such a nice guy) over the one who likely knew that and was working on the cure for cancer (aneuploidy – aneuploidy is the second major category of chromosome mutations in which chromosome number is abnormal) because as diarrhea and pneumonia deaths dropped, cancer began to shoot up like a rocket so now you have all three, pneumonia, diarrhea and cancer. And a suspicious virus, that hasn’t really fulfilled Koch’s postulate in a human and is being tested for by the same PCR tests that are qualitative but not quantitative according to the inventor, Dr. Kary Mullis and for which 7 billion people must be vaccinated to return to work, shop, education or any life as we know it. FOOLS. Duesberg looked like a nice guy too. Only difference he was a nice, ethical and a SMART guy who tried to stop it as Inspector General of NIH. 

And you chose crime and corruption over truth so rot it in it. You banished him to his little lab in Germany because he demanded scientific integrity, where he is being vindicated daily by what is right under your f-ing nose.

The Old Switcheroo

Ladies and gentlemen, we have seen this playbook before.

Watch one hand so you don’t see what the other hand is doing?

Why has a major infrastructure package suddenly becoming so important in the US?

Well aside from the drugs, plastics, chemicals, e coli and other major pollutants, general collapse and century old malfeasance of ignoring the real problems, who knows.

My point, don’t be so sure you can blame yet another ‘mystery virus’.

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Prisoner's Dilemma?

What we really have here is a Prisoner’s Dilemma (game theory).

China is going to have to finally cough up the truth/blame in some court or another or pay for the lie/crime. 

You want to keep being held hostage for a lie?

China isn’t going to pay the bill, nobody can pay the ransom and it’s ALL going to come out in one court or another. 

So everyone’s in their own prisoner’s dilemma right now, do you want the truth (to be set free), that you are about to be snookered again for a 7 billion dollar bill on the subscription plan or do you want to starve? 

If you think any country, employer, taxpayer is going to foot the bill to keep propping up this lie/scandal/corruption for eternity you are sadly mistaken. 

See Africa, namely Tanzania.

The chickens may have finally come home to roost.