Chapter 7 – The Gut Liver Axis

Chapter 7 – The Gut Liver Axis.

Brief overview of the gut liver axis as it relates to SIBO, H2S, IBD, detoxification, gc protein and endotoxemia. Also covered, e coli and macrophage activation, endotoxins and bio sludge hazards (poor sanitation dangers introduction).

New premium video content. New informative and excellent vaccine videos also covering CV19 vaccines answering the basic questions are vaccines, effective, safe or moral. And scammers and stalkers out there, pretty scary.

Apologies, I don’t know what it is about videos but I have an easier time speaking in front of a crowd than on video. I meant to say regarding foundational claims that you can’t possibly claim a safety benefit for inventing the world’s first accident free car if the car doesn’t perform its primary objective = movement. Therefore if the foundational argument relating to the objective is false it makes other claims false or fraudulent and therefore immoral so it is better to attack the foundational argument/claim that vaccines are effective which almost automatically negates safety or morality. Attacking the foundation is what brings down the house and a concerted effort to do so is easier than swatting at flies. I was very glad to learn of someone who was able to attack poor foundational arguments in a very effective way and bravo to her.

And sorry, I watched the second video first and thought it was so well done I went looking for the first but I think I got them mixed up.

Are vaccines effective, safe or moral?

Excellent videos. Way beyond mercury and other contaminates. I highly doubt most people are aware of these considerations.

The Lottery Viruses

One of the best PCR explanations I’ve ever seen. The lottery viruses have been outright frauds since HIV and questionable before that for numerous reasons so good job bringing that to light. 

You just can't make this up.....(clown planet)....

Vatican 2021 ‘health’ conference….. from Fauci to Pfizer to trans-humanists to crispr to mrna to Dr. Oz to Cindy Crawford to Chelsea Clinton to Aerosmith to Deepak Chopra to Francis Collins ….. among the 114 speakers 2 are Catholic clergy …..


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