Chapter 4 – Beyond Nutrition

The Metabolic Miracles Of Kefir

In this video I read Chapter 4. I also have a rant you might find amusing that all began when I stumbled across a 400 year old Italian book exclaiming the benefits of milk sugars that precisely mirrors todays findings without the largesse of billions in grant money.

I also never fail to be amazed at those who prefer to take a less superior product from an OTC bottle while paying a high price as opposed to the natural form where the symbiotic effects can never be manufactured and which is why the creators of natural oral immune therapy turned to the natural substance/s in the first place to mimic as closely as possible the symbiotic event/s and had the charity to at least get that to market.

And then not only does the reviewer make mythical claims they discourage others in to thinking that without this magic OTC elixir they can’t possibly achieve healing. 

Anyway it’s funny where this reviewer thinks she is getting a Ferrari when she just paid an exorbitant price for plant by products at $120 per bottle. I’ll also throw in another ten spot guessing that she is vegetarian by claiming that a plant source is somehow more pure when actually it is just cheaper to produce meaning more profit so the only one who ends up with the Ferrari is the seller.

Meanwhile the second reviewer is hoping for a price cut which she will also never get because well…. why would they, they have reviewer number 1 and 3 people who found her helpful and who obviously doesn’t realize she could be getting the same substance and a lot more for about $4 per gallon. 

Is it any wonder people believe in vaccines and fake deadly viruses with the orthodoxy of a saint more than they do in the power of the immune system boosted with an easy to obtain milk sugar? Even for cancer. Sadly, it is no wonder to me how easily people can be brainwashed.

It’s extremely rare to find a supplement where someone has the sense to combine two or more foundational elements to offer a benefit (the substance and the cellular transporter). I think I’ve seen it twice in a product.

Anyway, way back when if I sat around and waited for a magic fairy to tell me which of the three gases implicated in SIBO where the most detrimental and what to do about it not only would I be waiting for years I’d be much worse off instead of being off the couch in two weeks. Ditto for Bravo Yogurt or Gcmaf. If I sat around waiting for the FDA or my ship from Japan to come in, I’d be in a wheelchair. A point which I demonstrate perfectly by showing that what is out there today in PubMed people have in reality been waiting 400 years for what an Italian doctor and an observational Venetian pharmacist knew back then, that galactose was an amazing milk sugar.

Fool me once…..

Shout out to J.R.

The only possible exception where one might think they are getting a unique product might be for HMO’s while no comparison to the symbiotics and over 200 (and counting) oligosaccharides as found in natural breast milk; at least offer benefit at a more reasonable price and are a new product offering. Although you could also just go pick up a can of $20 infant formula if you wanted to try HMO’s and add it to your daily kefir, yogurt, colostrum and whole fat regular pasteurized mammal milk to also get the benefit of those 200 plus peptides.

So anyway, excuse the tiredness. I had this grand plan where I would make all my videos in one day and then I didn’t have to work all week-end (on my birthday week-end) only to have a major technical glitch of some sort which never happened before making the first video entirely unusable so I had to do it over….. maybe because I was converting two videos at once but I really don’t know.


The first crude isolation of lactose, by Italian physician Fabrizio Bartoletti (1576–1630), was published in 1633. In 1700, the Venetian pharmacist Lodovico Testi (1640–1707) published a booklet of testimonials to the power of milk sugar (saccharum lactis) to relieve, among other ailments, the symptoms of arthritis. In 1715, Testi’s procedure for making milk sugar was published by Antonio Vallisneri. Lactose was identified as a sugar in 1780 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele.

One more good reason I only talk about basic components, why my book should be in every household and why it will never, ever be obsolete because it is not a health fad, it is simply the chemistry of being… immune for life.


Learn more about HMO's.

Here is the site that had some good info and videos about the benefits of HMO’s as compared to other prebiotics.

Guide To HMO’s


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