Carpal Tunnel Update And The Winning Treatment Is?

Carpal Tunnel Update

Happy to say I am doing much better and my Chiro adjustments will be ending soon.

The Chiro seems to be amazed at my fast recovery but from this angle as it has been affecting me since last fall and growing steadily worse until crisis point (literally could not lift my arm above my head by June), it seems very slow to me.

Due to nerve compression it has been very painful.

I am sharing the results of my first test/s on 6/10/2019 on day one of my Chiro assessment, I had several tests but this one represents inflammation with a thermal scan.

Red = Severe

Blue = Moderate

Green = Mild

The black line represents inflammation, very severe (off the chart).

As I said in a previous post, he told me I had the worst case of carpal tunnel he had seen in decades and he has been in practice for 36 years.

And my results from 7/22/2019.

While I do believe my twice weekly visits with Activator Chiropractic Method have helped as you can see, I wanted to list what other things seemed to help me the most. I tried many things, ice heat, topical analgesics, exercises, etc. because it hurt soooooooo bad but most were not helpful at all.

My pain tonic did help immediately to reduce the swelling in my hand which I desperately needed so I could work and sleep.

I also would like to note again that aside from shoulders and upper back my inflammation was clearly zero in all other areas, my pain level is zero thanks to natural oral immune therapy, carpal tunnel injury areas excluded.

I did only take the pain tonic for a little over two weeks. I saw no need to keep taking it once the swelling had been reduced for the most part.

My nerve was definitely compressed from wrist to neck. I am sorry to say just about every position I was assuming from typing and chair height to mouse was INCORRECT since I changed my desk set up last fall. That has now been addressed and I know it has led to improvement as well. During a previous bout with carpal tunnel decades ago these simple ergonomic changes like adjusting chair height and proper arm placement for typing led to complete recovery in a matter of days or weeks at a full time desk job.

I eventually did develop 3 cysts on at the base of my thumb and wrist which led to a proper diagnosis in the first place because up to that point I thought it was primarily a lift injury in my shoulder from constant lifting and it wasn’t until I got 3 fluid filled cysts that I even suspected carpal tunnel. Best treatment for fluid filled carpal tunnel cysts by the way is Aspercreme (those healed pretty fast), and proper hand/mouse position.

I am happy to share what I believe helped the most, was safest and easiest to comply with on a daily basis as I know this is a very common and very painful problem.

So what was the clear winner for me for my severe carpal tunnel that met Alternavita best practice criteria as to effectiveness, safety, ease of compliance and cost?

1. The Tape Method

2. The Chiropractic Treatments (Activator Method)

3. Ergonomic adjustment and rest

4. Intra Cell Tonic

*(because regardless in this instance it is acting for injury as a drug and not a food, the main component of Intra Cell Tonic would never be consumed as a daily functional food)

And why?

First of all, the tape method worked and it worked immediately. Although this method is shared by another Chiro, the tape is placed somewhat differently, both achieve the same end result which is to free compression on the nerve itself. However, I could not tolerate tape around my wrist and had to remove it very shortly after wrapping. I also could not tolerate electrical tape and I used sprain mesh tape that I cut in to less wide strips. I found placement around my hand was much easier to bear and I could leave it in place all night without much discomfort.

It was time and cost effective. No office visits. No preparation time. To be fair I had already experienced improvement before I found this method but had I wished I had found it and tried it first, yes indeed.

I didn’t have to bother taking or preparing another supplement. As easy and cost effective as tea is, it still took time to prepare. And I wasn’t putting anything in my body that was an extra side from my daily milk/yogurt routine which is functional food for me so that is not an extra. Again as safe as something may be and while it may be necessary on occasion to lower inflammation with an immune suppressor, it is still a long term no/no in advanced circles of thought, so no I was not going to be on Intra Cell Tonic for long, regardless of whether it worked or not, which it does but in the end even with extra components that mitigate immune suppression, it is still an immune suppressor and that is not my cup of tea as an effective cure.


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And my daily program will help this injury as well now that all other concerns are addressed just like it helped my long term myelin nerve injuries and chronic inflammation that I suffered with for over 30 years but am I relieved that I did find the best available short term solutions to this very painful condition once I realized what the actual problem was.

A resounding yes!

Happy August!