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Bovine Colostrum Whey Supports Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral Innate Immune Functions In Vivo

To evaluate effects on the innate immune system after exposure to, a consumable low-molecular weight fraction colostrum of immunoglobulin depleted bovine colostrum whey.

Colostrum treatment resulted in a rapid increase in phagocytosis.

Colostrum increased chemotaxis of polymorphonuclear cells towards the bacterial peptide f-MLP.

Colostrum treatment of natural killer cells increased expression of the CD69 activation marker.

Mononuclear phagocytes showed decreased numbers of CD14bright and increased number of CD14dim cells.

The remaining CD14bright cells showed reduced expression of CD80 and CD86, whereas CD14dim cells showed increased expression of CD80 and CD86, suggesting dendritic cell maturation.

Models were applied to evaluate the immune-modulating capacity of colostrum when consumed acutely during bacterial (Streptococcus) and viral (Influenza) infections in vivo.

Reduced bacterial and viral loads were observed in lungs within 24 h. Viral load was also reduced when colostrum was introduced intra-nasally.


The data suggest that the support of antimicrobial immune defense mechanisms and maturation of antigen-presenting cells in vitro translates to protection in vivo when the colostrum product is introduced across mucosal membranes.

*Along with colostrum, chondroitin sulfate and cod liver oil are also a highly effective anti-virals.

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