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February 13, 2018©

Daily Reflection:

It is not the soul alone that should be healthy; if the mind is healthy in a healthy body, all will be healthy, and much better prepared to give God greater service.


Beat The Flu And Winter Blues With Colostrum

  • Colostrum is the premier flu fighter that outperformed the flu vaccine in effectiveness in several clinical studies. Colostrum is a proven anti viral.
  •  Colostrum is a brain boost for the gray days of winter.
  • “Researchers reported that colostrum stimulates maturation of B Lymphocytes (type of white blood cell) and primes them for production of antibodies, enhances growth and differentiation of white blood cells”.
  • “Similar activity in cow and human colostrum can also activate Macrophages” 

The formulation helps in increasing the level of CD4 cells for use in treatment of immune related disease.

The formulation helps in reduction of viral load in the body.

The product also has a vaccine like effect via providing memory to B Cells at stem cell level and preventing future outbreak of the disease.

Yes, actual living cells can be found in colostrum as an undenatured mammal milk whole food.

Only undenatured whey as found in colostrum can boost glutathione, it is the only whole food mammal milk product on the market that can do this. No other supplement can boost human gluthathione for cellular detoxification to clear intracellular debris and viral particles.

Mammalian colostrum derived nanopeptides for broadspectrum viral and recurrent infections with a method of isolation thereof“also the treatment of chronic bacterial and viral infections… can also be used treat mood disorders, particularly in the treatment of depressive states in different psychiatric patients, thereby improving their general sense of security and stability of mind” It has been surprisingly observed that in individuals subjected to vaccination as well as to colostrum and in those treated with colostrum alone (without vaccination) the results in terms of influenza syndrome prevention were the same, indicating that colostrum alone is sufficient in itself to prevent influenza episodes. The present invention therefore provides the use of colostrum as an active principle for preparing pharmaceutical compositions for preventing influenza syndromes,

For an easier winter colostrum and its immune, mood boosting and pain relieving benefits are not surpassed.

Cod liver oil is also a helpful addition in winter.

Help everyone you know, especially the elderly, beat the flu by sharing this important video on the most effective anti-viral known today! Outperforms the flu vaccine 3:1!

Safe, effective colostrum!

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