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March 20, 2019©

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It’s back!

The best store bought yogurt on the planet.

After a long production delay Simply Nature Whole Milk Vanilla Yogurt is back at Aldi’s.


  • L Bulgaricus
  • S. Thermophilus
  • L Acidophilus
  • Bifidus 
  • L Casei

Add a little bovine colostrum, give it stir and enjoy for the perfect combination of cultures! Or add a little bovine colostrum to a portion and refrigerate for a few hours to optimize the culture intensity read more here….

Also you can add bovine colostrum straight to the large container, refrigerate, once and done to consume within a few days as it is so delicious it won’t last long!

I can’t say enough about this yogurt, the texture is perfection. It has billions if not trillions of well tolerated cultures. It has virtually no synthetic vitamin D if any or in the appropriate amount as found naturally in dairy products. I don’t know if you noticed but the amount of vitamin D in milk and other dairy products has lowered significantly (correct info about the dangers of synthetic vitamins in fortified food products finally catching up to the producers?). Regardless, it is a welcome change.

I actually contacted Aldi’s when I noticed it missing on my store shelf and was informed it would be back at some point, I have been waiting a long time. Let’s hope it remains a permanent product this time. It might be helpful to contact their website if you agree to ensure it does.

The taste is divine, just a hint of vanilla. You can also get it plain as it does contain sugar.

We make yogurt and we make kefir, we go through plenty of whole fat mammal milk weekly (repairs myelin) but my whole family loves this yogurt and devours it like ice cream. Even my finicky dog who will not touch yogurt, kefir or  probiotics, including made for dogs probiotics, loves it. Give it a try and see if you agree. Exclusively at Aldi’s.

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