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April 5, 2019©

Daily Reflection:

The first step: Don’t be anxious. Nature controls it all.

Marcus Aurelius

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Colostrum Goes Bio Tech

Why are drug makers turning toward bovine colostrum?

Welcome to the April 2019 issue of Alternavita Monthly© magazine!

As bovine colostrum natural immune therapy’s most enthusiastic proponent I have sought to make its properties known for many years now.
In this issue I share important benefits of colostrum for diarrheal diseases and associated conditions. Researchers today are using this natural supplement as a model to create tomorrow’s pharmaceuticals with one of the first products released being used to treat diarrhea (Travelan®).
It also includes a review of tomorrow’s standardized colostrum supplements.
Colostrum as an unsurpassed model of efficacy is changing the way drugs are created. Bio tech companies are going public and introducing bovine colostrum based pharmaceuticals. These companies expect a projected profit of 45 billion by 2025.
You won’t want to miss this issue for discovering today’s bio tech benefits of bovine colostrum.

Thanks for reading this April issue!

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