Adults Are Buying Human Breast Milk To Self Treat Coronavirus

First of all it’s (HMO’s) been in infant formula since 2016 because producers realized eventually they were going to get sued because formula promotes incidence of chronic gut inflammation and nothing to alleviate that inflammatory state in a newborn, especially a preemie (one of colostrum’s first effects in concert with bifido, (ensure and restore homeostasis in both the mother and child). Secondly it works independently of antibodies and cows/bovine colostrum have 10X more including IGE and IGD (antiviral). And thirdly they tested extensively eons ago, the chances of passing HIV to actually result in AIDS are slim and none….

That microbiota immaturity, chronic gut inflammation, deficient energy harvest resulting malnutrition (and eventual systemic invasion of pathogens) never resolves by the way without it (breastmilk/colostrum). So there’s that. Obviously they all saw the writing on the wall, unfortunately they didn’t paste it on Trumps forehead during the current events (the only PSA that might serve someone, now and in the future, if left semi intact that immune DNA/RNA protection lasts at least until age 62).

Adults Are Actually Buying Human Breast Milk in Hopes It Will Keep Coronavirus Away