It’s been an exciting week. I can’t say that it has been overly uplifting regarding ‘the situation’ and if ‘the situation’ wasn’t in the picture I’d probably be overjoyed that the ball is moving in directions I never thought I’d see.

Knowing the enemy I’d say prepare for another assault and shit storm now that the original story is hitting the shredder yet again so I’m just going to add what I forgot to say as usual.

Can colostrum/breastfeeding repair the RNA/DNA damage we formerly knew was AIDS related resulting in no harm to offspring?


Can a chimera cause aneuploidy (chromosome damage)?


Can a combination of natural organisms exceed natural inherent capability or ‘gain function’ to be weapon capable?

Not likely. You can’t give what you don’t have and they are still ‘natural substances’ even in combination. Some like e coli do have inherent capabilities that are destructive in and of themselves so a combination in theory could be more toxic but to date even the most lethal attempts have never made it through a healthy population without losing strength regarding any and all ‘organisms’. And not just healthy immune system but UV and/or natural ozone. 

Do not confuse this statement with the chimeric synthetic bio weapon in the injection as bio weapon definition is amplifying natural substances for the purpose of causing harm that would not occur in nature.

Can rotting material or bio hazard waste naturally become aerosolized?

Yes. That’s why you bury it and don’t spray it on your crops and avoid cannibalism. My point; don’t be so sure there is only one cover up going on here when there are too many to mention, one could fill a library. And US is now doing the same as Asia, S. America and other countries, widespread. My personal theory, we can’t afford world wide inspectors regarding safety and if they can eat human waste, you can eat human waste. Standards, what standards? Standards start wars.

If the miners mentioned in the previous post video/s were exposed to the kind of environmental assault we are all facing (destruction of underground water supply, dumping of chemical and industrial waste), I’m surprised they didn’t end up with more than pneumonia. I guess people forgot black cities, black walls, black lung, burning rivers with diarrhea and pneumonia being number one and two cause of death in this country a mere century or so ago. If you were them and the truth showed up, you’d call it the Spanish flu (oh wait it did, by 1917).

Dr. Martin is right, they could be standing there with exploding ink in a bag of money and society would be providing the get away car.

Regarding the ability of nature to take care of its own pollution. I don’t know if you are old enough to remember the mad cow scare and the ensuing predictions. Well they were “when this mass of foreign proteins hits the shores of the US be prepared for people to be dropping dead from ‘prion diseases'”. Never happened. You’re going to learn what a prion disease looks like real soon because the injection causes it so it is indeed a chimeric synthetic producing foreign proteins (or a bio weapon). I don’t have the same fear of such things up and until nature’s system is neutered and damaged, which it is in both the environment and the injected bio weapon.


 These people love stagnant water while calling it flood control. They’ve reduced California to dust. I told you, you can’t separate what they do from how they think because they can’t act appropriately, in part because their god is their god. Incapable of a good. So in light of that I thought the entire subject of ‘dead’ material coming up again was interesting aside from bio sludge, or e coli or poor sanitation (all of which can kill you) in addition to multi drug pollution. As I said in previous video, their corruption and malfeasance quickly adds up in real dollars and they never pay their debts, you do.

That being said can a synthetic injectable chimera in a lipid nanoparticle combined with toxins be extremely dangerous due in large part to its delivery system?


Can colostrum products reverse the synthetic chimeric damage caused by the bio weapon injections?

I don’t know, you can’t read the science because you can’t separate the injection model from the underlying scam (the computer model), only it is known that they are different, forensically speaking. No entity on earth is working from an actual ‘virus’ specimen that came from any patient. Injection ingredients in total are unknown. You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken but when it comes to DNA damage they don’t know jack about fixing it, only damaging it. Some deny breastfeeding ability to correct RNA/DNA despite pre-requisite generational DNA damage just from being human, having offspring and passing on your exponential uncorrected damage but that exists. We have no idea what happens when you accelerate the process but we’re going to find out because obviously they weren’t working toward a good end and that is what they did via the injection.

You know this process with Gcmaf, Bravo™ and Rerum® which are essentially reductions of a natural substance to peptides and transport mechanisms; albeit safe as they are also functional foods that work primarily via GALT and in part make up for what you are lacking due to an unhealthy microbiome and or liver damage/immune deficiency (fermentation, enzymatic capability (galactose) and inability to create gc protein via liver malfunction/damage).

Gcmaf as a patient blood derived product was never administered outside of a medical setting.

When it comes to natural bodily systems we know what works because some work in harmony with nature. None of that is happening with the bio weapon injection, it is the exact opposite, they accelerated natural destruction (albeit what they learned from nature, trust me they couldn’t create anything original just more un-natural and destructive) beyond the ability to self repair, not natural.

When it comes to un-natural poisons, synthetic chimeras (species blending) and gene editing, we don’t have a clue (actually we do have a clue, it has been forbidden for a few thousand years by those stupid Bible people) and that is why in part it is an intrinsic evil. Pandora’s box. They’ve multiplied the evil that was already within them. 

If you can add poor sanitation with systemic administration and synthetic chimeras and call it a drug, it would indeed be all of the dangers known to man combined and that is what they did with  the hopes of sanitizing it (the bio weapon) via a computer model in the hands of every country. Nothing more you can say. 

Is God obliged to protect you from your willful act? I pray in his mercy and because it is such an insult to his will, that he does.


Worth a watch so at least you know what I am referring to with poor sanitation (nitrates, cadavers, rotting flesh, bio sludge called fertilizer), chimeras and chromosome damage. I loved La Femme Nikita but seriously Birkoff…. this presentation kills me. Regarding the kids, if 1.275 billion murdered babies hasn’t stirred their conscience do you really think dead five year olds will? I don’t. If anything they’ll justify it and then legalize it so you can kill your kindergartner with impunity too.