In a recent post I described my attempts to yogurt set my favorite Raw Probiotics which resulted in a failed attempt that ended in separation possibly due to heat or enzymes included in the product. 

I am going to try a room temp. fermentation with the addition of lactose in milk if that wasn’t clear. Even if this results in an external fermentation failure it should work as a functional food to increase microbial counts without the addition of extra daily milk. I drink at least 8 oz. per day not only to ensure nutrition but again it is the preferred substrate for every health function explained in my book. I wouldn’t take lactose without oleic acid, I wouldn’t take probiotics without colostrum etc. Lactose would be a possible helpful addition only to increase counts and the benefits of lactose specifically.

*(Fermentation failure mentioned above = doesn’t set again or separates, if separates again probably addition of enzymes in the product, wish they would take all extras out, including the so called super foods, they aren’t that super in such small quantities, making them more of a filler than anything.)

I’ll let you know how it goes. These probiotics due to their high microbial count already work very fast in producing a body well effect so I will know shortly if it is enhanced. To start you should take one per day for ten days to quickly get to a trillion and then it has to be maintained.

I will also try my second favorite probiotic brand after a few weeks. If this helps me save money by enhancing benefit (as in maintenance) I’m all for it as both are expensive.

The lactose product shown is about $10 on Amazon Prime, on site only about $5 but with shipping it may end up being more expensive, either way it is a bargain.

Lactose Benefits

Milk sugar aka lactose has been shown to be very beneficial for the human body though. Unlike sucrose, lactose is made up of glucose and galactose. There is no fructose in lactose. It is a healthy disaccharide sugar.

Galactose has been shown to be a very beneficial sugar that is actually an essential nutrient for the human body. Until recently, galactose wasn’t recognized as being an important sugar, but current research has shown its importance. Believe it or not, your body needs galactose to function properly. In fact, galactose has been identified to be one of 8 essential sugars needed in the human diet for proper cell development and functioning of the human body. Without galactose, you would not be able to function.

Galactose contributes directly (as well as through bonds by way of contact points on cells) to vital information and control processes in the body. It also functions as a fundamental and structural substance for cells, cell walls, and intracellular matrix. Your immune system wouldn’t be able to function without galactose either. Your body wouldn’t know which cells are “good” and what cells are “bad.” Your body wouldn’t know who the invaders were and which ones should be attacked by antibodies.

Interestingly, galactose is known as the “brain sugar” and supports the brain development of babies and children. Studies indicate that the monosaccharide sugar helps triggers long-term memory formation. 

Other benefits:

  • inhibit tumor growth and stop its spread, or metastasis, particularly to the liver. 

  • enhance wound healing

  • decrease inflammation

  • enhances cellular communication, and 

  • increases calcium absorption

  •  protect against exposure to X-ray radiation, and developing cataracts

It has been shown that Galactose levels are usually lower in people with arthritis and in those with lupus.

Why Lactose Is Good For You

My book is full of lactose benefits, I quick search and highlight some of these benefits as an important component of immune function with one of the most important being; 

β-galactosidase, also called lactase is important for organisms as a key provider in the production of energy and a source of carbons through the break down of lactose to galactose and glucose.

The lactase enzyme, which has the same function of beta-gal helps digest dairy. 

Galactosidase treatment is a common first stage modification of the three major subtypes of Gc protein to GcMAF.

And regarding SIBO lactose reduces the formation of H2S.


The Deadly Effects of MRNA On Genes

Most importantly (I don’t think lactose or much of anything else on this site will help anyone who got the gene editing injection despite colostrum benefit of RNA/DNA repair) I spent hours editing this 4 hour presentation to show the dangers of genetic modification effect of MRNA injections and their lethal effects, particularly regarding the immune system. This is a must watch and a must share video for the benefit of demonstrating the very high risk and zero benefit of these injections.

My point regarding Polio vaccines. Imagine if during the panic of the Polio epidemic (which was also questionable as to cause, vaccine efficacy, necessity and safety) that everyone who got the vaccine came down with Polio. Do you think people of that day would be so slow to catch on to the lie that the ‘vaccine’ was harmless if everyone developed Polio all of a sudden? No, they wouldn’t but that is the opposite of what is happening today, not only is this injection extremely high risk with little to no benefit (while being obscured under the banner of ‘variant’ and ‘waves’), the immune system exhaustion ensures that you will be prone to systemic  invasion or AIDS due to extreme toxicity and in that event likely to develop any infection (including long dormant ones) and develop more than one concurrently, which is what we are seeing today. It also ensures a high risk of malignancy. They also obscure outcomes by simply not producing data (any event after 7 days is not an injection event, this is how the providers comfort themselves).

All of that aside this point only illustrates a few things:

Polio ‘vaccine’ science is questionable and/or this injection is not a ‘vaccine’ and was never meant to be a ‘vaccine’ to prevent pathogenic invasion or symptoms (it does neither). It can be both. The only premise and function is to get the public to agree to a gene editing software injection via pretense. 

I do not agree with his assertion that CRISPR or any other genetic manipulation is a zero sum game. And again the anti vax disclaimer is over used to gain club admittance, it merely means one isn’t willing to question long held scientific dogma despite historical revelation or new developments.

We do not give a heroin addict a wallet full of money to allay their fears of not having their drug of choice when we know what the outcome will be, so why is anyone  hesitant to address the nature of this gene editing drug on any level, including philosophical or moral? It’s an intrinsic evil with zero benefit or good to society.

My hope was 50% got placebo and wouldn’t be crazy enough to tempt odds as those odds decrease with each injection. 

After a certain point I thought it would be clearly evident who got the injection, who got more than one as there is no safety zone and I was right.

The lottery:

I also guess and this is why I call PCR/RTPCR the lottery test is that most people never think…. whatever parameters you put in there, you ARE GUARANTEED TO FIND (the house always wins), especially among malnourished, convalescents, elderly and sick. So for all you know they chose common RNA snippets for parameters (killing off our costly medical mistakes), this is how you get fruits or animals with oxidative stress to test positive and BOOST false numbers.

You my friends are going to quickly be figuring that out but I’ll tell you what it is like for me. It is like being surrounded by Germans wondering what is falling on their head…. (ashes).

You’re going to be extremely angry when you see who is exempt…..


October 4, 2021

Testing the immune system after death injection…. from good to jaw dropping. His immune system has tanked….. pummeled…. two shots……

Just saw this today but it fits with vlog commentary so posting. What you are witnessing in public from those who got death injection is AIDS on steroids due to toxicity, not due to an organism. And it is even worse due to prion formation. The learned ability to achieve these types of expressions were derived in part from previous HEALTH SAFETY WARNINGS of which all authorities worldwide are fully aware of. As I said many times, there was was no mistake, this is accelerated development of bio weapon agents and perfected fear based and authoritarian based marketing campaigns to ensure public participation.

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