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At right is a brief audio message as to why I believe that until we confront this evil of the day nothing else really matters. The videos will be moved to The Breakfast Club after their home page daily debut. If nothing else they will be an active file of symptom revelations so there is no doubt about real life effects being repeated and validated via a substantial mortality rate.

Am I supposed to sit here and say eat yogurt, fix your gut and therefore your immune system while people are being actively murdered. I can’t do that and I don’t think you can either. Some things are not and should not be on the table as free choice or informed consent and those are acts of war, murder and genocide and that includes bio weapons.

By the very nature of the drug injection and the reports of bio researchers the damage is primarily genetic (I don’t know what else one would expect from an MRNA injection but that)…. however this can not be in the category of informed consent as there is only high risk with no benefit for the intended purpose and virtually no ability to self regulate or repair once genes are altered. 

This drug also does not function or perform and therefore can not be termed a vaccine. It is an MRNA drug injection only. Are vaccines the software of life? No.

Informed consent does not apply …. for experimental gene editing MRNA injections altering DNA via RNA beyond the ability of the body to self regulate or repair.

There is no such thing as license to commit evil hoping a good will come of it. Self defense is not evil.

No intention or circumstance can justify the intentional choice of an act inherently ordered toward an evil object. If you are going to insist this is licit use then I’m going to make sure you see it and are therefore culpable (including the genetic altering outcome). No different than watching a murder and keeping silent. 

No society can afford to have murderers with injectable bio weapons utilizing experimental gene programmers walking the streets.


And lastly if they were even concurrent or related  (SARS-COV-19 and injections) which they weren’t and aren’t why are you injecting something propagated to be so dangerous that it can’t be in a level 1, 2 or 3 lab? 
I have yet to witness anyone breaking out in rapid malignant cancer with CV 19 the disease, (that would have been very apparent by now even to the criminals running the show), let alone among ‘the cases called SARSCOV2’ but with the bio weapon it seems quite common. 

The entire list of common outcomes will remain with the death injection videos. And by the way 50% got saline, 1:1 in experimental human trials still ongoing (placebo injection) in case your feeling overly confidant about safety numbers. Decades of animal experiments and now 8 months of human trials are quickly telling a different story.

Of all the videos of injection deaths and injuries (including official country by country data) I have yet to see ONE report from China. Meanwhile the dropping dead, over flowing hospitals and lockdowns from the ‘virus’ videos, test kits and published research were widely distributed (including the so called genetic sequence used to model the death injection). More than a little strange. There is no such thing as coincidence.

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