Exit the cave and see things as they really are….

Shadows in the cave that create an illusion of reality and activity but the ball never moves.

An update. My beloved husband is back in the USA and I am so happy and yet still so worried about leaving my MIL in a nursing home under the current regime no matter what part of the world it is in. A commentary. I don’t know the basic synopsis, kind of my take on Plato’s Cave and what led to my sticky statement on bottom line statistics. The initial goal was to get you to willingly enter a location where they could apply X, which they did, the driver outside China mainly being fear, the driver inside China is anyone’s guess (a lot of things can cause a sudden respiratory event causing diarrhea and pneumonia that would be undetectable in blood tests in a matter of hours) the end goals are the same end goals when it comes to evil or criminal intent.

The point of the box in the video, as a brand image creator nothing in the box is an accident, nothing on the box is an accident as in wording, the very color of the box is not an accident and it was no gift to the community, it was an attempt to create an image (or restore for those in know) and form a relationship.

I guess the philosophy of the millennium is see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil and how to pull that off without a hell of a lot of drugs or a hypnotic trance. If evil doesn’t exist then I guess I’m the creator of reality, isn’t that so much better? Most people think so. Do you realize how much effort it takes to dull a conscience or a collective conscience? Do you realize that they  realize they can’t maintain a dulled collective conscience? Unless……

In the face of ultimate reality that kind of surreality can only exist if I can force everyone back in to the cave and hope they can be content living an illusion by watching shadows on a wall or by driving them to insanity where delusion is no longer a choice.

The other part is their ultimate goal, it’s not money, it’s not power (they have plenty of both), it’s to replace the Creator which they so despise (ultimate reality) and in having failed that it’s to destroy his creation. I’ll find it again, the proud as a peacock scientist declaring he created a new life form. All you have to look at is Dr. Robert Malone making the interview rounds and ensuing cocktail parties after inventing the method to destroy DNA with MRNA technology, he doesn’t think he has to face an ultimate reality because he believes it doesn’t exist and neither does anyone injecting it (thinking a gene editing injection has zero risk). That’s patently obvious. He thinks his invention would never invite consequence by calling it science. I doubt his shock and horror is genuine, he knew he was inventing a gun. Big pharma thinks immunity from prosecution of felonious behavior comes from a liability clause. Hospitals think consent to treat means anything under their sun (no matter how evil, dangerous or toxic). This isn’t mere head in the sand, ignorance, hubris or power lust, it’s not. 

It’s the belief system of someone who thinks they are the creator of reality (technically speaking; the insane) and evil which does exist will ride that horse to the finish. 

Not that Dr. Robert Malone is alone by a long shot. The pews are full for that religion. Yes, you can discern intent from groups. Kary Mullis need not have been so surprised (and I doubt he was at the very end, his name was on the kill list; of all people he had to be eliminated before the fire started, no such thing as coincidence), nor Dr. Peter Duesberg, nor Dr. Andrew Wakefield or any of the other dozens who found themselves suddenly on the outs and/or their work applied for ill intent as it is the nature of the beast in that club. 99% of this current scheme and the one to follow if they don’t kill off enough of you originated in a university science dept.

*Side note: only a few ‘religions’ believe DNA is your destiny so the intent to destroy yours while leaving theirs pure as the driven snow isn’t so far fetched.

Without fraudulent use of his test, there would be no fire. He had to be eliminated before the fire started. And he was. August 2019. His invention became a central technique in biochemistry and molecular biology, described by The New York Times as "highly original and significant, virtually dividing biology into the two epochs of before PCR and after PCR."

To paraphrase his own statements, existence of a molecule doesn’t equate to a diagnosis. And myriads of things can increase virulence but that originates within the host, not the organism; until you include systemic administration which is an independent high risk factor for inherent associated inflammation and malignancy (meaning: it’s the route).

Anyway my thoughts if you were wondering about why someone can’t answer a basic question all things being equal except location + X, did this person starve to death, freeze to death, was overworked to death or was it the gas chamber? They didn’t want to answer then either so most of them committed suicide rather than face accountability, ironically where they went on to face ultimate reality.

I accept no glossy cover about today’s hospitals, a place that can kill 1.2 billion babies in the womb in a murder for hire contract/ritual sacrifice/organ selling is capable of anything. And nursing homes where the average elderly resident is on 20 drugs can’t be that far behind. I also remember WWII history where they were the work horses doing the dirty work because they were the most suited for it. Enemy tactics don’t change, they get perfected. Make no mistake, they are all employees now and have been since 2009 so there is no such thing as  independent oversight.

And I forgot. Being assigned a genetic identification code, big whoop, you (Fauci and Co.) still have to justify your Herculean claims that it will wipe out creation yet can be stopped by wearing a diaper on your face. It never organically transpired despite transmission or risk and even with a bacteria it would’ve.

To repeat I don’t know if ‘it’ exists, a straw man argument doesn’t make it exist. As with HIV no one claimed HIV didn’t exist, they said it didn’t cause AIDS, BIG DIFFERENCE. I wouldn’t know and quite frankly neither would you because all you know is what they tell you (based of fraudulent misuse/multi strain tests)(see I told you, they live in a world of possibility not probability, by the way it requires clinical symptoms to determine actuality (just like HIV = the long list including = cancer, meaning if you have cancer and HIV you have AIDS). In this case if you have SARSCov2, a cough and a fever and a few other symptoms (now up to and including cancer) you have CV19. They also confuse pneumonia with lung fluid due to drug induced kidney failure on x-rays.

And the facts are the vaccine patents preceded both SARS and the ‘pandemic’ by decades. How does that happen?

I’ll remind you, the fire starters distributed approx. 8000 tests worldwide before there was an official ‘gene sequence’.

So I don’t have to disprove anything, I just have to exit the cave/fire casted shadows and LOOK at what transpired in the light of day from this organized crime syndicate. It’s long past time for the fire starters to be held accountable.

-“Trends in hospital deaths among human immunodeficiency virus patients during the antiretroviral therapy era, 1995 to 2011” -Journal of Hospital Medicine Volume 10, Issue 9, pages 608–614, September 2015

(“CONCLUSIONS: Non-AIDS deaths increased significantly during the ART era and are now the most common cause of in-hospital deaths”)

And by meaningless I didn’t mean this site or visitors, I meant the feeling of contributing to the shadows on the wall or virtual reality as anyone can attest today, nothing about a simulation is real including a vlog, it’s just more of the cave. It’s the illusion of doing and being. You have to kick the ball and until you do, it’s a meaningless existence when the main purpose of this site is to get you out of bed and back to real life with a tangible solution. So I meant working on researching a means to spur action regarding the tangible solution.

I personally don’t think there is a way to reverse the genetic damage caused by the bio weapon injection that would work fast enough to save someone but I hope I’m wrong. I also think any approach you may encounter to force injection based on mechanism of action alone (gene editing) can be considered a direct threat and assault. You have a God given right to defend yourself, your property and your family. Again, injuring, maiming, murder or self harm can never be considered a choice or exercise of free will (there is no such thing as a right to commit evil and these are clear (now felony) bio ethic violations). 

Rewritten code of ethics authored by the church of the alternate universe, the cave dwellers and the insane.

I would invite you to The Breakfast Club where you can view latest rotating videos on the war front, including the patent trail on the development of the bio weapon injection decades ago (the chicken came before the egg), Canada’s contribution to genocide (the lipid nano particle), the fight over the ensuing spoils, first hand inpatient accounts and more.

 Other countries that don’t have our (USA) in hospital killer protocol have extracted mortality rates more precisely and that is pre death injection rollout mortality rate 14% (April 2020 – August 2021) post death injection rollout mortality rate is 86% (April 2021 – August 2021).

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