Only I would have the misfortune of killing myself with an elastic band on my shoe.

So I finished the abx they gave me on July 4, probably never needed them as the wound never opened. Cephalexin, if you’ve had any bad outcomes with this particular type of abx, let me know. Since I am allergic to penicillin pharmacist said there would be about a 30% chance I’d have a reaction to this, no hives so I thought I was fine, little did I know.

My guess wiped out my gut bacteria before I was able to restore which I didn’t begin to do on any large scale until I finished them. If I was smart I would have been on Florastor (saccharomyces boulardii) the entire time but having been on abx for the pneumonitis the year before with no problems I wasn’t especially worried (what abx those were, don’t remember but no ill effects).

At some point I did notice less frequent urination but when that began I don’t know (definitely wasn’t there before foot injury), it was improving though. So fast forward to around July 13/14, got a pain in my back, it spread to my abdomen and became unbearable, I suspected sepsis, SIRS or endotoxemia (having had all three in my life along with a kidney infection), not to mention out of 14 known symptoms I had at least 12. July 21 got a fever, up then down, actually plummeted. July 23 was in ER where I spent the next six hours getting thousands of dollars worth of tests but of course not the ones I needed. Got IV fluids, that’s it, I have fluid around my heart. I am still recovering.

You won’t want to miss this saga once I am able to do another video, hopefully soon. 

Cephalexin reviews:

Keflex (cephalexin) for Skin or Soft Tissue Infection: “Had an ingrown toenail infection. Was given 500mg keflex taken 4 times a day for 7 days. It is working and I have no pain in my toe. However… so far I’ve had diarrhea, stomach pain, tiredness and weakness, dizzy spells, yellow skin, loss of appetite, nauseous, red scratchy eyes. So most of the usual stuff. The long and short of it is my toe will be healed as long as I can deal with the side effects for a few more days.”

For Skin or Soft Tissue Infection: “I had a cyst removed and was given cephalexin to stop it getting infected. Took the first one at 2:30 pm finished the work day eat dinner @ 7: 30. Then started getting side effects, the chest pain started by 12:00 i could barely breathe and the chest pain is so severe now pain in the shoulders and neck hurt to breathe can not lay down else the pain gets 2 times as bad. At hospital now chest xray, CT scan blood tests ultra sound . Nitro glisoran helped a little all test came back negative for heart , blockages, next day a little better got to dr. Said I had a reaction to this antibiotic I will never take this again close to death after taking one pill.”

Keflex (cephalexin) for Skin or Soft Tissue Infection: “I’ve been prescribed this antibiotic many times. I just realized that with my current course for a skin infection that I sweat profusely when I take this. The last time I had episodes of profuse sweating was the last time I was on this! I don’t see it listed anywhere as a side effect, but it seems to happen to me every time I take it. ”

For Bacterial Infection: “I’ve been on this drug multiple times before for UTI’s and had manageable side effects, usually headache and fatigue. This time I was put on it for a suspected bacterial infection. I took it for 3.5 days and increasingly had severe headache, unbearable anxiety and tachycardia requiring beta blocker usage. I don’t even know if anxiety is the right word, I literally feel like I’m on a hallucinogen or something, and sleeping has been impossible because of this feeling and the racing heart, it feels like a constant adrenaline surge I have no control over. Very weak as well, last night I felt like I couldn’t move my legs and almost went to the er. I’ve been off of it for a couple days now and finally slept last night but still don’t feel right in my head. Will never take this again, I feel like I’m in hell.”

For Bacterial Infection: “Okay, so I recently had ovarian removal of my left ovary at the beginning of the month. Fast forward about three weeks and I see that my belly button which was one of the areas they went in through, had a pool of puss in it (Even though I had no fever nor did I really have any redness or swelling) But I thought it would be better to be safe than sorry so I went to the ER. The doctor barely looked it over, acted like he didn’t even want to be there, and then sent his nurse in to prescribe me this garbage antibiotic cephalexin. I am going on day four and I’m done. There’s no way I can continue this medication for 7 days. It in a short amount of time has already made me incredibly dizzy and fatigued, but has given me horrible stomach aches that come and go, diarrhea, and a feeling like I’m about to faint. It looks like the infection is gone and if it’s not then I will go to my primary care doctor and have them prescribe me something else.”

Just showing a pic of my foot healing nicely. It was completely healed, skin sloughed off, virtually can’t tell difference from my other foot now. No swelling, no pain, no redness, nothing. 

Probably and most likely post abx event.

Will never take cephalexin again and I can’t believe all my animals have been on it.

Cephalexin reviews:

For Bacterial Infection: “After very minor foot surgury, I was put on 500 mg Cephalexin 4 times per day for a week. After 4 days my digestive system went septic and I had to quit the medication. I seldom take even over-the-counter drugs and have never had a reaction this severe to an antibiotic before. I thought I would get back to normal after a week but after 3 more weeks my digestive system has not imporved. I have scheduled an appointment with another doctor in hopes of regaining my normal health.”


For Bacterial Infection: “Basically, I got strep throat and the first several days on cephalexin were fine except for a bit of a stomach ache. Then, soon after, my body temperature dropped to 94.3 and I got extreme vertigo. Kept having worrying empty life feelings . Cephalexin works a little too well, not only gets rid of the bacteria but almost getting rid of the human in the process.”

For Bacterial Infection: “I was going through severe anxiety, heart palpitations, tachycardia, body numbness, going in and out of another world. I had new allergys, twitching when I would almost fall asleep, 21 ER visits later I found the answer. The antibiotic I was on for tooth infection caused severe ulcers all threw out my GI track, it can cause all of that. I almost had a couple heart attacks before I realized this. Here is what my treatment is consisting of, beta blockers to control the heart palpitations ( you need them or it will get bad) Ativan to control the anxiety (this too will get worse) Steroids to fix your mental state, reduce intestinal swelling, and get your immune system back on track so your allergies stop (this too will get worse) and a PPI pill to stop the stomach acid so they can heal. Also I’m waiting for a scope treatment from a Gastro Doctor. I’m hoping I can make it until then but for anybody else experiencing what I did please get it addressed ASAP, I was told by every doctor it was anxiety and even banned from a ER”

For Bacterial Infection: “I’m currently on my 5 th day of cephelaxin 500 mg 4X a day . I have an abscess from shaving with a dull razor and not using shaving gel, that’s what I’m thinking anyway. Anyway, this antibiotic is really messing me up. I’m anxious, paranoid around people, super irritable, I feel scared in general. My stomach is distended and I’m constipated and retaining water. I want to stop but I’m scared to. I’m going to call my dr. Thanks every one for posting about your experience. Helping Me a lot”

Keflex (cephalexin) for Bacterial Infection: “Diagnosed with Diverticulitis prescribed Keflex a dose of 500mg three times per day. Infection cleared but I am left with side effects of pains in legs, hands, thighs, toes, fingers and really sore shoulders into spine and ribs. Didn’t have these pains prior to taking this drug. Jaw started clicking as well. Never again.”

For Kidney Infections: “I’m a healthy 20 year old female who took this drug for about 4 days before having to call it quits. I’m 9 weeks pregnant at the moment. Not sure if that was making this worse or not, but I had the WORST fatigue I’ve ever experienced. I was physically unable to get out of bed other than to use the bathroom and shower. My body felt extremely heavy and I was very confused and out of it. It make me nausea I was already experiencing 10 times worse. I ended up having a severe episode of heart racing for about 10 minutes on the 4th day. Blood pressure shot up to 150 and pulse got high. I threw this away. Listen to your body. I know it’s important to finish medications but when the side effects are this bad this is dangerous. Since my urine has completely stopped burning and it’s clear again, I have made another appointment with my doctor to confirm my infection is gone. Home tests came back negative. If not, I will request something else because this was AWFUL.”

For Healthcare Professionals

Applies to cephalexin: oral capsule, oral powder for reconstitution, oral tablet, oral tablet dispersible


The most commonly reported side effects included diarrhea, dyspepsiagastritisnausea, and vomiting.[Ref]


Frequency not reported: Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia, gastritis, abdominal pain, anal pruritusClostridium difficile-associated diarrhea/colitis/pseudomembranous colitis

Postmarketing reports: Colitis[Ref]


Frequency not reported: Direct Coombs’ test seroconversion, decreased prothrombin activity/prolonged prothrombin time, eosinophilianeutropeniathrombocytopeniahemolytic anemia

Postmarketing reportsAplastic anemiapancytopenia, leukopenia, agranulocytosis[Ref]


Frequency not reportedUrticaria, rash, erythema multiforme, Stevens Johnson syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis/exanthematic necrolysis[Ref]


Frequency not reported: Transient hepatitis, cholestatic jaundice, AST and ALT elevations

Postmarketing reports: Increased bilirubin[Ref]


Frequency not reported: Hypersensitivity/allergic reactionsangioedemaanaphylaxis[Ref]

Allergic reactions (including urticaria and angioedema) usually subsided upon treatment discontinuation.[Ref]


Frequency not reported: Genital pruritus, genital candidiasis, vulvovaginitis/vaginitis and vaginal discharge[Ref]

Nervous system

Frequency not reported: Seizure, dizziness, headache[Ref]


Frequency not reported: Agitation, confusion, hallucinations[Ref]


Frequency not reported: Arthralgia, arthritis, joint disorder[Ref]


Frequency not reported: Reversible interstitial nephritis

Postmarketing reports: Renal dysfunction, toxic nephropathy, increased blood urea nitrogen, increased creatinine[Ref]


Frequency not reported: Fatigue

Postmarketing reports: Fever[Ref]


Frequency not reported: Development of drug-resistant bacteria development[Ref]


Postmarketing reports: Increased alkaline phosphatase, increased lactate dehydrogenase (LDH)[Ref]


Postmarketing reports: Hemorrhage[Ref]

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