Quick video on recent site changes. I decided to focus on some limited commentary categories that offer more benefit than news updates. They will be historical research on the failures and fraud inherent in allopathic medicine, V4CC1NE. Reiner Fuellmich, the legal avenues being pursued and The Fauci and Co. Files, tracing the history of Fauci & Co. fraud since more and more people are not only coming forward about his extensive criminal career but they are exposing his far reach in to other areas and agencies than were previously known in the AIDS community.

I think you might find a couple of topics recently added to these categories interesting, namely the Remdesivir video in which the doctor explains his father in laws iatrogenic caused death from ‘flu’. That is in The Fauci & Co. files menu.

And the David Martin patent and money trail under Reiner Fuellmich.

Further video commentaries will be found in The Breakfast Club in the future.

I decided to keep the site free of information overload and return to more positive topics relevant to natural oral immune therapy until I am able to move to a more permanent website or a host that offers more services and space to enable video content.

So just an initial overview of future plans basically.