How Many Probiotics Should I Take?

How many probiotics should you be taking during natural oral immune therapy treatment?

Of course it depends on the state of your gut health but the ideal numbers should be much higher than most would imagine.

The numbers should be in the trillions and not billions if you want to see a noticeable difference.

This is why adding food for probiotics is such a good idea with whole fat mammal milk, it helps increase their numbers substantially.

Milk contains many beneficial substances, immune factors, a full complement of amino acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins that work in tandem, the core components responsible for transferring benefit regarding natural immune therapy are fats (oleic acid), amino acids (cysteine and methionine), specific sugars (galactose), lactalbumin and Vitamin D binding protein which is from the albumin super family also known as Gc globulin or Gc component in the popular immune therapeutic GcMaf. Binding and enzymatic conversion properties help milk become an infant super food. Whole fat mammal milk is the preferred prebiotic or synbiotic to utilize with probiotics and naturally that is the case with yogurt, kefir, buttermilk and cheese.

It is also why kefir and yogurt outperforms capsules.

Always make kefir a daily part of your diet for the super nutrition it provides as it is one of the most easily obtained fermented food products worldwide. If you can’t find kefir look for buttermilk.

Kefir is one of the few bio active foods that similarly recreates our ancient mammalian milk diet, therefore it is increasingly becoming a necessary addition as a functional food, exceeding all proteins, including plant proteins by producing significant health benefit as can not be achieved by soy, grains, fish or meat in comparison studies. Only whey proteins and un-denatured whey proteins have shown unique antioxidant and metabolic benefit (insulin response) as compared to other proteins.

Age related decline in tolerance is not a hindrance in most cases as the human body can recover lost digestive capability by slow reintroduction. Bovine colostrum is generally not included among most milk intolerance problems but one should ensure avoidance of all mammal milk products if there is potential for a severe outcome due to an inherent, irreversible, genetic or other severe confirmed allergic problem. Do not give kefir to newborns.

Add kefir and yogurt to milk to increase phagocytosis, this works especially well in the elderly. Phagocytosis is the process in which infected cells and cellular debris are ‘digested’ by intestinal macrophages to inhibit oxidative stress and inflammation. Probiotics in kefir and yogurt greatly help digestion of proteins as well as keeping opportunistic pathogens in check.

Dairy kefir has more benefit than water kefir or kombucha due to factors beyond microbial benefit that are not replicated in those products.

There is minimal lactose and casein in kefir products, therefore kefir is more easily tolerated.

Kefir Consumes Sugar

A minimum of 8 weeks of daily consumption has been shown to be required to achieve cardiovascular benefit. Benefits to skeletal conditions like osteoporosis were studied for six months or longer. Like whole fat mammal milk benefits of kefir increase and are sustained over time. The elderly show increased benefit over their younger counterparts with the addition of whole fat mammal milk to increase phagocytosis. Milk sugar aka lactose has been shown to be very beneficial for the human body though unlike sucrose, lactose is made up of glucose and galactose. There is no fructose in lactose. It is a healthy disaccharide sugar. Acid whey is the yellowish-green liquid found on top of milk products like yogurt or sour cream before stirring.

Acid whey contains more than twice the amount of galactose as ‘sweet’ or ‘cheese whey’ making it a beneficial addition to the control of insulin resistance, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

You can use any kefir to reduce the sugar content. The increase in friendly yeasts helps reduce sugar content in fruit by fermenting them. It also helps pre-digest fibers.

Although lifestyle changes and pharmacotherapy are main strategies to control MS (Metabolic Syndrome) progression, these actions show only partial success. It has been shown that healthy gut microbiota helps to control obesity and insulin resistance. The intestinal microbiome differs in lean and obese subjects and insulin resistant patients developed an improvement in the metabolic profile after transplantation with ‘healthy gut microbiota’ from lean donors.

Proteinuria and azotemia observed in rats with type I diabetes mellitus were reduced by treatment with kefir.

To get more benefit from probiotic capsules double or triple the dose and always add to whole fat mammal milk, kefir and yogurt, along with colostrum. Colostrum is the ideal prebiotic, far surpassing any other to enact metabolic and catalytic actions that are way beyond other prebiotics.

If you aren’t seeing benefit in two weeks your dose of probiotics and friendly yeasts is not high enough.

Start with bifido capsules only if too many strains are an issue and do not move up to complexes until tolerance is restored. Do not use raw mammal milk unless your immune tolerance is normal and stick to off the shelf yogurt and kefir. An increase in loose stools may be an issue at first but should resolve quickly.

Probiotics Prime The Immune System To Fight

What does immune ‘tolerance’ mean in simple language?

Immune tolerance, or immunological tolerance, or immunotolerance, is a state of unresponsiveness of the immune system to substances or tissue that have the capacity to elicit an immune response in a given organism.

It is induced by prior exposure to that specific antigen.

Among most mammals, the placenta is not effective at transferring antibodies to the fetus: antibodies are transferred immediately after birth via the colostrum.

The entire immunological memory of the mother is passed to her infant via colostrum and breast milk contains a variety of immune-modulating compounds causing immunological imprinting and programming.

Without galactose (a simple sugar) the immune system can not ‘see’.

Bottom line if you don’t see an increase in energy and weight loss or weight gain in a month or so providing you are also working on your fatty acid profile with healthy oils like salmon oil, olive oil or cod liver oil in combination with vitamin E, your dose is too low. Adding walking to your daily routine will also help consume excess sugar.

December is the perfect time to get started a new you for a new year! Get started today!

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