Two more happy customers. Yes, they should stop wasting time and money on other supplements aside from a good fish oil and desiccated liver, not defatted (two more natural food products). He should also add milk and kefir. He is young, expect a longer time frame if older and if your initial condition is more severe, which he was not in the state that most are.

Don’t forget best flu fighter ever!


No drug is safe

And most are a waste of money!

There is no such thing as a safe, synthetic pharmaceutical, ALL chronic drug use contributes to liver failure, endocrine disorders, arthritis, inflammatory, autoimmune conditions, mental deterioration, AIDS, allergic conditions, rash, chronic malnutrition syndromes, IBD, checkpoint blockade toxicity, Cushing Syndrome, many other syndromes, endotoxemia, oxidative stress, cancer, overwhelming infection syndromes, chromosome damage, genetic damage, and early death. This includes most synthetic vitamins and many synthetic supplements. This also includes many herbal and so called ‘natural’ products that may still result in endotoxemia (this includes natural FtsZ inhibitors, turmeric, cinnamon, berberine which do not prevent endotoxins. Benzimidazoles (Rifaxamin also does not prevent endotoxins) . Bovine colostrum and a few other ‘functional’ food based medicaments are among the few exceptions that can be taken long term with no safety issues.


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