Controversial fecal transplants brought relief for 50% IBS sufferers – but only if their donors were extra-healthy ‘super donors’, study suggests

‘Overall, the donor was healthy, had been breast fed, consumed a nutritious diet, took no regular medications, was a nonsmoker and had taken antibiotics only a few times.’

Researchers asked the patients three months later about their symptoms. After treatment, 23.6 percent of those who had the placebo reported an improvement in symptoms.

In the super-donor group, 76.9 percent that received 30 grams felt an improvement as did 89.1 percent of those who received 60 grams.

They also found that, in some cases, symptoms went away entirely for 35.2 percent of the 30 gram super-donor group and 47.3 percent of the 60 gram group.

Meanwhile, just 5.5 percent of those who received placebos reported that they had no more symptoms.

Dr El-Salhy told NBC News that the effects are still noticeable one year later.

‘The preliminary results [suggest] most, 90 to 95 percent, of the responded patients are still well and about 50 percent are still “cured”,’ he said.