Pasteurized bacteria supplement could “reduce the risk of heart disease in half of the West’s population”

I haven’t posted in quite a while. My transition back to my former trade has been a long process and has taken a lot of hard work so it has meant much neglect for this site but I am happy to be back to my creative self and I hope everyone has a creative avenue or hobby to turn to as a much needed break from health topics.

The carpal tunnel is still healing. My hands are great, no more pain, no more swelling and shoulders better but not normal. No longer seeing Chiro for this as back to school duties decrease my available daily time and you know I just don’t do long term medical interventions because that is just not good for one mentally. The goal is to decrease your presence in the facility not increase it. Apple mini keyboard is not ergonomic so I might return to a full size keyboard. Of course my 12 hour days at the keyboard didn’t help as I worked to finish my book and get 3 new websites up and running but I am quite certain it all began with the new desk setup last fall which just so happened to coincide with my dog needing the extra help to get up. I still miss my buddy terribly.

I do keep up from time to time on new developments in gut and immune health so I wanted to share info about an important new probiotic that I have been meaning to introduce for months. It is just one more indication of the realization in the research community that gut health promotes much more than digestion and is a crucial factor for all health including diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Major products are in development that actually work because they are focused on this key system of regulation that is the most important factor in overall health outcomes. One century of the ‘capture the horse after it has left the barn’ has been a complete failure and major investment money is pouring in to this new research, including improving infant formula.

Akkermansia muciniphila (A. muciniphila)

So that is about all that is new.

Special thanks to everyone who purchased the new book and gave me a great review. I wish it was on the required reading list as it could save many a lot of future health problems. I would’ve appreciated a book like this years ago as it would have saved me a lot of costly mistakes. I am sure many in the mainstream would be quite surprised to learn just how many of our most serious and costly conditions are tied to gut health, including Alzheimer’s, obesity and heart disease. Even for the truth about basic nutrition it will be a real eye opener for many who think nutrition is all about diet.

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