Immune For Life by Mary Ferrari

forgotten factors for lifelong health that are shaping the future of drugs and food


forgotten factors for health and longevity

This book attempts to reintroduce society to the fundamental factors of immune health by educating readers about the primary factors that shape lifelong health.

In 2017 The first WHO breastfeeding as a priority preventing chronic infant malnutrition, gut and immune health and for future health outcomes as a chronic disease prevention development goal was established.

The World Health Organization was established in 1948 as a specialized agency of the United Nations whose mission is as a directing and coordinating authority for international public health.

Millenium Development Goal
Malnutrition is the leading cause of death worldwide in children under the age of five, and is the focus of the first World Health Organization (WHO) Millennium Development Goal.

In outlining this goal the WHO established:

• breastfeeding
• food
• and water security

are major protective factors against malnutrition and critical factors in the maturation of healthy gut microbiota. A formation characterized by a transient bifidobacterial bloom before a global rise in anaerobes. Early depletion in gut Bifidobacterium longum, a typical maternal probiotic, known to inhibit pathogens, represents the first step in gut microbiota alteration associated with severe acute malnutrition (SAM). Later, the absence of the healthy mature anaerobic gut microbiota leads to:

• deficient energy harvest,
• deficient vitamin biosynthesis
• deficient immune protection,
• and is associated with diarrhea,
• malabsorption
• and systemic invasion by microbial pathogens.

They went on to publish that a therapeutic diet and infection treatment may be unable to restore bifidobacteria and healthy mature microbiota. They determined as part of this goal that apart from re-feeding and antibiotics, future trials including non-toxic missing microbes and nutrients necessary to restore bifidobacteria and healthy mature microbiota, including prebiotics and antioxidants, are warranted.

If you don’t understand the ramifications inherent in that statement by WHO this book will be of little value to you. If you do understand that this goal will help to eradicate up to 90% of associated diseases in children and that it will also help alleviate chronic disease well in to adulthood and advanced age caused by these primary risk factors it may be a lifesaver.

In the following chapters you will learn the history of oral natural immune therapy that arose decades prior to this directive from WHO, many of these oral therapeutics shaped by the research on the microbiota and immune health. These oral therapeutics also propose effectiveness in a huge number of cross conditions that originate from poor gut/immune health.
You will learn the core components and exactly how to use these oral therapeutics that can modulate both gut and systemic biology. You will also learn about attempts to synthetically produce them and how they differ from those in their natural state.

You will revisit the history of important vitamin discoveries and where malnutrition fortification efforts throughout history began and eventually failed. You will discover how today’s research is advancing those early efforts for your benefit and how to create a nutrition program that suits your lifestyle and improves your health.

It is important to understand that these factors have been known to chemists, scientists, the medical community and dieticians for over a century, down to the molecule, and have shaped the majority of our modern food production and fortification efforts. They will continue to do so but perhaps science is progressing to more beneficial applications by recognizing that the majority of the time these factors can not be replicated by a synthetic, in food, drugs or supplements. It is becoming more cost efficient to expend effort on mass production of these natural factors without destruction and minimal refining as functional foods, many of which were previous waste products than it is to produce more failed synthetics.

While diet and health are closely intertwined this book focuses on the primary factors in shaping and maintaining the microbiome and therefore the majority of the immune system for lifelong protection, nutrition and good health as it has been done for centuries.

Infant formula is undergoing immense scrutiny by researchers in an attempt not to replicate breastfeeding, which today admittedly can not be done but instead researchers are advocating that the outcome of formula feeding is at the very least benchmarked against the superior results of breastfeeding. It is also becoming a goal of many hospital systems in many countries to bring about a resurgence of this practice and establish milk banks.

This is the first and greatest dietary risk factor as outlined by WHO that previous generations didn’t have the luxury to ignore.

This develpment goal will have far reaching implications and not just for poor countries but it will greatly advance health outcomes in the richest countries in the world as the majority affected by modern and costly chronic immune deficiency plagues. Breastfeeding is still practiced on a greater scale in poor countries and while they may face other risk factors due to poor water sanitation and food security they are not as affected by low breast feeding rates as the first risk factor affecting future health outcomes.

Readers may be surprised to discover that the majority of these components producing ‘wonder drugs’ originated from one source but are able to treat myriads of conditions ranging from infections, heart disease, mental conditions and arthritic conditions to innumerable immune syndromes.

While pharmaceutical companies are reeling today from the backlash they helped incur on society over the last drug intoxicated century and a half, other bio tech companies are embracing lessons learned from failure and are creating today’s medicaments. These bio techs are using nature as their guide by providing nature’s wonder drugs as pharmaceuticals and ensuring they will be available to many in their least adulterated and safest forms.

The underlying shift is hardly noticed by most but the educated consumer should recognize the changes occurring on their store shelves and in their medicine cabinets as it is producing a gold rush in some sectors of the marketplace. Wall St. is beginning to pay attention as some of these bio techs are projecting profits upwards of 45 billion by 2025.

Bio tech companies, food producers and the scientific community are finding that there are no shortcuts in attempts to shape our evolutionary structure.

By understanding these principle forgotten primary factors as outlined by WHO and many others, society may be further ahead to reacquaint themselves with them. They will therefore insure at minimum, their continued survival in thwarting up to 90% of preventable chronic conditions stemming from these three primary risk factors, breastfeeding, food and water security and will achieve at most longevity with fewer expensive advanced age conditions.

Readers will also see benefit for their own health by understanding these basic active factors that shape the majority of their own health outcomes as protective factors. Hopefully they will learn the importance of the microbiota for nutritional as well as overall health to prevent chronic conditions and practice food and water security which are also grave risk factors of consequence.

Immune For Life

Reintroduce yourself to nature’s prescription for health and natural oral immune therapeutics that modulate the gut and systemic biology by using products that are the bio active backbone of immunity. Release the power of activating factors that have transformed the health outcomes of thousands. These and other natural oral immune therapeutics that are beginning to flood the marketplace are promising to shape the future of medicine as safe bio actives for future health products and minimally refined functional foods, including infant formula.

Learn how you can quickly begin to transform your gut and immune health today without complicated diets or expensive plans, no matter your age!

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